Yellow Crafts for Toddlers with Creative Activities!

Find beautiful yellow crafts & activities for toddlers. With these ideas your children can create projects for school easily with minimal help from parents and teachers!

Yellow is a pretty and bright color. All the children get attracted to yellow color. The color is soothing and at the same time a lot of crafts can be accomplished in yellow color easily. One can easily find find craft materials in yellow color as well. You can collect some of the beautiful raw materials and help your toddlers make these pretty craft items. Make sure you always supervise what they are doing. Never let them handle scissors on their own. Only give them the paper scissors. Let us have a look at some beautiful yellow crafts for toddlers.

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Beautiful and Bright yellow crafts for Toddlers

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Making bananas using plastic plates

Image/Tutorial: smallfryandco

These plastic plate yellow banana crafts are really sweet and cute. These bananas can be made easily from the rim of the plastic plates. Take some yellow colored plastic plates, clean and dry them. Now use a plastic cutter and cut along the round edge of the plastic plate in the shape of a banana. Round the lower edges of the banana. Make a heavy top stalk of the banana. If you do not find a yellow plastic plate you may use a white plastic plate and then paint it in yellow paint.

Honey bee crafts for toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This is a beautiful honey bees and honeycomb yellow color craft for kids. Kids will be more than happy to paint this beautiful drawing. First of all make a honeycomb and surround it with little honeybees. You can make these honeybees on the thumb prints of the toddlers. Add the details on the yellow thumb prints of the toddlers using a black sharpie pen. Now dip the fore finger of the kid in yellow paint and fill up the honeycomb with tiny finger prints. This looks pretty.

Beautiful reusable yellow plate crafts for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Buggy and Buddy

This is a beautiful and bright sunny yellow plate craft for toddlers. Take a paper or plastic plate. Clean and dry the plate. Now take some large sized sequins and stones in different shapes and colors. Now stick these sequins and stones on the plate. Now make some punches all around the yellow plate. Now take some yellow ribbon pieces. Now pass the yellow ribbon through the punched holes. Ties the ribbon after passing through the hole to make it secure. Now take some plain yellow and patterned straws. Cut the straws in small pieces. Pass the straw pieces through the yellow ribbon and secure the pieces there.

Pineapple crafts for toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This is a really fun activity for the kids. Take a hard stock sheet. You need to closely supervise the movement of the fingers of the toddlers. Start by helping your kids make and paint the leaves of the pineapple. You can start off by drawing a pineapple in pencil. Now dip the toddler’s thumb in yellow paint and make impressions in the pineapple fruit. Once the paint dries off, dip the fore finger of the kid in brown paint and make the additional effect by adding smaller brown dots in the pineapple fruit.

Little chick yellow crafts for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Preschool Crafts for Kids

This is an easy to make preschool crafts for the kids. It can be easily made by using an Easter hanging. Take a toilet paper roll or a foil roll to start with. Take a yellow colored Easter hanging and wind it all along the curves of the roll. Make sure you cover the roll wholly. Once the glue dries off, stick two googly eyes and an orange triangular felt nose to the chick. Add two feet to the chick made using orange colored pipe cleaners. These little yellow colored chicks are really fun to make. They can be made into beautiful pencil holders by making a solid support at the base.

Plate Giraffe craft for kids

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This Giraffe paper plate craft is fun to make. Take a large sized paper plate and a yellow colored sheet. Paint the paper plate in yellow color base. Once the dries off, add brown patches to the giraffe base. Now cut out a mouth from the yellow colored sheet. Stick this oval shape in the bottom middle of the paper plate pattern. Draw the smile and nose of the giraffe on the mouth. Add two little ears and horns to the giraffe head. Add brown circles to the horns at the top. Make two eyes using a white sheet of paper. You may even stick two googly eyes to the giraffe head.

Large Yellow lime craft for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Broogly

Coloring large areas is truly fun for kids. Let us make a large sized lime for the kids to paint in. This will be truly fun. Tbe kids can paint in using crayons, paints, etc. any medium they are comfortable in. First of all take a large sheet of paper. Draw a large sized lime on the sheet of paper. Now let the children paint inside this large sized lime. You may even frame each individual large sized lemon for representation.

