DIY Puppet Making Crafts Kids Will Love

All the parents are interested in helping their children have a great childhood and an important part of a well cultivated childhood is meaningful childhood activities. Puppets make for a great pastime for one and all. We all used to love the puppet shows when we were kids ourselves. Let us help our kids to make some awesome puppets. These puppets will surely help you to tell stories in a very interactive way. It will also provide your kids with new playmates and role play becomes fun with puppets. Let us go on making different and beautiful puppets for us and our kids.

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25 Playful puppet making crafts for you

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Animals finger puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: theidearoom

You can make these beautiful and intricate animal finger puppets with felt cloth. First of all take the size of your or your child’s fingers. With the basic framework, now add more features of the animals. The nose and ears for the dogs, along with the googly eyes. The horns, nose and ears for the cow. The trunk, ears and eyes for the elephant. You can make many more such animal finger puppets.

Popsicle puppet making crafts tutorial

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You can make this moving mouth puppet easily with the help of a popsicle and a hole maker. First of all clean and paint the popsicles. Make two adjacent holes in the popsicle and pass a thread through the holes. Pass the thread in double layer. And now seal the second layer at the back with a bead. Paste two googly eyes in the front. You will get a moving mouth puppet when you pull at the bead at the back of the puppet.

Hicks puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: myplumpudding

These are beautiful and easy to make chicken puppets. Take some popsicles and paint them in bright colors. Make chicken with layered structures of paper plates. Make beautiful round yellow tummy for the chicken with an added red neck and a beautiful round face of the chicken. You can make either closed or open wings. These chicken look really cute.

Brown paper monsters puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: iheartcraftythings

You can make these monster puppets using brown paper bags easily. First of all paint the base of the brown paper bag in a quirky, bright color. At the base of the brown paper bag, make a face for the monster. You can design wacky eyes, multiple eyes, sharp teeth. Unshaped ears, etc. for the monster. Add pipe cleaners for horns, a streamer tongue, etc. You ca  even add splotches or stripes to the brown paper bag to make it fit for a monster.

Easy to make hand puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: handmadecharlotte

You can easily make this two finger hand puppet. This colorful chick hand puppet is easy to make and looks beautiful. Cut a circular piece of brown paper. Cut out two small circles of the size of the fingers of the child. Add a bright orange triangular nose to the chick. Also stick two white eyes on the chick’s face. Make bright and colorful feathers for the chick and attach them to the head of the chick.

Intricate horse puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: handmadecharlotte

This is a beautiful and intricate horse finger puppet. You can make this horse finger puppet using a plastic tube or a paper cone. Make the horse’s mane with yellow paper strips. Give an appropriate cute at the finger joint, to allow proper movement for the finger. Decorate the horse finger puppet with dots and a horse reign. You can add other horse accessories to the finger puppet as you deem fit.

Pipe cleaner puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: onelittleproject

You can make these colorful monster style finger puppets using pom poms and pipe cleaners. Collect some pom poms. These pom poms will form the faces of these finger puppets. Add googly eyes to the faces of these finger puppets. You can also add woolen hair to the monsters. You may also add ears or horns to the monster puppets. Attach a pipe cleaner at the base of the monster face. Spiral the pipe cleaner around your finger to make it secure on your fingers.

Cute dog puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: mollymoocrafts

You can make a dog puppet with the help of an old ball. All you need to do is to paint the ball in the dog’s skin. Attach a rod to the ball. Add clothes and a collar at the neck of the dog. You may draw  the features of the dog using a black sharpie pen. Add ears, tongue and nose with the help of felt cloth. Also add big googly eyes to the dog’s face. You may also give this dog a name tag for identification.

Brown bag puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

These are some beautiful hand bag puppet ideas. First of all take a paper bag and decorate it with colorful paper. Make patterns on the brown paper bag. Make a face at the base of the paper bag. Add full features of a human. Add colorful woollen hair to make the puppets look realistic. Add big google eyes to the puppets to make them look dramatic.

Foam balls puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: craftsncoffee

You can make these small sized puppets using foam balls and toothpicks. Collect some colored foam balls and toothpicks. Fix the foam ball on top of the toothpick. Now decorate the foam ball in any way you want. You can make a face on the foam ball. Add a bear nose or a pointed nose, you may even add blush circles or hearts on the cheeks of the puppets. Add hats, capes, ties, caps, feathers, hair to the puppet to make them look more realistic. Add big eyes and decorate the puppets in different ways.

Popsicle clowns puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

This is an easy to make popsicle puppet craft. You can start by cleaning and drying off the popsicles. Now paint the Popsicle in bright colors. Cut the edges at the top and bottom, one for holding and the other in the shape of the face of the puppet. Draw clown faces for the puppet onto the popsicle. This way you get a basic draft. Now add hats, capes, hair, frills to the puppets. Also add buttons to the shirts of the puppets by sticking the buttons on the popsicles. You may also stick pom poms to make hair of the clown.

Finger puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: ehow

You can make these monster finger nails as your finger puppets to enact the role of a monster. You can start by taking the size of your fingers, or your child’s fingers. Cut out felt in a shape you want to make your finger puppets in. Cut two similar felt portions. Sew the two similar cut felt pieces. Add a bright long nail to each of the finger puppet. Add details to the finger puppet with a sharpie pen. This way you have a complete ravenous makeover.

