Flowers from wire and fabric with your hands

Natural flowers cannot remain the same but the flowers of fabric and wire can make your decoration as it is even after several years. In this tutorial, we will explain method to make fabric and wire flowers.

Things You Need

  • Tissue remnants
  • Plastic coil or soft wire
  • Masking tape
  • PVA glue


  • Take the wire and cut it according to the size of the petal of flower.
  • Turn the wire around the neck of the bottle or a pipe and make a knot by twisting 4 times as shown in the figure.

  • Remove the wire loop from the pipe.

  • Turn the circle of loop in shape of petal by stretching it outward.

  • Repeat the same steps to make more such wire petals.
  • Apply PVA glue on the wire loop and bend it to right angle between petal shaped loop and the wire.

  • Put the petal Shaped loop on the fabric for some time and make sure that it stick on the fabric.

  • Repeat the same exercise for other wire petals

  • Now cut the fabric and shape it in form of petal.

  • Take 5 petals and arrange them in flower shape as shown in the figure.
  • Apply paper tape around the wire stem
  • Evenly place the 5 petals together. Now wrap the bundle of stems with paper tape (can be green tape or duct tape – as you wish).

  • Now your flowers are almost ready to decorate your home.

  • You can try lubricants to the petals to increase their shining. For lubrication take white glue and dilute it with equal amount of water.

  • Arrange the flowers in bouquet and place it in your room.

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