20+ Orange Day Celebration Ideas & Fun Activities

The “happy” colour “ORANGE” was the color of the day. Orange was a symbol of glory and fruits of the earth and was also known as the wisdom ray. Here are some Beautiful Orange Day Celebration Ideas & Fun Activities for You.

Orange day is a very important One-day celebration. It is celebrated to mark the day when the indigenous children of Canada were taken to community homes. The day marks the assimilation policies and the protocols followed back then. The day is celebrated to ensure that no child has to endure anything of that sorts ever again, that the kids are free to live the life of freedom and joy.

Orange day marks the Goodwill of the students towards each other forgetting the background and places or towns they hail from. The kids are encouraged to forget their communities and become one with each other and enjoy. The color has been chosen as Phyllis Jack one of the survivors of the residential schools, remembers that his orange shirt was taken away, on the day he entered the residential school. We must always remember that every child has his new orange shirt which must never be taken away from them. Here the orange shirt depicts the joys of life.

Orange Day Photo booth For Kids

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Now Photo booth props seem to be sold at every shop right now, but you don’t need to buy any to get great photos. Be creative with things you find around the house like sheets, cushions, balloons, Cardboard, dress ups and toys. You can even paint some old thing to décor if you want. Here are some amazing DIY photo booth ideas to inspire you for the orange day activity or future party!

# Happy Orange Day Photo Booth With Balloons

Image source/Tutorial: Jyoti Patel

This is a very beautiful Orange day Photo booth design. You can build a team and work on such a happy color theme and devise different elements which can be inculcated in the Photobooth. The Photo booth is beautifully covered in light and dark orange-colored elements. You can start by covering the walls with a white curtain. Blow up some orange colored balloons.

Stick the orange balloons at the ceiling where the photo booth is being set up. Now cut out large sized leaves from dark and light orange paper. Add these leaves at the top of the wall behind the Photo booth. You can make beautiful fans using light and dark orange colored paper. This will look pretty. Use some large-sized carrots or ice-cream in orange color on the sides of the Photobooth.

Design the base of the Photo booth with some orange fish and other season animals. Stick orange balloons wherever there is empty space. You can also make orange colored flowers. Add green leaves or any other details wherever necessary. Now get clicked with your friends at this Orange Day Photo booth and have fun.

# Fairy Lights Orange Day Photo booth

Image source/Tutorial: Joo Khan

This fairy lights based orange day Photo booth looks spectacular. One can gush about this pretty Photo booth. The Photo booth is made in a very unique way. The background is beautifully made with thin orange colored hangings. You can use ribbon or paper streamers to make this orange background. 3 d stars and orange colored flowers looks pretty. You can also add fruits and animals which are orange in color, for example tigers, carrots, oranges, etc.

The streamers have a large orange colored pumpkin on one side. It adds more zing to this photo booth. The pumpkin is rightfully placed. The pumpkin has a window inside it, through which one can get clicked.

There is a cycle kept at one side and two tires hang below the pumpkin. This looks like a chariot. The chariot is joined with green leafy streamers. It looks pretty. The ultimate fairy touch is added with the green-colored fairy lights which look heavenly. The Photo booth beautifully progresses from orange to green as we move from the top to the bottom of the photo booth.

The color change looks pretty. Due to the presence of fairy lights, this Photo booth looks better when it is a bit dark. Get clicked in this chariot style orange day photo booth and have fun.

# Happy Orange Day Crafts With Orange Fruits And Veggies

This is a beautiful and bright orange day photo booth. You can make this Photobooth easily, require lots of orange colored paper, orange colored balloons, orange-yellow colored paper, green paper for leaves, black paint and a brush.

You can start by making the background of the photo booth. Cover the background with orange colored paper. Cut out different shapes of fish, flowers, carrots, butterflies in orange color. Blow up orange colored balloons, now stick them to the ceiling. This looks pretty.

Now take some orange-colored sheets and make a large-sized fan using the orange sheet. Stick the fan beneath the balloons. This adds one more layer to this Beautiful Photobooth. Now write Orange day on a sheet of orange paper and cut along the words and stick it in the middle. You can also write more quotes and cut them in a similar way and add them to this photo booth. This will look pretty.

Cut two large orange colored circles, to make oranges. Stick two green leaves at the top of the oranges. Make suitable sized eyes and mouth for the oranges. This looks pretty. These two oranges make this photo booth look lively. You can also add other elements to this beautiful and easy to make photobooth.

# Kitchen Lab Activity Photo Booth

This is a simple and beautiful orange day Photobooth. This orange day photo booth will surely take the focus of the day. The snacks and beverages kept on the table makes it more and more attractive. This kitchen lab activity photo booth has a full orange juicing set up. You can make this beautiful photo booth with the help of a table, some orange and yellow colored cloth and an orange table cloth. You will need a hand orange juicer for the table.

Decorate the top of the wooden stand over the table with the help of an orange banner on which you can give this photo booth a suitable name. Decorate the sides of the stand with the help of round tissue balls. You can make these tissue balls easily in yellow and orange color and stick them on the sides. Fix a table cloth around the table with the help of pins. Keep some freshly cut oranges and a hand orange juicer. The kids can get clicked behind this photo booth or even juice some oranges for themselves.