Socks and pipe cleaner puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: happyhooligans

If you have an old pair of socks, you can surely make this sweet puppet craft. Start by wearing the sock on your hand. Now add two googly eyes to the puppet. Attach a pair of pipe cleaners as the eyebrows for the puppet. Add a bright red nose to the puppet along with a mouth bead.

Minion finger puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

These minion finger puppets are a great idea to realise. These minion finger puppets are easy to make and can be worn to theme parties. Collect some yellow felt. Take the size of your fingers or your child’s fingers. Make the felt cones to cover your fingers. Once you have made a cone for your finger, make the details on the puppet using a black thread or a black sharpie pen.

Socks puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

This sock puppet is a great way to entertain your kids. You can make these puppets using old socks of yours or your kids. Your kids can make these easy to make socks puppets with you. Start by wearing the socks on your hand. Add large googly eyes to the puppet. You can decorate the puppet with the help of feathers, fur, faux hair, felt ears, etc. You can also add bows, clips, cuff links, tie, etc.

Robots puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: totallythebomb

Robots are the upcoming rage. With the advent of science fiction, a lot of robot stories have come up in the market. To depict these robot stories, these robot puppets are an effective way. You can make these robot puppets easily with straws and printouts of miniature robots. First of all decide the robot you wish to make. Take a printout of the robot character. Now stick it on the straw mast. You can cover the robot puppet with resin to make it sturdy.

Brown paper puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: origamiowls

You can make these brown bag puppets very easily. These brown bag puppets can be very well worn on the hand and are good for role play. Using the base of the brown paper bag, make the faces of the puppets. You can add feathers, caps, hats, etc. to the head of the puppet. Now add a belt or buttoned down shirt at the length of the puppet. Draw the features of the puppet using a black sharpie pen.

Hand puppet making crafts with your own photo

Image source/Tutorial: stillplayingschool

These finger puppets are a great addition to the family gatherings or birthday parties. All the children can make their own finger puppets and role play with them. These finger puppets are really easy to make. You can start by making a girl’s or boy’s figure. You can make a skirt for a girl and pants for a boy along with shirts in different colors. All of the children may now cut out two holes at the base of the puppet to hold it. Now stick your own photo on the finger puppet.

Hand gloves Christmas puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: simplisticallyliving

Christmas is a time to enjoy the festivities. You can add more glitz to the celebrations by making these beautiful Christmas themed gloves. You can put your pale yellow or green colored to this use. Now take a sparkle green foam and cut out five small sized christmas trees out of it. You may use different shades of green for the Christmas trees. Add small sized googly eyes to each of the Christmas trees. Now paste the Christmas trees, one by one on each of the gloves fingers. You end up with beautiful Christmas vibe hand gloves.

Dragon puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: rufflesandrainboots

You can make this dragon easily with paper folding and cutting techniques. Take a brown paper bag or a similar sized pink paper. Give the rectangular piece three folds, with equivalent portions. Make a jagged jawline for the dragon and also cut out a fire piece from an orange sheet of paper. Add them to the first and second fold respectively. Also make the wings and flared nostrils of the dragon and paste them rightfully. Add two pairs of googly eyes to the dragon face to make it look scary.

Spider hand Easy puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: lalymom

You can make this Itsy Bitsy Hand Spider puppet very easily. All you need to do is to cut out a round piece of hard black paper. Cut out large googly eyes for the spider. Make a bright red mouth. Make four cavities for the four fingers of the child. Add two pipe cleaner legs on each side of the spider, to make it look real. You child can easily wear this hand puppet at any time.

Halloween puppet making crafts ideas

Image source/Tutorial: craftymorning

These are some easy to make halloween puppet ideas. Take some popsicle sticks. Cut out some scary figures from colored paper, add the details using black paint, or colored paper. You can make arms and legs of the puppets using bright neon colored paper. You may even use glow in the dark paints. Stick these scary figures onto the popsicles. Your puppets are ready for an outing.

Halloween scarecrows puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

This is an easy to make scare crows for halloween. Get some popsicles and clean them. Now paint all these popsicles in black color. Get some straw hats, bows, hair bands, etc to decorate the heads of the scarecrows. Add big black feathers on both sides of the scarecrow. Make the crow faces with googly eyes and a pointed bright yellow nose. You can add scarves or bows at the neck of the scarecrow.

Witch puppet making crafts

Image source/Tutorial: iheartcraftythings

This brown paper bag hand puppet can be easily made using paints and some waste material. Take a paper plate and make the face of the witch using the paper plate. Paint the face in green color and add a long nose. Make orange hair for the witch using your hand imprints. Crumple the hair of the wicth to make it look rugged. Add a black paper hat to the puppet witch. Add googly eyes and make the mouth of the witch with a sharpie pen. Paint the brown paper in black paint. Assemble all the parts of the witch puppet to complete it.

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We hope you loved all these beautiful, easy to make hand puppets. We wish that these puppet crafts bring a smile to your child’s face as well. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from you. Do check out other related articles at K4 Craft. We will soon come up with more such articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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