DIY : Make Your Own Ankle Wrap Flats With Easy Steps

Fashion trends keep changing and keeping up with them becomes a bit tough sometimes. Also turns out that a few times being fashionable becomes a pressure on budget. This DIY is a solution for both, fashion as well as budget. So let’s get started.


  • Any used slippers
  • Black wool
  • Candle And Matchsticks
  • Thin Iron Rod or Thick Needle
  • Needle And Thread


  • Heat the rod and wait for it to turn black as it indicates that the rod is hot.
  • After its hot, pierce it through the plastic on your slipper.
  • You will need to apply a little force as the plasitc might be hard.

  • Pierce 4 holes on each side.
  • You might need to heat and pass the rod twice or thrice.
  • Keep doing it till the rod passes through the plastic.

After that, take wool(3 to 4 meters), pass two ends through the toe area, hold the ends together, pull them back over the plastic and pass the ends through the loop formed to make a knot.

Now with the help of the needle, pass any of the ends to the adjacent hole and pass it through the second hole opposite to it forming a criss cross pattern.

Follow the same pattern with the other end.

After you finish with the plastic part, pass the needle through the adjacent sponge area and again form the criss cross pattern.

Repeat the same process with the other slipper and you have your ANKLE WRAP FLATS ready.


  • Use hot iron rod to pierce through the sponge area.
  • Double wrap the wool on your ankle for a better grip.

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Neelima Patel: