31 Beautiful Pom Pom Craft Ideas For You And The Kids

Pom pom crafts are fun for kids and adults alike. That is why we are here with colorful pom pom DIY projects. We hope you will love these pom pom craft ideas.

We all love those fuzzy pieces of art. They are truly easy to make and make for befitting gifts and adornments for your beautiful home. Let us just dive into the world of pom poms and get a taste of those luscious and fuzzy balls.

Beautiful Pom Pom Ideas

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1. Pom Pom Flowers

Image source / Tutorial: Camille Styles

These beautiful pom pom flowers are beautiful and also can be gifted to newly born as they are safe and homemade. You can easily make these pom poms using nice and clean wool. First of all bundle up a great length of wool onto your fore fingers. Now tie a piece of the end length to secure the bundle together. Cut the folded ends. Finish the pom poms into a spherical ball. Now use wooden dowels as the stick for the flowers. You can use glue gun to secure it on top of the dowel.

2. Letters Of The Name Using Pom Poms

Image source / Tutorial: Aunt Peaches

First of all use a large cardboard sheet to make the base for the letters. These cardboard letters will make the base for the whole DIY. Now start making small pom poms using bright wool. Make small pom poms to place on the cardboard sheet. Make lots of pom poms to fill up the whole letters. You can choose the size of the letters based upon the utility of the installation. Once you have made the pom poms, start pasting them on the cardboard letters. Once you are satisfied with the outcome you can finish it of with the final layer of glue on the sides, to finally secure the pom poms onto the cardboard letters.

3. Beautiful Pom Pom Head Crown

Image source / Tutorial: A Subtle Revelry

This is a beautiful pom pom headband. You can easily make this. Make some big or medium sized pom poms. Now using a needle and thread thread the poms poms into the thread. Also use glue to secure the pom poms with each other, so as to avoid falling off of the pom poms. You are ready to don this beautiful and colorful headband on your head.

4. Pom Pom Fruity Blast

Image source / Tutorial: Mr Printables

You can easily make this pom pom making technique informative and educational for your children. It is just about placing the right color of thread at the right place. You can get beautiful woolen fruits and veggies through this technique. Look up the provided link to gain more info.

5. Beautiful Pom Pom Coasters

Image source / Tutorial: Inspired by Charm

Pom poms are a soft fuzzy thing one can be truly obsessed with. One can add pom poms to every part of their life. One such important part is the coasters for your warm cups and mugs. Make or procure small and evenly sized pom poms. Now glue this together with reference to a certain size for the coasters. Once made, you can use this as the coasters for your cups. You can go for mono themed coasters or multicolored color bash.

6. Dry Branch Color Pop

Image source / Tutorial: Wayaiulandia

If you love plants inside your home but wish to save the upkeep hassle, this DIY is for you. Gather some dry branches. Cut off the excessive branching. Now make colorful pom poms or you can also keep them all green with the flower colored pom pom clusters. Now stick these pom pom balls onto the branches of the tree. Place the pom pom laden branches in a vase. This surely enhances the beauty of your home.

7. Pom Pom Wall DIY

Image source / Tutorial: Sugar and Cloth

Pom poms make or a great show. You can surely gather big and small pom poms, secure them together into a certain shape to form a beautiful pom pom wall hanging. This wall hanging can later be used as a foot mat. Thus, it make for a multiple use pom pom DIY. Just go on and explore more with your beloved pom poms each day.

8. Beautiful Kiddo Necklace

Image source / Tutorial: My Sister’s Suitcase

This is a beautiful DIY. It is easy to make too. Make use of spare wire and leftover wool. First of all make woollen pom poms using the leftover wool. Now thread these pom poms through the wire of the size of a necklace for your kid. Seal the ends of the wire together. Make the necklace a bit lengthy so that it can be worn as it is. Now your child can wear this beautiful pom pom necklace whenever he/she likes.

9. Beautiful pincushion

Image source / Tutorial: Small Good Things

This is a multi-utility project. You can decorate a base, as a camel is used over here. Now place a big pom pom ball on top, this will be used as the pincushion. You can get further information from the provided link.

