Easy to Make File Folder Games for Kids

File Folder games and activities are vital for a child’s growth. These are study material on the form of games. We adults create such games which help the students to learn new concepts through colorful and games and activities. This truly helps in their growth and enhancement of motor skills. Concepts and vital information like alphabets, numbers, colors, animal names, unit conversions all can be taught to the tiny tots through these file folder games. These are easy to create. We have put together some easy to make file folder games for you. Hope you like them and your kids learn the vital study material easily through them.

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File Folder Games for kids

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Colorful time chart for kids

Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

If your kids are having issues learning the time conversion and the units of time or get confused between minutes and seconds, you must make this circular time check circular craft. This looks pretty and is very good to make your kids understand the time conversion chart. Cut out seven circles of different sizes and in different colors. Now hold them at the common centre and fix a thumb pin in the centre. Once the colorful circles have been fixed at the centre, take a black sketch pen and wrote the different units of time starting from the middle most circle and the smallest circle. Start with seconds, minutes, hour, day, week, month and year moving outwards in the same sequence. You can also add time divisions to each of these for better and deep understanding of the child.

Colorful rainbow crafts for kids

Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Rainbow is a beautiful concept. To teach your children about the rainbow and its constituent colors or to at least increase their intrigue towards scientific phenomenon, you can help them make this beautiful rainbow craft. First of all cut out all the seven colors of the rainbow as one-fourth rings. The rings must be in succession of size in the right order of the rainbow pattern. Also cut out a white colored cloud. Now let your child decipher the arrangement of size and colors. When the craft is complete add a cloud at the base of the rainbow.

Colorful flowers making to learn alphabets

Image/Tutorial: File Folder Fun

This is a beautiful and colorful way to make your child learn the alphabet. This fun game uses upper case and lower case alphabets. The child will be easily able to remember the lower and upper case of the alphabet through the file folder game. First of all make some bright colored flower for this game. Keep the centre of the flower large in size. Write the alphabet in small case in the central bulb. Now cut similar sized circles in same number. Write large cased alphabets on these circles. Now ask the children to match the upper case alphabets on the circles with the lower case alphabets in the flowers.

Beautiful caterpillar crafts for kids

Image/Tutorial: Kindergarten Kindergarten

This file folder craft is a great way to teach the students about shapes. Hand over some play dough to the kids. Make sure the play dough is kids safe. Now ask them to roll out the black play dough and make circles out of the rolled play dough. Make three such circles. Now help them make some rolled strips for the feet of the caterpillar. Ask them to arrange the three circles in succession and add legs to each of the circles except the first. Now you yourself can add two googly eyes and antennas for the caterpillar to complete it. You can also make a mouth with a silver pen.

Ways to learn about different foods

Image/Tutorial: File Folder Fun

This is a nice way to encourage students and their parents to include healthy food in the diet of the kids. First of all stick together two different file folders back to back to create three boards to work on. Now create pockets in each food stuff and stick the pictures on these working boards. At the end of the week ask the students to identify the food stuff they consumed in a week. This way you can try to include healthy food in the diet of the kids. This is an easy to make craft and has nice motive.

Making colorful flowers using felt cloth

Image/Tutorial: Kindergarten Kindergarten

This is a fun folder craft game which helps the child to identify the colors in which the flower is made. Make some beautiful and colorful flowers using felt cloth, foam sheet, woolen threads, buttons etc. Now stick these flowers on the inside of the folder. Make some color tabs with the names of the different colors. Stick double tape at the back of the color tabs. Ask the students to stick the color side alongside the right colored flower. This will help them identify colors and remember them.

Easy to make Felt cloth flowers

Image/Tutorial: Mama Smiles

This is a nice way to inculcate a creator vibe in students. Take a file folder. Take a soft felt cloth. Stick it to the inner side of the file folder base. Apply a thin layer of glue to allow the sticking of felt pieces on this felt layer. The felt chosen must not be stiff. It must be soft and moldable. Once the felt layer has been stuck, give this file folder to your kids with lots of geometrical shapes cut from felt. They can use these geometrical figures to form different beautiful figures and dreamlands.

