Penguin Craft Ideas for Kids to Nurture Creativity

Easy Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers,Toddlers and Kindergarten Kids. Try these great Penguin craft Ideas & activities and nurture creativity.

Penguins are all time favourite creatures. Penguins can only be found near the south pole. This beautiful breed of birds has only one species and lives in the all-season snow regions. They are sweet and lovely. These cute little creatures are tough to find. They are only found at the south pole and not everyone gets to see them in reality. Humans find them adorable and love to transfer them to the countryside. They make their own artificial environment for them. With this love for the penguins, we have tried to collect a list of beautiful Penguin Crafts which you can teach your kids during these winters.

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Easy to make Penguin Craft Ideas for kids

So making penguin crafts is a great way to introduce the children to the beautiful creatures named penguins. These penguin crafts are easy and fun to make. Kids will start learning about different habitats and animals through such craft activities. With the crafts, you can tell them interesting facts about the penguins and thus increase their interest. After that, you can install the crafts in their rooms or use them to decorate your house.

Let’s get started with the penguin crafts for kids.

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Easy Clothes clip Penguin crafts for kids

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This is a really fun wooden clothes clip penguin craft. This beautiful craft is easy to make. Start with a white paint base on the wooden clothes clip. Now paint the edges of the clothes clip in black paint. Use a sketch pen to draw the eyes of the penguin. Use a bright orange sketch pen to make the nose and the feet of the penguin. This little craft looks fun and pretty.

Beautiful Egg carton Penguin craft

Image/Tutorial: Green Owl Art

Egg cartons are easily available. We can make penguin crafts using some egg keeping cavities from the egg carton. Cut out a single egg cavity from the egg carton. Now paint it in black leaving a small portion in the front to be painted in white. Add two google eyes on the top and an orange felt nose in a triangular shape. Make the feet of the penguin using the felt cloth and stick the flat beneath the egg carton cavity.

Milk carton Penguin crafts to make

Image/Tutorial: Little Family Fun

This milk carton penguin design is really fun to make. This penguin craft gives rise to a fun activity for the kids as well. Take a used milk carton. Cut an oval cavity for the mouth of the penguin. Now paint the milk carton in black paint. Cut out a white colored oval and stick in the front. Cut out two orange colored triangles and stick them on the oval cavity of the mouth. Also add two black flippers on the sides and two orange webbed feet at the bottom. Now you can cut small fish in different colors. The size of the fish must be enough to pass through the mouth cavity of the penguin. Now kids can play feeding the penguin with this milk carton penguin.

Easy to make Penguin craft for kids

Image/Tutorial: momentsofmommyhood

This penguin craft uses a foot print of the kid. Take a foot print of the kid on hard stock sheet. Make two additional flippers on the side.  The toes form the base of the penguin. now cut along the outer edges of the foot print. Add two googly eyes and a felt orange nose to complete this penguin craft.

Golf ball Penguin crafts

Image/Tutorial: Craft Klatch

This golf ball penguin craft is fun. Start by painting the back and the face of the penguin in black paint. As the golf ball is white in color you do not need to paint the white portion. Add a yellow nose to the golf ball and stick two googly eyes. Paint two golf cue in yellow color and stick them at the base of the golf ball. This penguin craft is really easy to realise.

Foam based Penguin crafts

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This penguin craft is made entirely out of felt foam sheet. First of all cut out a basic structure of the penguin from a black colored foam sheet. Now draw and cut out two black flippers for the penguin. Also cut a white oval shape. Stick all of these together. Now draw the kids hands on orange felt foam and cut them out. Stick these hands for the feet of the penguin. Complete the penguin craft with two googly eyes, an orange nose and a colorful muffler in beautiful pattern.

Making a Penguin craft using Newspaper shreds

Image/Tutorial: Make And Takes

This newspaper shred penguin craft uses newspaper shred and efficiently uses the waste to make a beautiful craft item. Take a black chart paper. Apply glue on it in the shape of a penguin. Spread the news paper shreds on it. Remove the excess newspaper shreds from the sides. Now define the flippers by using black paint in the middle of the flippers and the penguin body. Add orange, triangular nose and feet to the penguin. Also stick two googly eyes to the penguin. You can also add a colorful bow at the head or a muffler at the neck of the penguin. This penguin craft is a nice way to upcycle waste.

Popsicle Penguin crafts

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Popsicle sticks are versatile and easy to use. Let us make this penguin craft using popsicle sticks. Clean and dry the popsicle sticks. Now lay them straight and stick them side to side. Paint the popsicles in black paint. Make an oval white shape in the middle. Cut out flippers for the penguin using black chart paper. Stick two googly eyes to the penguin and a triangular orange nose. Now paint a bow shaped pasta in bright red and stick it at the apex of the white oval.