10. Fierce Tiger Pom Pom Ball

Image source / Tutorial: Mr Printables

Tigers are lovely creatures yet forceful. You can make tigers using pom pom balls, it is just about using the correct colored thread at the right place. Just go on make this forceful, harmless tiger pom pom DIY and help your children gain insights of this beautiful world. Look up the provided link for further info.

11. Pom Pom Table Decoration

Image source / Tutorial: That Cute Little Cake

You can surely make cute little muffin or cupcake tables and then adorn them with pom poms. First of all fetch the properly sized wooden pieces and a sanding paper. Now make a table out of it by sticking the pieces together. Now adorn the sides of the table using pom poms. This makes for a great display of your creativity and this table would surely be a display of your baking and home warming skills.

12. Flower Pom Poms

Image source / Tutorial: Mr Printables

Flowers are not far from being made out of pom poms. You can make fruits, animals as well as flowers from the pom pom making technique. It just requires a lot of care about which color goes where. Just go on and try this flower pom pom DIY. You can take further information from the provided link.

13. Designing The Shopping Bag

Image source / Tutorial: Caught On A Whim

If you happen to have an old shopping bag or even if you bought a bland shopping bag and wish to bling it up then this is what you need. You can also make an entirely new bag to don this design. First of all make big and small sized pom poms and design a layout according to which you wish to lay these pom poms. Now use a thread and needle to secure the pom poms to their place. You can also use glue to further secure them from falling.

14. Cutesy Dolls

Image source / Tutorial: Raising Up Rubies

If your dear child is obsessed with the fairies, this is the best hangings you can gift her. Gather some wooden peg dolls and felt cloth. First of all paint the peg dolls and cut out wings from the felt cloth. Now make lots of pom poms from multicolored yarn. Use yarn or rope on the back of the wings and paste it on the back of the peg dolls. Now attach the pom poms at the base of the peg dolls. Hang the dolls on a rope using the loops overhead the dolls.

15. Pom Pom Napkin Ring

Image source / Tutorial: Art Bar Blog

This is a very innovative way to inculcate the pom poms in your daily life. Make some beautiful pom poms for yourself. But remember not to cut the strings of the pom poms. Now tie these strings around the hair ties. You can come in two or three pom poms or just make use of a single pom pom. This way you can use the pom poms as the napkin rings.

16. Alphabet Pom Poms

Image source / Tutorial: Mr Printables

Making alphabets with this technique is easy but tactful. One needs to be really careful about the thread, which and when goes where. Now start making these beautiful alphabets. For further information look up the provided link.

17. Fuller Tree Using Pom Poms

Image source / Tutorial: Dollar Store Crafts

This pom pom DIY makes for a great showpiece. First of all get a sturdy base, it can be of thermocol sheet or a cardboard piece. Now choose a stick which can become the trunk for the tree. Now make small green pom poms. Glue these pom poms onto the trunk. Keep on making more and sticking them until you are satisfied with the outcome. Your beautiful pom pom tree is ready to serve as an eye candy to your guests.

18. Pom Pom Wreath

Image source / Tutorial: Nest of Posies

First of all make a circular hoop from a piece of cardboard. Make beautiful and bright pom poms. You can vary the size of the pom poms. Stick these pom poms onto the cardboard hoop. Make sure you do not leave any spaces in between. The cardboard hoop must be completely covered with the pom poms. Now cut a red ribbon of the suitable length and round it around the wreath to hang it in place.

Image source / Tutorial: Design Mom

You can surely go for these beautiful pom pom bookmarks. Make pom poms and do not cut the strings. Twist the strings together and secure them on the back of the book cover. Now give the finishing touches to the pom pom. You can give these bookmarks with the books you gift or give one like this for yourself.

19. Cake Beautifiers

Image source / Tutorial: Momtastic

If you are good at making cakes, you obviously know how hard it is to design the icing of the cake. Now you can simplify the icing designs by introducing pom poms on wooden dowels. First of all make small sized colored pom poms. After this step shape the dowells according to what you wish to write on top of the cake. Now pull the pom poms through the dowells or stick them onto the dowells. Your designs are ready to go.