Orange Color Day Fruit Arts

All of us are aware of the benefits of this juicy, tasty and nutritious fruit called orange. It has been many of our favorite too. Along with the nutritional benefits, it has also got some amazing ‘craft benefits’. You can use it in your craft ideas without thinking about how it will come out. If this keeps you wondering how to go forward with it, we present to you orange color day craft ideas for kids. You can make these for your kids or help them out in creating these pieces of craft.

Good to go? Yes, we are.

# Mr. Orange On A Bicycle

That’s our Humpty Dumpty Mr. Orange riding his orange bicycle to his school. Looks so amazing, right? You can make it too. These ideas of orange day crafts for preschool kids are extremely easy to make. Parental guidance is highly recommended. You can help your child in peeling and cutting the oranges and making the materials available for them.

The materials required will consist of one orange peeled in circular slices as shown in the picture, the beads for the eyes of Mr. Orange and the other additional decoration can be done using any other fruit or vegetable of yellowish or orangish shade. This is a great activity for kids to be engaged in. If they are introduced to the art and craft sphere at any early age, they will start developing interest in this field and this can be helpful for them in future also.

On this note, get your students to do some fun in these summers. Keep them connected to Nature and Craft.

# Love Is In The Waters

Image source/Tutorial: Happy active kids australia

Ohh Octopus!!

The fantastic animal of waters is in your plate. The vegetarian Octopus is here. You can make your own Orange love Octopus and decorate them in a fine blue plate to give all the feels. These are not at all difficult to make. The kid can alone do it. All that the parents need to do here is sit beside and watch your expert perform at work. This orange color day craft idea for preschool kids is majorly designed to give ideas of activities for the kids so that they can develop an interest in various fields.

The materials required are very less and easily available also. So without any ado, fetch some oranges, eye beads and colored paper and hand it over to your little superstar who is set to explore. Cut the paper design and oranges. This idea is a very cute version of orange arrangement and you can use it to make your kids eat oranges also. Nonetheless, help them in making these new things and indulge them as much as you can in some activity or the other to enrich their minds.

Keep pushing forward and trying for better results.

# The Wonders Of Oranges

These are the splendid orange color day craft ideas for Preschool kids that we have brought especially for your kid to learn and gain knowledge. This is such an interesting and exciting craft to try out that even elders can not resist themselves, let alone kids.

It is moderately easy for a kid to make but not impossible at all. With your guidance and support, your child can easily make it without any major difficulties. You need not have a fancy material requirement for this idea. You just require oranges and items or decoration like marker pen, paints, glitters and colored stones. This all can easily be availed from any nearby store. The final outcome looks too fancy to made by any kind and if your child is successful in making it, it will give him a sense of achievement and boost his confidence.

Let your child do wonders in every field he/she enters into. This is just the beginning.

# Orange Earthen Lamps

This unique category of Earthen Lamp has been made in orange. Strange, right? This is the eerie beautiful truth. You can also have these amazing and fancy candles and lamp decorated in your house with just a few simple steps. This idea of orange color day crafts for preschool kids is the easiest of all. This requires your involvement more than your kids, but ensure that they are there with you while you are working on it so that they get to learn something new.

You can find the materials required for this idea in your kitchen. All that you need is a big and full ripe orange, knife, wig ( of either a candle or diya), oil or ghee (if you want to make an earthen lamp) or melted wax (if you are making a candle). Parental involvement and guidance is totally and highly recommended for this idea. Do not leave your child alone to carry this idea out. They can assist you anytime for anything. Even by observing one can learn too many things. The texture and pattern on the orange are worth noticing.

Add to the adventures of your child’s childhood.

# Cause You Are As Mighty As A Lion

Lion, the King of the Jungle, is symbolic of power, bravery and might. These are how you would also want your child to be in future, brave , bold and strong. So why wait for the future and not start today.

Make them do this activity and tell them the symbolism of a lion. This is not at all difficult to make, except that you will have to cut a lot of vegetables in perfect circular slices. Rest all is about decoration and finishing touches. The materials required are quite simple and cheap also. You need one orange, carrots, basil or curry leaves and colored sand or colored paper depending upon what you want to decorate it with. This is a good way to give your child little tasks and make them responsible for it. Sit with them, spent some valuable time together in the course of learning a lot from these orange color day craft ideas for preschool kids.

Spend time with your little ones and make the memories for a lifetime.

Orange Day Notice Board / Bulletin Board Decoration

Many of us like to decorate the notice board in school days. I have an interest in it to do with the whole heart but at that time, I don’t have the interest facilities to browse the idea and do it. But now there are many opportunities, resource and ideas are available in internet. Please do make the best use of it. Make your children use it, who are all interested in doing the notice board /bulletin board decoration.

