Play School Wall Paintings to Decorate Walls

Play school is the most fun period of a child’s life. In the whole time period of school life, play school wall paintings play a major part in lighting up a child’s day. Every school or play school must pay extra attention to the walls in their premises. The walls of preschool leave a long lasting effect on the tender minds of the children. thus, the play school walls must be painted in the most colourful, bright and educational way.

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This way we can bring in all the good and long lasting elements in the minds of the little children. The play school wall paintings must carry messages of friendship, trust, honesty, seasons, fruits, animals, etc. Let us look at some of the great play school wall painting ideas from Venkat Arts.

Play school wall paintings

Winnie the pooh wall painting

Winnie the Pooh is a great cartoon character showcasing kindness, compassion, honesty, etc. A wall painting showing him and his friends playing together also shows the importance of outdoor activities. This is a great play school wall painting idea.

Forest wall painting idea

Mowgli and his friends are a great addition to the play school walls. They showcase the qualities of good friendship and the bright colours look beautiful.

Cartoon character wall paintings for school

The dragon tales is one of the favourite cartoon characters of the kids. The Dragon tales series deals with different kinds of issues of the siblings and the very practical solutions given by the dragons or vice-a-versa.

School wall painting educational wall painting

Students going to school painted on the playschool walls will inspire the young students to come to school happily. This will help them to normalize their coming to school.

Animals wall painting idea

Animals painted on the play school walls is a great choice as visuals help the children to learn the animals name, shape and form easily. This way the animals will be etched in their minds.

Back to school wall painting

this Back to School wall painting gives the student a fresh start for the next year. It brings a freshness into their minds and breaks the monotony of school coming.

Universe, planets wall painting

This is a beautiful play school wall painting, which tells us so much about the planets and the stars. In this wall painting Winnie the Pooh and his friends are looking at a clear sky full of stars and planets.

Sports balls wall painting

This is a very inspiring idea to paint the play school walls. this painting idea will help all the students to learn and memorise the different kinds of balls and the games we play with them.

Ice area play school wall painting

This is a very cute wall painting showing two cartoon characters fishing in a frozen lake. This is one of the scenes the play school students do not generally see around themselves.

Cartoon characters wall painting idea

This is a beautiful cartoon characters scene star gazing at a clear and beautiful sky. It is beautiful and bright which makes it an ideal choice for play school wall painting.

Education inspiration wall painting

This education inspiring play school wall painting will surely make the students to open their books and learn new things everyday. Such paintings should be preferred on the walls of a play school.

Fruits and vegetables basket wall painting

This basket full of vegetables is bright and beautiful and at the same time, it can teach the students so much about the different vegetables we eat.

Dolphins play school wall painting

Dolphins are great social animals. They are cute and irresistible. Dolphins can be painted all along the water area.

Outdoor wall painting ideas

The outdoor playful scene is a great addition to the playroom of the playschool. It tells the importance of playing outside in the open and making friends.

Playful dolphins wall painting

Dolphins are great playmates. They make for a great choice along the walls near the pool or the hand washing areas.

Beautiful scenery wall painting

Beautiful and bright sceneries can be put up all around the play school walls to make the school look prettier and a happy place altogether.

Dora the explorer wall painting

Dora the Explorer is an adventurous cartoon character with her educational trips. She is a great choice to be painted on the play school walls.

Story inspired wall paintings

Some random animal paintings can be put up around the corners of the pay school to brighten them up.

Teddy bears wall paintings

Balloons are the all time favourite of all the kids. Moreover Balloons combined with a big teddy teddy bear is a combination too sweet to resist.

Mougli wall paintings

Mowgli is an all time favourite. His friendships and special relationship with the jungle are some things to look forward to while designing a play school wall painting.

Doraemon wall painting

Doraemon is the new favorite cartoon character of the children. He is one of the most loved cartoon characters today. It is great to have a doraemon painted on the play school walls.

Looney Tunes play school wall paintings

The Looney Tunes have always been great fun to watch. It is equally fun to have them on the walls of your play school.

Cute fairy wall painting

This cute pixie is a great idea for play school wall painting. It is rightfully bright and shiny. It is easy to draw and paint and looks very beautiful.

Tom & Jerry wall paintings

Tom and Jerry are the worldwide famous cartoon characters. All the children love them. The bright colours attract the students for sure.

Educational wall paintings

The educational train is a great wall painting idea for play school walls. This will help the students to grasp the alphabets easily.

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We hope you liked this well curated list of play school wall paintings. We will bring more such content for you soon. Do look up similar content at K4 Craft. We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback in the comments section below. Don’t forget to pin these images and visit us at Pinterest. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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