Felt cloth Penguin eye masks

Image/Tutorial: Pink And Green Mama

These felt cloth eye masks are perfect for role play. The lids will have a nice time playing by wearing them on. You can make use of felt cloth. First of all cut out a mask shape from a black felt cloth piece. Sew the edges. Now cut a white patch which lines the eye holes. Add a triangular orange nose to the mask. Add a soft felt cloth sling at the back of the mask. Sew all the edges of the mask to ensure safety. Now your kids can wear these self made masks.

Easy to make Penguin crafts with Circles

Image/Tutorial: Reading Confetti

This beautiful and easy penguin craft is fit for the toddlers to make. Hand over two large black circle to the kids and two smaller white circles. These will become the head and the body of the penguin. Also cut out two small black flippers for the penguin. And two round orange feet will be a perfect fit. Ask the students to assemble these and stick them together. Now help them to put up the orange triangular nose and two black eyes to the penguin face.

Penguin crafts for kids using paper plate

Image/Tutorial: Huppie Mama

This is a really easy penguin craft for kids to make. Start by painting the back of a paper plate in black. Now let it dry. Keep it the right side up. Fold the plate like flaps moving inwards. Now fold the tip of this fold to the underside. Now add two large eyes to the penguin, a triangular orange nose. Make two large orange flipper feet and stick them to the base of the plate. This penguin craft looks pretty.

Penguin crafts for kids using saucers

Image/Tutorial: The Educators’ Spin On It

These are some beautiful penguin crafts for kids. These penguins are made on black plastic saucers. They are fun to make. These crafts add beauty to the normal saucers. Tale some simple black saucers. Paint a lower circle in white color on the black saucer. Use orange paint to make the nose and the feet of the penguin. Make two oval shapes in white paint for the eyes. Draw small black dots in the middle of the white ovals to complete the eyes of your penguin.

Edible Penguin crafts for kids

Image/Tutorial: Reading Confetti

These are really fun banana crafts. These penguin crafts are really easy. Take some ripe bananas for some pingu fun. Peel the bananas. Cut the bananas from above the base. Now dip the upper end and the back of the banana in liquid chocolate syrup. Take orange colored m&ms and make the nose of the penguin and the feet of the penguin. Make the eyes of the penguin using some candy or fondant. Use chocolate syrup on the m&ms used for feet.

Edible cake Penguin crafts for kids

Image/Tutorial: Hungry Happenings

This is a sweet cake craft for kids. To make this cake craft start with a cream roll or cut some cake cylinders. Cover this cake with fondant or nutella. You can even make the flippers of the penguin with fondant. Roll out chocolate strips to make the hair of the cake penguin. Use orange jello to make the feet and nose of the penguin. You can make the eyes of the penguin with fondant or candy. This penguin craft is totally edible and is great for animal themed parties.

Making Penguin crafts from Popsicle sticks

Image source / Tutorial: Mommy Made That

Aren’t these penguins look cute? For these popsicle Penguin Crafts for Kids, ask your kids to place 3 sticks side by side and wind black thread them. They can apply glue on the sticks for more strength and can also color the sticks for more beauty. The googly eyes with cutouts for nose and legs can be pasted on them. You can use any piece of cloth for the scarf and the white mark on the tummy can be made with felt or any other sheet. Tie a thread at the top so that you can hang these crafts on nails.

Letter P Penguin crafts for kids

Image source / Tutorial: Steamsational

This is a creative way to make your kids remember the letter P and its pronunciation. They can cut and craft a beautiful penguin on the letter P. The hands are cut out from the black sheet and for the stomach white region, you can use a white chart. Do add the orange nose and legs with googly eyes as shown in the above image. You can increase the width of the letter also so that the craft looks more like a penguin.

Making Penguins from Toilet paper roll

Image source / Tutorial:The Inspiration Edit

Now, what about those waste of toilet paper rolls? Worry you not, as these adorable Penguin Crafts for Kids uses toilet paper rolls as the base. Color these rolls with black color and then add the heart shape for the face and the stomach. You can use cut-outs from cardboard sheets and color them for the legs and hands as shown in the above image. Here in the place of googly eyes, ask your kids to draw these eyes on their own. You can keep these crafts on the shelves and tables.

Easy to make Paper Bag Penguin crafts

Image source / Tutorial: Simple Everyday Mom

We all have a big collection of paper bags which came handy with all the shopping. You can use these bags to help your kids make Penguin Crafts. Color the paper bags with black color and paste the stomach and face by cutting it from the white sheet. You can give your kids another paper bag also to keep the same texture. Also, take another bag to draw and cut the hands for the penguin. For the legs and the nose, you can give your kids colored paper. The scarf is just a drawing on chart paper.

