Cool Toilet Roll Holder Ideas

Toilet paper rolls are not only necessity of bathroom but also have decorative essence. Here are few beautiful designs for decoration as well as useful handle for toilet papers.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you discover a very new idea of keeping your regular disposable product in an innovative manner? We are introducing here absolutely mind-blowing ways of storing toilet rolls. By making little changes here and there in your washroom, you can have an awesome space for keeping toilet papers. What we normally do is to keep them, but don’t just keep them- apply here available toilet roll holder craft ideas for making this ‘keeping thing’ more interesting and creative. Handmade crafts are always cherished with love and care besides it brightens our mood and adds a showpiece in our house. The plain products will be given a new identity and it will make your washroom a little happening.  So, Checkout given below awesome toilet roll holder craft ideas.

Cool Toilet Roll Holder Ideas

1. Cloudy Concrete Toilet Roll Holder Idea

Making Cloudy Toilet Paper Holder is very interesting, a bit moderate process. It is made of Concrete. As you can see in the below-given image. It’s a simple concrete elegant toilet paper holder. It looks nice with the cloudy base that gives it a very classy look. It will keep your bathroom completely stocked with Toilet Papers even beautifully in a distinctive style, you will never feel like running out of it! This craft idea results in keeping lots of toilet rolls in one place which provides convenience. An organized strong way of keeping toilet rolls giving it a cloudy look makes your bathroom look light and stylish too.

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2. Colored Twig Toilet Roll Holder

This is a simple colored twig toilet roll holder that keeps toilet paper in one place firmly. Its made of a twig that is gracefully painted in different colors in round shapes. Making such a twig toilet roll holder is an extremely easy process that can be done in a few minutes. This Toilet Roll Holder Craft Idea doesn’t involve the use of hard substances or doesn’t take much of your time and energy. So one must try making this. It’s colorful so its for the entertainment of kids also.

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3. Rusty Branch Toilet Paper Holder

Just like in the below-given image- A branch of a tree with some leaves basically all rusty gives it a very classy look. This will take less space in your bathroom and also will give your toilet an elegant look of some sophistication. You must be tired of using ordinary toilet roll holder, you can make your bathroom a little happening by bringing such tiny changes. Adding even a slight of new creative thing in our daily atmosphere can do wonders by converting our mood positively so brighten it up by going with this rusty branch toilet paper holder.

4. Beautiful Tree Toilet Paper Holder

A Cute tree Toilet Paper Holder below in the image is so going with the bathroom, it’s more looking like a fancy showpiece that one would love to have. I think its a very wonderful Toilet Roll Holder Craft Idea which will give the person something to stare at for a long long time. It’s even creative for kids, using environment-related products always keeps them close to our nature besides they will always appreciate what they are getting because of our ecosystem. One tree with many benefits like in reality, dreamy tree.

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5. A branch with a cute bird Toilet Roll Holder Craft Idea

These all little things like a natural twig or even man-made twig with this artificial fragile bird sitting on top of it quietly give us something alluring or mesmerizing. These things make us realize how important our nature is and how it is getting depleted day by day. It welcomes freshness as well as it recognizes us our responsibility that we are sharing this environment with other beings too. Basically for the decorations, people love to have it and why not we love the natural concepts.

Image Source: vrijdagvrij-blogspot-nl

6. Amazing Dinosaur Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Indeed, Its a great idea for kids’ bathrooms. You have to buy a toy dinosaur from the toy store or you can find it on your kid’s toy storage, Make sure to fix its legs properly with the glue on the top of the flush tank and then finally wrap the head with a toilet paper. It’s as simple as it looks as well as interesting too. Surely your kid will enjoy the presence of his favorite dinosaur in the bathroom.

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7.  Hello Kitty Colorful Toilet Roll Holder

Hello, Kitty Colorful Toilet Roll Holder is the cutest thing, little princess would cherish it for sure. Young Ladies love having cartoon characters near them, that’s why most of them see themselves as a princess. You can have this Kitty Toilet Roll Holder, you just have to buy this from available stores and lock toilet paper inside.

8. Nautical Cleat Toilet Roll Holder Craft Idea

Nautical Cleat has been used here very tactfully which gives it a touch of sophistication. We can say that its sort of difficult to build but it’s still worth the time spent. The end product is very creative as you can check below. You can use colorful strings as per your choice. This product tied knot produces a kind of misery in the bathroom user’s head. The toilet paper is hanged safely and neatly.

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9. Clothes Hanging Toilet Paper Holder

Just grab a cloth hanger available there in your home and use it as a toilet roll holder. It’s that simple. It takes no effort, no time, no money, no difficult process in fact nothing like that. It is as simple and easy as it looks. Innovative, a temporary hanging toilet will be ready to use in no minute.

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10. Toilet Paper Holder made from Driftwood

Driftwood Toilet Paper Holder is made with driftwood, two screws, and twine. A little task has to be done while making this like fixing screws and hanging the toilet holder in that. Its very plain like very basic in look which makes it worthy. And creative it is for sure.

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We have given you many options regarding how to go for different artistic toilet roll holder craft ideasYou can go with any of them or you can introduce new changes even. Do it as per your liking but make sure to be creative pouring your heart out totally. It will make you even happier.

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