Origami Crane (bird) and twig

Origami Crane: You’re sitting on the bus. In front of you is still 38min journey. Headphones have forgotten at home. The book is finish reading … If you’re like me and build familiarity with Mr. Lay to 38min is foreign to you, I guess. Such small.

Ticket from the bus and oldest Japanese origami Crane (bird).

If the way home happened to folding the crane (bird) your passion, this is a simple procedure to decorate round, even on the table or on a shelf or just. For pleasure. Plus, all the things for the production playfully find at home.

Required Material:

  • White / colored paper
  • Brush
  • Color (tempera / acrylic / aniline …)
  • Twig
  • Twine
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Paper to cut out the size 12×12 cm.
Taking a brush, choose Color (thinned) from one side cut out paper we do loose brush strokes.

Let it dry for a few minutes and we can start to compose. 🙂

Cut the square diagonally’ll kill us.

Then folded in half.

Return the hole on the first point and fold so that we get from one corner of the square.

The same procedure is repeated from the other side.

As difficult the opposite side.

Back openings.

Lower tip translate up.

We repeat the same with the other side.

The resulting tails fire. One will form the tail.

second head.

The wings stretch and body thereby slightly inflated.

Middle of the finished crane with a needle union twine.

At the end we make a knot.

We will find a suitable twig, bit Clean and painted over. Suitable is any good that covers either tempera, acrylic or even (the one I used myself) Panel.

Beautiful every day! 

Hope you like this tutorial.

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