Stamp printing with large potatoes and limes

Image/Tutorial: Mamas Like Me

Children love to create beautiful crafts. To help them make crafts easily and in a fun way, you can introduce this stamping craft. Take some large potatoes, cut the potato in half. You can handover these half cut potatoes to the children as such or cut shapes in the potato surface with a cutter. Now let the children dip these stampers in a pool of paint and go stamping and stomping on sheet of paper. Same way you can cut a lime in half and the children can dip it in paint and create patterns with the beautiful stamps hence, made.

Summer time yellow crafts for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: The Measured Mom

This is a fun activity for kids. First of all give out some alphabets cut in colorful sheets of paper. Let us say the held out alphabet is cut in yellow color. Now the students are given different materials which possess different colors. The students need to choose the right color, the one which matches the alphabet. Provide the toddlers with glue and help them stick the material on the alphabet. This way they will learn recognition of colors. It is a great memory and motor skill activity for toddlers. This is a great class time activity.

Beautiful weaving craft for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Simply Hood

This yellow craft requires some motor skills apprehension and some understanding of passing the thread through the holes. Give the toddler an alphabet, it can be the first alphabet of their name, or all the students can be handed over the same alphabet to teach them altogether. The alphabet cut in paper must have small punches alongside. The edges of the alphabet edges. Now ask the students to thread the thread provided to them through the punched holes in the alphabet. This is truly a fun activity for kids.

Making a yellow chick using old cloth or sponge

Image/Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

This chick craft is really easy to make. The toddlers will be able to make it without much help from teachers or parents. Take some yellow paint in a dish or plate. Give the toddler an old piece of cloth or a piece of sponge. Dip the piece of cloth or the piece of sponge in the yellow paint. Now dab the paint on the sheet of paper. Make more such dabs. Now let it dry. Once the paint has dried, take a black sketch pen or black sharpie pen to draw the details and features of the beautiful yellow crafty chick. Add two googly eyes and an orange triangular nose to it.

Pineapple making using yellow tissue paper

Image/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts

This is a really pretty pineapple craft. This yellow craft is an absolute fit for the summer season. To make this pineapple craft take a paper plate and cut it in an oval shape with flat ends on both top and bottom. Now take some different shades of green color. Take an imprint of the toddler’s hand. Cut along the lines of the imprint. Now stick these hand shapes on top of the paper plate, on one flat side. Cut some rectangular pieces of yellow tissue. Stick the rectangular tissue pieces on the paper plate oval shape. Add some dots on the yellow surface to make it look realistic. This pineapple craft looks really pretty.

Popsicle sticks Yellow crafts for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This beautiful chick can be made with the help of some ice cream popsicle sticks. Collect some popsicle sticks, clean and dry them. Paint these popsicle sticks in yellow paint. Now stick five of these popsicle sticks side by side with each other. Using yellow colored hard sheet cut out the top feathers of the chick and the side wings. Use the orange hard sheet to cut the legs, feet and the triangular nose of the chick. Now add two large googly eyes to the chick face. This beautiful yellow chick raft is easy to make and looks pretty.

Large yellow sun Crafts for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Family Education

With the color yellow the first and the largest thing that comes to mind is the Sun. To make a Sun craft you can start by taking a white paper plate, yellow tissue paper and yellow colored paper. Take the paper plate and keep it upside down on a yellow colored paper. Now draw the outside triangular projections on the yellow colored paper. Cut along these lines. Now stick the paper plate on the yellow colored sheet. Now shared some yellow tissue paper into pieces. Stick the yellow tissue paper pieces onto the white paper plate. After you have covered every spot on the paper plate, your Sun is ready to shine bright.

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We hope you liked all these pretty and bright yellow crafts for toddlers. We wish that the toddlers will also learn a lot through these pretty crafts. You can check out other related crafts at K4 Craft. We will come up with more such content soon. You can leave your comments in the comments section below. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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