Ombre Napkins – Easy DIY Table Runner and Napkin Video Tutorial

Ombre napkins is a new rage that is catching up fast. We should not lag behind. Let us get on to the bandwagon and try out some DIYs. These are some of the most easy procedures to make ombre napkins.

DIY: Ombre Napkins

Going by the easiest method first. We need acrylic paint, fabric medium liquid and a cloth napkin which is to be dyed. Put the acrylic paint in a bowl. Now pour some drops of fabric medium. Now pour in a quarter glass of water in it. Using a paint brush apply a layer of the paint at the base. Now take more water and pour it in. apply one more layer of paint next to the previous one. You will notice that the paint bleeds onto the napkin. Pour more water and apply one more layer. Go on this way to apply layers of lightened paint upto the half of the napkin width. When the napkin dries off, you get a beautiful ombre napkin for your elaborate dinners and luncheons. For better understanding of this DIY look up:

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So, now we are going to use a dye to make ombre napkins. Get yourself white napkins. Now open the napkins and cut off the tag if there is any present. Now fold the napkin in half and then fold it in a rectangular shape in the perpendicularly opposite direction. Now place a rubber band on top to secure the folds of the napkin. Mix the dye in an old bucket following the instructions on the sachet. Now hang the folded napkins onto the bucket rim using paper clips. Bend the paper clips to adjust them to the bucket rim. After the napkins are set,  set  a timer of five minutes. After the timer goes off, add more water to the bucket carefully, without creating any splashes on the napkins. Do it three to four times. Now take the napkins out and wash them. Dry out the napkins and then open the folds of the napkins. You have finally achieved a beautiful ombre effect on your white and bland napkins. For better understanding look up this video tutorial:

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Hand Dyed Ombre Napkins – Home Decor DIY

Now we are going to make ombre napkins as well as other home utilities which will look good on the table with this ombre effect. Wear your rubber gloves before starting with dye work. Now take an old tub and pour water in it. Spread old newspaper beneath the tub. Dissolve the dye in the water using a plastic spoon. Never use any utensils used to dye for any other purposes as the residual dye might prove harmful. Now take your napkin and fold it now fold many such napkins and dip them one-thirds in the dye. After about ten minutes or so add a bit of more water to the tub, to attain an ombre effect. You can even beautify your house by painting the wooden installations. This easy to understand video provides you with many such ideas:

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Cheap Party Supplies! How to Ombre Napkins and Table Runners

Now let us practice the dip dye method. First of all fold the napkin or crumble it length wise. Wear your rubber gloves and mix the dye in a bowl. Take three more bowls or buckets with equal amounts of water in them. Now pour mixed dye in these water filled container. Add different amounts of dye in the containers. This will give you different shades in each container. One will be the most concentrated, one least concentrated and the third one will be the intermediate. First of all dip two-thirds of the napkin length in the least concentrated solution. Hold the napkin inside the solution for 30 seconds and then take it out and get rid of excess liquid. Now dip in the intermediate concentration liquid, dip for 30 seconds and get rid off excess liquid. In the end dip the half of previous length in the most concentrated liquid. Hold the napkin inside for 30 seconds and get rid of excess liquid while taking it out. Repeat the process with as many napkins you want to make. Lay a beautiful table for your loved ones using these beautiful ombre napkins. For better understanding of this DIY project look up:

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Dip Dye Paper Serviettes (Napkins) DIY

Let us perform some DIY art on paper napkins as well. Take enough number of paper napkins and mix the desired food colouring in water in a small bowl. Fold the paper napkins in quarters and start dipping the corners in the food colouring solution. After all the napkins have been dipped, let the dry by opening all the folds. Lay them on a rack in open space to dry. You can refold them into their basic shape or roll them into  tubes or even fold in different shape for presentation. For better understanding look up:

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Hope you enjoyed every DIY project.

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