Fun file folder games for kids

Image/Tutorial: File Folder Fun

This is an activity based kn the number of cherries on the cupcake. The child has to count the number of cherries. This will enhance the counting ability of the kids. First of all make lots of cupcakes inside the file folder. Now paint them and add certain number of jellies or cherries on the cupcake. Also provide a white slip at the base of each cupcake. The child has to count the number of cherries and write the number in the provided slot. This is a colorful and learning activity for kids.

Fun Kindergarten activities

Image/Tutorial: Kindergarten Kindergarten

This kindergarten activity is a freedom provider to the kids. They can learn different things from this file folder craft. Make different colored and different sized bugs. Stick them on the folder. Now you can make varied number of dots kn the bug. This will look pretty. Stick the bugs to the folder via velcro so that the kids can take them off. Now your kids can classify these bugs on the basis of color, size, number of dots, etc. This gives the children the chance to choose. This is a nice way to teach decision making to kids.

Ways to learn alphabets

Image/Tutorial: Kindergarten Kindergarten

This is a nice way to teach your kids the upper and lower case of alphabets together. Make a beautiful scenery of vines and plants. Leave small circles in between the drawing. Write the lower case alphabets in these circles. Make similar sized cardboard circles and write the upper case alphabets on these circles. Your kids have to keep the upper case alphabets on the right lower case alphabets. This way they will learn to relate the upper and lower case alphabets.

Easy File folder fun activities

Image/Tutorial: File Folder Fun

This is a nice way to teach your children numerals and ascending and descending orders. First of all make some colorful cupcakes. Now make some random number of cherries on these cupcakes. Store these cupcakes in a file folder or a zip lock bag. Now let your child count the number of cherries on top of each cupcake. Ask the child to arrange these cupcakes in ascending order of number of cherries. If your child can easily do this, you can ask the child to arrange the cupcakes in the descending order of number of cherries on top of the cupcakes.

Learning alphabets a colorful way

Image/Tutorial: The Measured Mom

This is a cool ice cream craft. Take a file folder. Now stick on it a white felt or white paper sheet. Now make some ice cream cones and add some colorful ice cream scoops on top of the cones. Stick these ice creams on the white base. Add some white spots on each of these ice cream scoops. Leave a square piece for the numerals to be written. You can either cut out the numeral squares for the ice cream cones pr let your child write inside these squares. Your child has to count the white spots on the ice cream scoop and write the number in the square.

Learning letters the fun way

Image/Tutorial: Kindergarten Kindergarten

This is an absolute fun activity for the kids. First of all wrote down all the alphabets on a piece of paper both in lower and upper case. Now cut them out in a square box. Now take a folder. Divide it into four regions namely, looped letters, letters with tails, tall letters and small letters. You can add pictures of animals which possess similar characteristics. Now ask your children to organised the alphabets according the categories hence mentioned. This will be fun. It is a nice combination of play and literacy.

Beautiful Heart shaped designs

Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This is a very easy to realise matching craft in file folders category. Take a file folder. Now print out some matching heart patterns. You can get the colored print ones. Now laminate these little hearts to ensure long life of these puzzle parts. Now stick one of the heart shapes inside the folder from each pair of laminated hearts. Now give the other halves of the pairs to your kid. Ask your kid to match the right heart patterns.

Colorful file folder activities

Image/Tutorial: Mama Smiles

This is a beautiful way to teach your kids color matching and the understanding of different shades of colors and the different colors. You. Will need two square pieces of same color and a small slip in every color. First of all make a pocket using the two similar shapes of the same color square slips. Now stick one side of this pocket to the inside of the file folder cover. Repeat this step with the squares of every color. Once every colored pocket has been stuck inside the folder, give your child the folder and the colorful thin rectangular strips. Now the child can place the slips inside the pockets by matching it with the right color.

File folder fun activities

Image/Tutorial: File Folder Fun

This is a beautiful Inuksuk card. You can pick an Inuksuk card yo help your child understand objects and shadows phenomenon. This analysis is important. This is a great way to make the child understand the cause of shadows. The child can also learn about the arctic and the Inuit people through an Inuksuk card. Buy some simpler ones for your kids.

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We hope you liked all these file folder crafts. We wish that your kids learn fast and deeply understand every lesson. These lessons will always stay with them. You can check out other play school craft articles on K4 Craft. You can leave your feedback for us in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such useful content for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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