Banner Ideas for Wall Decoration

If you want to redesign some part of your house, it is usually a wall. It can be for your child’s nursery or your living area wall, it can even be your bed room wall. Usually we change our walls when its too monotonous for us or it gets boring, every one wants to lighten their houses with great interiors and lively walls. So if you are currently working or thinking to change the way your wall looks then you are reading the right blog.

We have come up with some great ideas which are out of the box. These banner ideas for wall decoration is your thing. There is not much of fuss since its just banner ideas, so you can easily achieve these looks for your walls. They are not ordinary ideas, as it has a lot of funk in it and are not the usual banner of flowers!

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If you are Harry Potter Fan!

Image source/Tutorial: A Well-Feathered Nest

This banner can be put up on your wall if you are a harry fan. Well we all are, so why not flaunt it over the walls, since we kind of grew up watching these movies.

The cute small affairs!

Image source/Tutorial: Beak Up Crafts

You can hang them on the sides of the wall, its just one hanged there, but you can put 3-4 of these banners together and give it a cool corner look of the wall, keeping the whole wall plain,  and keeping the sides bright! This banner is also a great banner idea for school walls.

For one who need reminders!

Image source/Tutorial: Breathe Happiness

This is a perfect banner idea for someone who needs reminders for the thing they want to do. The way banner says “make more adventures”, You can find similar banners with different quotes that might remind you of something of importance. So get and get yourself a banner like.

Living room banners!

Image source/Tutorial: Cricut

Easy to make, these banners are perfect for your living area wall. Hang them near show pieces, on the top of a table. Just like the way picture suggests. These cute banners can make your living area walls lively.

Gallery wall or study wall!

Image source/Tutorial: Everything Emily Blog

Make these banners for your study wall, if you don’t have a study room then over a study table wall, where you put your time tables and assignments, put these banners there, so that it is not too boring to look up to the wall.

Wall banner decor!

Image source/Tutorial: Handmade Mood

This is a canvas wall banner which will look so great for any kind of wall. For your house, or school, library, Study wall etc. This is such a nice idea for a wall decor.

Banners for Kitchen walls!

Image source/Tutorial: I Spy DIY

First suggestion is to put it on your kitchen wall, second suggestion would be to use it for someone’s happy retirement party. Makes perfect sense both ways, can be used for dual purpose. It is just the way your feel and think can make a huge difference in the way you want to apply it.

Poster decoration idea for school!

Image source/Tutorial: Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Can be used for classroom walls, or for poster decoration as well. This is looking easy to make just need some sheets and you are good to go!

First Birthday party banner!

Image source/Tutorial: Oh Happy Day

It is cute banner that can be put up on the wall during a birthday celebration at your place. Birthdays are great occasion, so why not make it special with these fabric wall banner.

Near your dressing area!

Image source/Tutorial: Sarah Hearts

Girls this is a Great Wall hanging near your dressing area. It will look uber cool and will jazz up your dressing table immediately. Just hang it there and see it for yourself. These can be easily made out of fabrics and also sheets.

Christmas wall!

Image source/Tutorial: See Kate Sew

During holiday season, every family likes to decorate their house with all sorts of things, for Christmas, Diwali etc. This felt banner is perfect for your Christmas party. If you want to jazz up the wall you can always add more colours to your wall.

Mini Wall Hanging!

Image source/Tutorial: Smile and Wave

This can be a great banner idea for wall decoration. Looks like a wall hanging, this is petite but can also be used as a wall poster design idea.

Fabric wall banner

Image source/Tutorial: The Sweetest Digs

Made out of fabric, easy to recreate, this banner idea for wall decoration can be put up on a bedroom wall a it might be suitable for a more personal setting, and what is more personal than your own bedroom.

Holiday Banners!

Image source/Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

These are clearly holiday banners, that can be used in school for decoration purpose and also at home to lighten up your living area. It can also be gifted to someone. This banner is a Great Wall poster design and can also be used as a wall banner decor.

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These Banner ideas for wall decorations are for different purposes and can be used for different occasions such as happy birthday, or happy retirements, you can put up a theme of ghostbusters and create something. It depends on your creativity. Such wonderful ideas have been shortlisted for you. There are so many DIY Banner ideas.

Just look around and you can find one for yourself. K4 Craft team have got some of the best ways to light up your walls with some great craft ideas that you can do with your family members. Hope you like these ideas and you can always help us with the creativity with your suggestions as well. You can check out our other articles on similar topics. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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