DIY Stitched wood Cuff / Embroidered bracelet

I was super, you know that feeling? It does not live a regular basis, but when it comes always I say, if we feel that now at this time to experience all about it, a new planet, so much happiness together forming new ones. The hand I held a wooden Embroidered bracelet.

And I have to admit, I love having something that people ask me where it came from and I can proudly say I made it. Especially when it’s creative or super unique I love that pride I get to feel when what I have made is appreciated!

At the beginning of the wooden bracelet – basis is as follows:

I acrylic, water-diluted. I chose blue, um, still my most.

Of flexible plastic I made a template, it collie pinholes that have subsequently drilled.

This part is a bit meditation spotting and subsequent drilling. Have a steady hand and a firm mind is worth 🙂 I recommend venturing into it, so who would want during the flourishing welfare.

And so it seems a bit 🙂 dotted accuracy you meet.

After Brussels and again to paint another layer. I tried it both ways vŕŕtať first and then apply the color no extra work, because the paint dries in the nostril and I will then have to be cleaned.

Getting dark, so that’s how it is after vŕŕŕtaní.

… another layer of paint.

Ready for embroidery 🙂

Embroider and blue counting two, three …

White, two, three …

A bracelet is this time as violets in the garden … From the inside I začistila strings liquid paint (like dispersion adhesive) and accompanying soft, color coordinated felt.

If any council want to go away and crosses rebel nothing happens, the whole predýcha.

Hope you like this tutorial.

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