Musical Instruments for Kids With Recycled Materials

Recycle the waste material and turn them into musical instruments with these creative ideas. Some of these ideas are so easy that even toddlers and preschoolers can easily make!

Music is just only words, but the words with feelings packed inside. Every rhythm, tone, beat is filled with emotions. It is the art of touching the heart emotionally. Music can help in stress relief and calming the mind. What better way than to use waste material to craft music instruments for kids. Let’s see some musical instrument crafts ideas.

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

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Small Bell Instrument

via: Hello Bee 

Bells can be used in many ways. Some are used as an alarm or sound signal to call someone. And the other is to create music. For this small bell instrument for toddlers, take a wooden stick, color it half way through. Then tie small bells on the uncolored part of the stick. You can customize the colors according to your child’s choice.

Christmas Time Musical Instruments

via: Button Bracelet

We all love Christmas time of the year. It brings harmony with it and not to forget the vacations. Celebrating Christmas with music and love is the best way to utilize the free time. To craft this Christmas musical instrument from waste material, start with a strong base such as cardboard or hard foam (green color preferred). Then stitch red buttons and small bells on the base except the center. Now draw a Santa face on another cardboard. You can use cotton for beard and hair. All of these can be found in household items.

Angry Bird Recycled Instrument

via: Castanets

Who doesn’t love angry birds? These cute and aggressive looking cartoons have their own fan following, specially the kindergarten kids. They are easy to draw and fun to play with. Just craft an angry bird face on a cardboard and stick metallic coins for the music.

Colorful And Bright Marcas

via: Festive Maracas

These maracas are a beautiful and easy craft. They can be easily made with the help of old play dough boxes. Take some play dough boxes and make a hole in the lid so as to allow a stick through them. Paint the boxes and fill them with trinkets. And now seal the hole by placing a skewer or stick inside it. Seal it with some glue gun.

French Horn From Recycled Materials

via: French Horn by Savvy Homemade

The easiest recycled craft of this article. Just take a clean pipe and tie it with circular rounds as shown in the above image. Insert the funnel on one end and you can blow from another end for the french horn symphony.

Paper Plate Tambourine From Recycled Material

via: Paper Plate Tambourine by She Knows

Tambourine is mostly used in exotic and tribal music. For a preschool kid, you can use plates as a base and tie bells on its circumference. You can fill the empty space in the middle with your kid’s favorite character or just a flower.

Recycled Crafts For Toddlers

via: Cardboard Rattle Drum by Pink Stripey Socks

This rattle drum is a great musical instrument. This rattle drum is easy to make. You need cardboard pieces or a wooden plank. Attack it to a wooden stick. Now paint the surface of the drum. Now attach two strings on the sides and add small balls to the ends of the string. Now these balls will create the rattling sound when you rotate the rattle drum.

Recycled Musical Crafts

via: Tubaphone

This tuba-phone is a great addition to your teenage musical instruments collection. You can make this tuba-phone easily using easily available material.

Musical Crafts For Kindergarten Students

via: Jar Lid Fish Shakers

This is an easy to make jar lid fish shaker. You can make this musical instrument using some old jars lids.

Recycled Craft Cymbals

via: Paper Plate Cymbals

This musical instrument craft idea will not create music but can be used as a decorative piece. Use two curved shaped paper plates and tie ribbons on the outwards bulge area as shown in the image. Then use golden paint to give it a metallic look. You can also use silver paint.

Tambourine For Kindergarten Student

via: Paper Plate Tambourine

This recycled craft is beautiful and has high utility .use 2 curved paper plates for better strength and appearance of the tambourine. Paint two plates and add big trinkets to the edges of the plate.

Green Crafts For Kids

via: Jnkyrdguy via instructables

This is a musical instrument which requires parental observation to make. You need to collect some metal pipes. Now mark the holes to be made to make a flute. Now use a drilling machine to make the holes. Now You have a DIY flute ready to humm along the tunes.

Rhythmic Shaker Crafts

via: Howwelearn

This is an easy to make rhythmic shaker. Take two plastic cups. Now fill one of the cups with trinkets or small tit bits which make sound on clinking together. Now cover this cup with the other cup. Seal the cups with cello tape. Now adorn the shaker with buntings or stickers.

Green Crafts For Kids

via: Red Ted Art

These tin drums are a whole creative blast. You and your children shall collect some old tin cans, paint them and then let them dry. Now take a wooden spoon, stick, dowell, etc. You can use these to strike the drums. Thus, your colorful and bright drums are ready to create some great music.

Green Crafts For Preschool Activities

via: Ankle Bells by Mini Eco

These ankle bells are a great addition to your child’s musical instruments collection. These small trinkets can be worn around the ankle using a knit band. You can knit the trinkets in an ankle band making it secure and sturdy. You child can wear them around the house. This will also help you to keep a check where your toddler is.

Musical Instrument Craft Ideas

via: PreK K Sharing

This is a great musical table. You can make it out of an old wooden table and some old utensils or metal pieces or shapes. Attach these metal pieces or utensils to the wooden table. Now when you strike the metal pieces they will produce different types of sounds. These sounds can be musical or harsh, now customize your music table on your own.

We hope you like these beautiful and crafty musical instruments. We also wish that your kids may have lots of fun while using these musical instruments. Do give us your feedback in the comments section below. Do check out other related articles at K4 Craft. We will soon come up with more such articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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