20. Pom Pom Chandeliers

Image source / Tutorial: Small For Big

This chandelier is easy to make and easy to install. First of all make a solid cardboard hoop. Now take strings from different ends of the hoop and string the pom poms through them. Now gather one sided strings into a single notch. On the other side thread in the pom poms onto the hoop and then leave the free hanging ends by adding more pom poms to the string. You can have color combinations or monochrome chandeliers.

21. Drawings Using Pom Poms

Image source / Tutorial: Mr Printables

We can make trees, houses as well as mountains using the pom pom technique. We all love to draw and paint, that urge to paint and draw is even more powerful among children. We can make the medium to paint even more lucrative for our kids. For that new medium we can make pom poms in the desired shape. The kids can use them as puzzle pieces to make beautiful sceneries.

22. Adorning The Sweater Sleeves

Image source / Tutorial: I Spy DIY

Pom pom designs are not only confined to the realms of art and craft, they can also add a new dimension to your clothes. You can definitely bring your sweaters and jerseys to life wife with pom pom embellishments on the sleeves or all around the neckline. You can also use pom pom hangings at the hemline of the sweaters.

23. Ice cream Cone Hangings

Image source / Tutorial: Pysselbolaget

This is a very creative hanging design. Take a sturdy base to form the cones. Now make multicolored ice cream scoops. Attach the pom poms to the cone. Now hang these ice creams from the head of the pom poms. This looks great for birthday bashes and fun parties. You can also use it for sleepovers.

24. Pom Pom Chick Design

Image source / Tutorial: Crafty Morning

First of all make two yellow pom poms. One has to be bigger in size than the other. Now on a sheet of paper, secure these pom poms in succession. Make the legs and the beak for the chick. This completes your beautiful DIY.

25. Alphabets Using Pom Poms

Image source / Tutorial: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

This is a mesmerizing DIY. Take an alphabet template and make pom poms accordingly. Now secure the pom poms onto the template using a hot glue gun. This makes the alphabet design more sturdy.

26. Pom Pom Bracelet

Image source / Tutorial: Jasmin Blanc Boutique

First of all design the bracelet. Now make the colorful pom poms accordingly. Here we have chosen three pom poms to be made in black and white color. Now using some bracelet chain, thread the pom poms through. Now attach a closing mechanism to the ends of the bracelet. Tada, you bracelet is ready to adorn your wrists.

27. Pom Pom Spidey

Image source / Tutorial: Fantastic Fun and Learning

This is entirely a different kind of a DIY. Make two black pom poms. One in a smaller size than the other. The smaller one forms the head of the spidey and the larger one forms the body. Using the black pipe cleaners, make the legs for the spider. Thus, your come to life spider is ready to crawl in your room.

28. Mini Pom Pom Topiary

Image source / Tutorial: domestifluff

This is an easy to make DIY project. Take a wooden toothpick. Now make a colorful pom pom. Use a small box or cylindrical pipe to form the base of the tree. Now secure the pom pom on top of the toothpick. Secure the toothpick in the box. Make plenty of these small trees to complete your topiary.

29. Pom Pom Cushion Designing

Image source / Tutorial: West Elm

You can bring your cushions to life, using the pom poms. Visualize a layout for the design. Now make the desired number of pom poms in the desired color. Secure the pom poms onto the cushion using a needle and thread mechanism. Add more dimension to your design using threading technique around the pom poms.

30. Pom Pom Key Chains

Image source / Tutorial: Anna Evers

These pom pom key chains are a life saver. In case you tend to forget your keys here and there they are going to be your absolute saviors. They also add color to your otherwise bland keys. Go on get some pom poms or make them. Then thread these pom poms through your keys. They brighten up your long drives and daily chores.

Hope you liked this beautiful compilation of all the pom pom craftiest. We always make sure to come up with something new, recant and trending. Do give your feedback in the comments section below. We will soon come up with more such crafty articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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