Purple Color Craft Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

Every color has got a charm of it’s own. But of all the colors, purple is such a color that can add to the beauty of every color and still stand distinguished. That’s how one should be in life. On this very motivating note, we have brought for you craft ideas that make use of purple color.

If purple is your favorite too, then this is a must try and if it is not your favorite color, try these ideas once, it might become your new favorite.

19 Purple Art & Craft Ideas for Kids

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1. Windmill fans

Image source / Tutorial: hubpages

This type of fans has always been children’s favorite. We have always seen colorful variant of this fan. Today we’ll try making a purple one. Due to it’s bold and vibrant look, purple attracts the eyes even from a distance. These fans can be used as a perfect decoration idea in fests or parties where you have a particular color code.

These are easy to make and does not require much time or efforts. Moreover the materials required are also easily available. Even children can make these in their spare time.

2. It’s a beach party time with Prince Octopus

Image source / Tutorial: woojr

Just look at this majestically cute creature seated right in front of you on your screen. Can’t take your eyes off, right?

How would you feel if you had such creatures all over your house? Amazing, right. Then what are you waiting for? These are very easy to make. The materials are easily accessible and it does not require too much effort or time. You can easily make this for any get together of children, a fancy dress decoration or any theme based party.

3. Sketch Giant

Image source / Tutorial: mericherry

The usual sketches have become very boring. Everyday new designs of stationery are emerging. With this trend, you might also make your own sketch and name it a Giant Sketch.

Of all the colors you can start with, try using purple first. All that you have to do is make a huge cover for your sketch. Sounds easy, yes it is. This idea is cost- effective and wouldn’t take much of your valuable time.

4. I purple you is the new I love you

Image source / Tutorial: simpleeverydaymom

Aweee, so cute!!

This is how the majority of people who look at this picture would react. Greeting cards can be made for any occasion, be it birthday or anniversary, new year or Christmas or any other festival. Making it is as easy and cute as it looks. It will hardly require 20-30 mins and it will be a memory that the receiver can savor for a lifetime. Do try these out and spread smiles and happiness.

5. It’s a beautiful mesh!

Image source / Tutorial: bakerross

These wool mesh balls are something you should certainly look for. It is only of highly customisable objects. You can make it according to your requirement and design the way you want.

You can add lights to it for decorating during Diwali, or you can add insects figures as the one shown above if you want to tease/ gift it to your friend. You can use it simply for decoration. Try these mesh balls and share your experience with us.

6. Spot a purple minion

Image source / Tutorial: onecreativemommy

Treat your read with an amazing bookmark. And you can do it without much hard work. Add innovation to your basic bookmarks and create an unique mark wherever you go. It is very exciting to make these stuffs for yourself, the way you want rather than buying it from the market.

It is a must try idea for kids. They should be guided on how to make these crafts. Their efforts can be encouraged by distributing the bookmarks in village schools and organizing exhibition or competitions. Great bookmarks arouse interest in children to read and mark their reads.

7. We work in unison

Image source / Tutorial: candiceashmentart

This is an idea which you can work along with your friends. Call up your friends to your place and make this piece of craft. It is an easy idea to carry out as you just need to stamp your colored hands on a piece of paper.

Try this idea with vibrant colors. Make bouquets like this. More than being easy it is an enjoyable process and even more when you have your friends with you. You can frame these posters and decorate your house with a stack of such posters. You can also gift your friend one of such posters on birthday or farewell as a beautiful piece of memory.

8. Will give you butterflies

Image source / Tutorial: ourdailyobsessions

You have a craft class tomorrow and you are asked to make something beautiful related to nature using purple paper. What would you do?

Yes. This is your idea. Butterflies are  extremely easy to draw and the most captivating part is the wonderful designs and textures that the butterflies abound in. You can certainly try out making these cute little paper butterflies. They can be a great wall decor, bookmark and also a good gifting option.

9. Flower and Cupcakes

Image source / Tutorial: notimeforflashcards

Do you enjoy having a cupcake? You do,right. From next time collect the cupcake wrapper. They can be a bud for your artificial flower. This idea is as easy as it looks and will look even more beautiful when you make it. There are a multiple of designs that can be used to make these flowers. Giving this task to children will make them think of the various ways in which they can decorate it. It will increase their potential to think and create and try out their ideas.

This can be used to make a cute front cover for children’s notebook. It can also be used make a virtual garden in your room. Make ten- fifteen of these flowers and grass and the butterflies (shown in previous post). And there you go with a virtual garden on your wall. For many more of such wonderful ideas, get back to us super soon.

10. Monster box

Image source / Tutorial: kixcereal

Are you scared of monsters? Don’t worry, we have got you such cute monsters that you will totally fall in love with. What do you do to the spare small cartoon package boxes?

We have got something that you can do with it and that’s far better than throwing them away. Make monster boxes out of them. You can use them for decoration only or as a covered container. You can also use it as a pen stand. Girls out there, this can be your monster cosmetic box too. After all this that’s said, this box is very easy to make and the material required is also easily available.

