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The whole country celebrates Republic Day on 26th January every year. It is celebrated to mark the day of drawing up of our Constitution. We should celebrate the day in full nationality spirits. We must pay homage to the martyred and respect to those serving our nation in the army. We can organise painting competitions or ourselves put up posters about the same.

Fathers of India-Republic Day Special Drawing

Let us first of all draw the pioneers of the Independence crusade. We are going to pencil shade Sardar Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi. Starting with Sardar Bhagat Singh, draw his turban first, going mellow over the folds of the turban. Draw the face of Bhagat Singh, paying ample attention to his facial features and moustache. Now draw his clothing. You can even draw Bhagat Singh’s hand on his moustache if you like. Now move on to drawing Subhash Chandra Bose by Bhagat’s side. Starting from netaji’s cap to his face and down to his army dress. On the other side of Bhagat we are drawing Mahatma Gandhi, complete with his serene looks. This artwork gives us a blend of both the the ideologies which proved successful in making the nation free from the English rulers. For better understanding of this art piece look up:

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Creative Drawing -26 January for Kids

As we all know peacock is the National bird of India, we must inculcate a peacock as well in our artwork for Republic day. Staring with the body of the peacock, make the head and the body. Now make two waves on the sides and start building three rows of petals in  a semi-circular fashion on top of the body. Once you are done with making the here rows, now colour the last and the uppermost layer in orange and the innermost I green using sketch pens. Now colour the body of the peacock. Colour the side wings as well in tricolour. Finish the painting by writing “Happy Republic day” on the top. For better understanding of this beautiful peacock artwork tutorial look up:

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Republic Day Special-Origami Lotus

Now we are going to make origami tricolour lotus. We all know that lotus is the national flower of India. Take 132 units of rectangular sheets of size 5x10cm. first of all fold the piece in half lengthwise. Open it and fold the edges diagonally till the half, give it another fold in the same direction i.e. towards the centre. Now fold the flaps towards the opposite side. Fold the piece backwards from the mid-rib and make a beak of the piece. Make 108 pieces in pink colour and 24 units in green colour. Start in groups of three, start attatching each of them into the empty spaces, using glue is recommended. Now fix other groups with each other. After a bas layer of 24 units of green colour start placing the pink units roumd and round. Remember that the pink units are to be attached in the opposite fashion as compared to the green pieces. For better understanding of this beautiful National flower tutorial look up:

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Republic Day Special-Tricolour Paper Flower ,Bracelets & earring

Now let us make some utility objects showing our nation love. First of all we will make a tricolour fan. First of all take a square coloured sheet, fold it diagonally, fold the flap inwards and fold it in half. Glue other such pieces. Count the green pieces to be four and two white pieces on each side and 4 orange pieces. Paste Ashoka Chakra in the middle in the end. It will become a brooch by placing a pin at the back and pasting three strips at the back, one orange, one white and one green. Now let us make another piece. Take a square piece of coloured sheet. Fold it in half from each direction and then give a complete fold, resulting in a smaller polygon. Now cut the outer triangles of it and open the flaps. Then join the different pieces and make a tricolour pieces. Draw an Ashoka Chakra and paste it on the top. You can make a small brooch by making small circles and joining them in a way that they have two split flaps. Now join each of these folded pieces and paste a small blue dot to represent the Ashoka Chakra. Now we are going to make earrings using the wool. Take orange white and green coloured yarn. Now make fluffy balls out of them by winding them on your finger and then tying them and cutting of the folds. Even the balls out, sew them in a row with orange at the top and green at the bottom with white ball in the middle. Now sew them onto a hook and you are ready to rock them. For more such ideas and better understanding of the afforestated ones look up this easy tutorial video:

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100+ DIY Craft Ideas for India Independence Day & Republic Day

We wish all of our readers a very happy Republic Day. Hope you like these republic day activities. Which one your favorite? Please tell us in the comments below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Thank you for visiting our website. Keep Creating with K4 Craft!

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