DIY: Folk Style on paper – Paper Embroidery

Embroidery on paper or cards is unique technique which is but quite time consuming, patience and especially on smooth and clean working hands. This is the special tutorial for paper Embroidery pattern for Greeting cards. I’m sure you like to try something like this, So let’s start it.

Required Material:

  • White drawing A3, baking paper, Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors, cutters, compasses, propelling pencil, ruler, needle
  • Double sided adhesive tape, rubber
  • Sewing thread yellow, red, blue, green, blue beads
  • Stamp Martha Stewart Beaded Ruffle

Let’s do it. On the baking paper to repaint Folk Style. Size you choose so what you need, I can always customize all the layers of paper to salute the basic dimensions and 152 x 152 mm or more likely to use 161 x 161 mm.

We snap a paper clip baking paper on a drawing with dimensions 78 x 152 mm. We’ll start with compass and needling. This model took me about half to three quarters of an hour. To comply with the spacing between holes of about 3-5 mm.

In this picture you can see pattern of dots. When in the embroidery when you lose, I’m always helping to redraw the image, so you always know how to proceed.

Getting started with embroidery. I have to admit that such a long time I have not even a greeting embroidered, it took me over four hours.

Featured Ideas:

On the fringe pattern used blue beads as you can see the next picture.

When embroidering on paper is very important cleanliness of hands and pay attention to paper, because it is wavy and it’s not pretty. When we have an embroidered pattern, then immediately it agile.

The stamper I cut out lace edge, which I stuck to a blue paper Scrapbook and I stuck it embroidered folk motif. Best holds quality double-sided adhesive tape.

At the end we have just cut out the basis of greeting in dimensions 152 x 152 mm and to stick our greeting. Keep it accurate.

All done.

Hope you like this tutorial.

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