# Bulletin Board Full of Orange Paper Crafts

Notice board which is in school reveals how the students are in schools. Through decorating the notice board, students can increase the creativity level. The theme can be chosen,like color and start decorating it with the color paper. The orange-coloured paper can be cut into shapes of carrot and orange(fruit)  and pinned in the board. Any other things other than carrot and orange can also be shaped in paper and pinned in the board.

# Full of Nature

Orange day excites the kids and they try to contribute from their side also. Kids try the craft by their own and wish to display it on the board. For orange day, just think out of box try to implement it. Sun looks orange on an orange day and orange tree, orange colored flower is filled in the notice board. Birds would look orange colored one in the notice board. Rabbits are chasing the carrot which is all around the board. Try to add more creative things and notice board looks orange moreover.

# Orange Nemo Fish Décor

Decoration for the orange color day doesn’t need the much things to be purchased. You can do it with things which are in the household. But if you are more creative enough then the board looks more attractive. Nemo which is animated, its color is orange and can be used for decoration. Add things whichever you have in your household. Last but not the least orange colored cloth adds extra beauty to the notice board. Major color of notice board looks orange everywhere.

# Orange Balloon Decoration

Notice is of different size and different color but the interest to decorate remains the same among the children. Orange color representation is in many places and many things on the earth. Orange colored balloons are filled around the notice board to make the board filled with orange color. Children hands are filled with an orange color. Between the two big orange ice shapes, a chart representing the ORANGE DAY is pinned.

# Learning in Orange Flavour!

Image source/Tutorial: Vibhuti Desai

Orange day is celebrated in many schools across many countries. While celebrating the orange day, the notice board is filled with charts and crafts which is made by children. Any art or craft that are made in orange color are placed in the notice board. Cut the shape of fruits or vegetables or fish or handprints but all should be printed in orange in color. Distribution of orange color happens in celebration of  orange day. Every where you can see the orange color and get orange colored filled environment.

# Happy Orange Day Décor

Image source/Tutorial: Shama Agha

Crafts using orange colored ribbon or paper can be cut into the ribbon shaped one. Use the ribbon at sides of notice board to attract people. People whoever sees it, cannot try to take their eyes from it. Orange is rich color and making the décor using it, is absolute fun and great thing to do for parties or school function etc.

# White Board Balloon Decoration on Orange Day

Many items can be used in decorating the notice board but balloons are favorite among the most people. Trying to blow the balloon, there lies the real fun. Displaying the orange color day should be orange  Any other items can also be pinned  to it. Make more decorations on the notice board. Don’t leave the empty space in board.

# Orange Kids Chart Craft Ideas

Image source/Tutorial: Vibhuti Desai

Orange day celebration starts with orange colored crafty things. Crafts can look like carrot, tomato pumpkin, kitty. Celebration cannot end without orange colored crafts. Many other things which include the orange color can also be included in the notice board decoration.

# High Frequency Words With Orange Day

Image source/Tutorial: Faiza Bhatti

Orange day, it doesn’t mean only celebration, it also means the knowledge. so Use the orange background and display the high frequency words in it. Whenever children sees it, words get stored in memory easily. Through this learning process will get easy and simple. Get learned  and  at same time enjoy the learning. Learning will be joyful.

# Orange Colored Girly Poster

To celebrate orange day, girl with  orange colored dress displayed in the notice board. To decorate the empty space available in the board different colored leaves have been pasted on the board. The girl is dressed up in the orange color and looks like orange fruit in it. Display the “ORANGE COLOR DAY”.

# Dream Catcher / Wall Hanging

Image source/Tutorial: Rizwana Shoukath

Orange colored dream catcher in the notice board sounds the great and gives the visual treat to everyone who see it. Flower besides it, adds extra beauty to the notice board. Orange is the divine color among all. It has the natural attraction and seeks the attention from everyone. Doing the craft using the orange color gives you great privilege. Try it once and have fun together.

# Welcome Orange Day Celebration

Image source/Tutorial: Sonia Lakhwani

Orange day decoration does not mean, decorating the notice board alone. It also means decorating the place where you need to do. Door is the vast place and best place to impress the people at first step. Orange Balloons help in hand to decorate the door. Next is the leaves which is orange colored one also placed at door. Pumpkin also vast item to be orange at the  door. Last but not the least Orange day spelled paper cutting, as whole door is decorated.

# Window Décor with Charts

Image source/Tutorial: Manju Saini

The crafts can be made of anything, but place where the crafts are placed are more important thing. Door decorated in previous images. Now its the time to decorate the window with the orange day crafty items. Try to make anything out of orange color and display it in the window.

Orange color day celebration comes out  really with fun and surprise. Kids are most important in the celebration. Teach  how to make the crafts and see how the kids creative level increases. When they grow older, they try to make crafts of their own way. Let the kids to enjoy the day. There can never be any end to the ideas that you can come up with for any given circumstance. Creativity has a tendency to flow and grow as much as you use it. But for today, this is it. We have given you some enthralling ideas on orange color day crafts for preschool kids.

Hope you like Orange Day Celebration Crafts and activities for kids. For many more such ideas, stay tuned and if there is anything more that you want from us, let us know. Bring along your friends and their kids and enjoy our ideas. If you liked the article, do share it. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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