Using a plastic bottle to make a Penguin

Image source / Tutorial: Water Bottle Penguin Craft

This funny Penguin Crafts for Kids uses waste bottle from cold drinks as material. The hands and the legs are made from thick chart paper with high GSM so that they don’t get torn by the air. You can color the cap or wrap it with black paper for the face. Add googly eyes and use thread for the nose and neck scarf. You can refer to the above image and source for a tutorial.

Using paper mache cartons to make Penguins

Image source / Tutorial: patchworkparent

Paper mache is a long lost art but it has its own advantages. It is light in weight, rigid, strong and also has no cost for making. You can relive this art by making these small Penguin Crafts for Kids. You can help your kids with the paste and the structure of the penguin. Then they can paint their own penguins with black and white colors. For the nose and legs, using cuttings from construction paper will be best suitable.

Making Penguin using popsicle sticks

Image source / Tutorial: firefliesandmudpies

Now, this idea of making Penguin Crafts for Kids with popsicle sticks uses the same concept but doesn’t involve thread. SO to join them, you will need a lot of glue or you can also attach a strip for strength on the backside. The stomach area is made up of newspaper and black colored chart paper. For the nose and the legs, you can use felt cloth to maintain the texture and beauty of the little penguin.

Painting pebbles in Penguins

Image source / Tutorial: adventuresandplay

Now the other art skill which can be used here for making these Penguin Crafts for Kids is stone painting. You can collect different sizes of stones from the garden and wash them in a bucket. Then ask your kids to draw and paint these stones for penguins. Provide them paints with brushes and let them explore their own skills. You can guide them with the shape and help them correct a few parts.

Making Penguins using Pinecones

Image source / Tutorial:hellowonderful

These hangings of Penguin Crafts for Kids can be made with pinecones and other easily available material. Ask your kids to color the tips of the pinecones. For the face, they can use a small ball or any other sphere of small size. The hands and the legs are cut out from construction papers. Make sure you join all the pieces together properly with glue or other types of adhesives that you find suitable.

Doll Pins Penguin Crafts for kids

Image source / Tutorial: Craft Create Cook

This craft uses doll pins for the amazing masterpieces. Your kids will have to color these doll pins in the shape of penguins. You can add the scarf made from woolen cloth of any color or even pipe cleaners. These unique items will go perfectly with trees. You can also keep them in front of snowflakes and flower vase. They can stand on their own so no need for any thread or support. You can refer to the above image and source for simple steps to steps guide.

Footprint Penguin Crafts for kids

Image source / Tutorial: Simple Everyday Mom

Now, if you want your kids to feel connected to these crafts, you can make impressions of the foot or hands and help them convert them into beautiful crafts. For example, this footprint penguin craft for kids. After taking the print, they will have to cut out the shape and then paint them. Then, draw and join the hands. For the eyes, they can use another white sheet and for the hat and scarf, cut-outs from construction or chart papers can be glued to the footprints.

Easy to make Penguin Magnet Crafts for kids

Image source / Tutorial: heavilyedited

If you wish to decorate the doors of cupboards and refrigerators, then you can draw these beautiful penguins crafts. You will need round magnets with acrylic colors. In most of the cases, your kids will be able to directly color the magnet, if not, you can paste one round paper piece above it and then ask them for their artistic skills. Depending on the magnet, you can increase and decrease the size of this craft with the help of additional thick craft papers.

Rainbow Cork Penguin Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: redtedart

If you happen to collect the corks of bottles from a party or any similar occasion, we have got the perfect use of them for you. These Penguin Crafts for Kids made from cork balls can be kept on shelves and tables. You can also decorate your dining room with them. For this craft, your kids will have to paint the small corks from bottles and then you can make the scarfs for these adorable decorative items.

Penguin from a Christmas ball

Image source / Tutorial: Gluesticks

Now that Christmas has passed, you can use the Christmas ball for these Penguin Crafts for Kids. You will have to ask your kids to fill the transparent ball with small thermacol balls or fake snow. For the head, they can use black pom-pom balls and then add googly eyes with the nose on it. For the scarf, you can use a red piece of ribbon. The legs and the hands can be made with clay or cardboard sheet whatever is available.

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We hope you liked all these sweet and easy Penguin craft ideas and activities for kids. You can guide them to craft these pieces in their free time. This will help them build a habit of using craft in their life tasks. You can check out other related crafts for kids on K4 Craft. You can give your feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such useful content for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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