11. Buttons are not only for sewing

Image source / Tutorial: alittlecraftinyourday

Ever thought that you could make something so amazing with the help of buttons?  Just look at the picture again and observe how well has the purple color stood out.

If you also want such creatures on your walls, make it. It is not any Herculean task. Collect the colorful buttons. Draw your favorite character and decorate it with all the buttons that you have collected. And there it is! Hang it on walls, display it in exhibitions or gift your friends. It will work amazing every way.

12. You can create your own MOON

Image source / Tutorial: theimaginationtree

Yes, you read it right. You can create your own Moon. With this handmade moon sand you can easily create and customize your Moon. The handmade moon sand availability might be subject to locations. Otherwise this idea is way too exciting and you should give it a try. Ever the moon sand can be made at home.

This is a very unique thing to gift to your loved ones. You can make it for yourself, because after all one should love oneself the most. Spread love.

13. Purple vibes

Image source / Tutorial: pinterest

Convey a cute message of love. Create a card for your loved ones. Be it mother’s day, teachers’ day, children’s day or birthdays. Customize a perfect card for the occasion with a cute little message and this is the best way you can say what you feel. It isn’t a tedious task too, believe me.

It will be a great piece of memory and it will be savoured by the receiver for a very long time.

14. A bunch of serenity

Artist: Kumary Lakshmy

How beautiful will this painting look on your pretty walls! Purple and pink flowers have the ability to steal your hearts the very moment you look at it. No wonder this painting is worth the effort. This requires a great deal of patience but if you know the right technique, this is not a difficult task.

Art is a form of expression that gives freedom to your ideas. Children should be introduced to this sphere of freedom. Making such paintings will give them a direct connect with Nature. Try painting these adorable pieces of art. It will be a great experience.

15. Gifting smiles and roses

Artist: Unknown

Rose is the ruler among gifts. And so is our dark purple and pink rose. Such kinds of gift wrapping ideas has been trending since ages and it is still in trend with certainly additions and amendments. Especially in an Indian marriage, such kind of wrapping ideas comes way too handy. Be it any religious get together too, small gifts or chocolates are wrapped and distributed.

You can also make use of this kind of net and wrap your gifts. Purple net with a lighter shade of decoration will give the perfect look to your gift.

16. Purple ball with right projections

Image source / Tutorial: craftymorning

Ohh it’s Octopus! Octopus have always seemed quite cute and curious creatures. Drawing or painting a creature who has four times the number of hands we have, has always been exciting.

Making it more enjoyable, we have got a purple octopus for you. Needless to say it is fun to make it, but also it is very easy to draw and decorate. Children will certainly love it. Fill their tables with octopuses and create your own beach. You can decorate walls of your room on a sea theme, where these octopuses can be decorated. You can make more of sea animals, but remember all of them using purple color.

17. Prick a bubble

Image source / Tutorial: notimeforflashcards

Here we present to you an unique and unheard method of getting an outstanding texture which can be made use of in many forms and pictures. Bubble wrap is one of the utmost fun packaging that I have ever come across. Bursting the bubble has been a source of entertainment for a large number of children. But did you know this bubble wrap could be used for texturing too?

Yes, we have done it and you can do it too. It’s just like you do the other textures. And it comes for free also. You have absolutely no reason to not try this out. We are waiting for your feedback.

18. Time in Galaxy

Artist: Reshma Heda‎

Solar systems, planets and galaxies, such fantastic words. They seem like a different world to us. Do you want to experience the best of both of  these worlds?

Come with us. We’ll help you out. Create a galaxy themed clock. You can even have an entire galaxy themed room, from beds, cupboards to walls and roofs. Everything. All that you have to do is use shades of purple and golden all over. If you know someone who is a space fantasizer, you can gift it to him/ her. You can design it your way. Write your aim on it. Make a customised clock just for you.

19.  Pretty Purple Purse

Image source / Tutorial: preschoolbookclub

These are so cute that I want to immediately grab one. You can also have one, but you will have to make it. This is extremely adorable and can be made with the help of purple paper or cloth or wool. You can make and  carry it easily and will look very fine with you.

You can also make extremely small.piece of this kind and showcase in glass cabinets in your house. This does not require much time or efforts and is cost- friendly also.

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Purple color is such a color that can set your mood Serene and calm. There are large number of shades of purple. Every color has some significance or the other and the rainbow is created only when all the seven colors come together. Yet, we have brought something for you that could do your work with just one color. Try these out. Show it to your friends. Make more of what they like with them and ask them to visit our website for any further references.

We will always be there to help you. Hope you liked all these pretty purple color crafts for kids. We wish that children will also learn a lot through these pretty crafts. You can check out other related crafts at K4 Craft. We will come up with more such content soon. You can leave your comments in the comments section below. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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