DIY Paper Card Crafts and Activities for Kids

There are plenty of homemade card ideas out there, but how many of them are kid-friendly? We pulled this collection of homemade cards together for everyone who would like Paper Card Crafts and Activities for kids actually make themselves.

Paper crafts are really fun to make. Paper crafts look pretty and add color to your décor. Such crafts are easy to make and entice children to learn new crafts. Paper folding and cutting remain the two most prominent kinds of crafting techniques. Such paper molding and crafting techniques help kids to develop creative thinking and better cognitive skills. Such crafts are easy to make.

These can become a great getaway for kids in long vacations. You can always help your kids learn to make different crafts. You can use these colorful crafts as the front page of cards, wall decorations, showpieces, etc. They deem fit in every role. You can come up with creative ways to utilize these fun crafts at home. Let us get started with some beautiful Paper Card Crafts and Activities for kids.

Paper Card Crafts and Activities for kids

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# Paper Circle Hen and Chick Easter Card

# Paper 3D Apple Card Craft

# Hand Painted Cactus Flower Card

# Paper Bee Card Craft

# Paper Ladybug Card Craft

# Paper Rabbit Easter Card



# Pineapple Paper Card Crafts

Pineapple is one of the juiciest fruits. Every child loves to eat pineapples. This bright yellow fruit paper craft will add a lot of color to your décor. You can easily make this paper craft with the help of yellow colored paper, green colored paper, black sharpie pen, a pair of scissors, a hard black base sheet and glue. It is a great craft to be made at home. The tiny crisscross cuts in the black boxes on the pineapple look great. You can put this bright craft on the walls of your home or the almirah doors in the spring season.

# Beautiful Heart shape Paper Card

This is a beautiful paper craft for your kids to make. This easy to make paper craft uses a hand stencil for the tree design. You will need different colored paper and paints to make this craft. A pair of scissors will be required to cut thin strips of colored paper to make the hearts as leaves for this tree paper craft. These hearts make this craft 3D. You can add eyes and mouth to this paper tree craft. Such effects personify the paper craft. You can add some details with the help of black sharpie pen or even add borders to this beautiful paper craft and then hang it up in your room.

# Balloon Paper Card Crafts

Balloons are loved by one and all. They are one of the best decoration ideas for home. You can add these paper balloons to different paper crafts as well. Make this hut and balloon craft with paper, popsicles, colors and glue. You can also make the hut with the help of colored paper or painted popsicle sticks. Now cut out lots of small-sized balloon shapes in different colored paper. Attach these balloons to the colorful hut at the base with the help of thin strip paper. This can become a great Paper Card Crafts and Activities for kids.

# Beautiful Paper Roses Card Crafts

This is a beautiful potted roses craft. This beautiful rose craft looks pretty. The Beautiful Patterned pot of the craft is really attractive and becomes the center of attraction. You can make this pretty craft with your kids at home. The roses require colored paper, scissors and some folding techniques. The pot can be easily made with the help of a beautiful patterned paper and a pot stencil. Assemble all the pieces together to get this pretty paper craft. You can decorate your home with this pretty Paper Card Crafts and Activities for kids.

# Easy to make Paper Card Crafts

Paper cards are a beautiful gift on every occasion. You can make different kinds of paper cards for every occasion. Such cards look pretty and are really easy and cheap. This pretty paper card has a beautiful lake scene. The Lilies, lotuses, fish, buds all are swaying in the breeze and flowing water. This looks really pretty. You can add more elements to this craft. This card design can be used on different occasions such as Earth day, Animal Conservation day, spring season greetings, etc. You can use colored sharpie pens to add definition to this beautiful paper card design.

# 3D Paper Card Crafts and Activities

One can always swear by easy paper craft card designs to be made at home. If you have very less time left and you want to make some great card design, you can use colored popsicle sticks, toothpicks, etc. to make some great card designs. This 3D design can be used as a card design or a drawing to be displayed. You can use acrylic paints for a better finish. Cotton works great as the clouds for the scenery.

# 3D heart Paper Card Crafts

Hearts are a symbol of love. You can add hearts to the cards being made for your loved ones, parents, siblings, etc. This beautiful heart bouquet card is pretty and easy to make. You will need a card base, red colored paper, yellow colored paper, pencil, a pair of scissors, glue. This will help you to make this pretty heart bouquet card design. Cut out lots of red colored hearts from the paper. Stick them randomly and use a black sharpie pen to collect all these hearts as a bouquet of hearts.

# Beautiful Beach scene Paper Card crafts

Beach is a perfect design to try right now in this sultry weather. You can make this pretty scenery on a hard white base sheet. Now you need colored paper, a pair of scissors, double tape, crayons and acrylic paints. Give this activity a 3D effect with the help of double tape or thin foam. You can different elements of the beach like coconut trees, boats, large umbrellas, etc. Do not forget to add some clouds and seagulls.

# 3D Cactus card design and pattern

Cactus is a plant which comes with thorns and has the ability to survive without water. Cactus is a succulent which means that it is suitable for the hot sultry weather. You can make this pretty paper craft with the help of hard colored paper sheet, a pair of scissors, glue, etc. You will have to align the different portions of the cactus craft together to give it a 3D effect looks pretty. The beautiful Halloween style pot for this paper craft cactus adds more beauty to it.

# Making Card from Lentils

Lentils are healthy to eat. One could never think that they could even be used to make crafts. This beautiful paper craft is an example of beautiful lentil crafts. In this craft, the pot is made with colored paper. A heart shape is added to it. The flowers in this pot are made with the help of lentils. For added beauty, green leaves and thin green strips are added to the flowers. You can use this as the card design or make a showpiece out of it.

# Beautiful 3D paper card flower

3D patterns always add life to the card designs. We can try to make our greetings as lively as possible. This pretty 3D craft card uses colored paper for the beautiful flower on the front. The flower petals are individually made with the help of paper folding techniques. You can make the petals easily. You can choose to make all the petals in the same color or each one in different colors. Add a pretty stem and leaf for added beauty to the flower. You can add your best wishes and congratulations inside the Paper Card Crafts for kids.

We hope you loved making these fun Paper Card Crafts and Activities for kids. These will surely bring smiles to the face of the crafter and to the receiver’s face. You can check out some related articles on K4 Craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your kind comments in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such related articles for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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