DIY : Learn to Make Donut Phone Holder

Our cell phones are one of the basic necessities, aren’t they? We pamper our phones everyway. Also we have this habit of randomly keeping our phones and forgetting about them. But this DIY tutorial will not let you continue with that habit.
This DIY Donut Phone Holder is irresistible and you won’t have any option but to place your phone in the holder and not keep loosing it here and there.
So lets begin.


  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Acrylic Color/ Chat Paper
  • Brush
  • CD Disk
  • Cutter/ Acto knife
  • Scissor


  • Take a cardboard and place a CD disk or any circular object you want.
  • Make sure the size of the circle is not smaller than your phone to give a better hold to your phone.

  • Cut the circle and with the help or cutter or acto knife trace a small circle in the middle of it, just like a donut has.

  • Next, cut 2 inches from the base so that your donut holder could stand firm.

  • After that, on the other end, trace a design of ‘bite’.
  • Place your phone and measure its width and then draw accordingly.

  • Take one more circular cardboard and do the same procedure, so that you have two sides or your donut holder.

After you get two of the sides, take 4 or 5 more circular cardboards of the same size (number of cardboards depend on the width of your phone) .

  • Cut their base similar to both of the sides you previously made.
  • Cut the small circle in the middle .
  • After that cut the cardboard in half.

Now stick all the pieces together and you will get a final material like this:

  • Now after you have your holder ready you can paint it or stick chart paper on the same.

  • At the base you can cut the cardboard to insert you charger while you keep your phone on charge.

  • Stick colourful small strips to make it look more like a donut or you can customize it your own way.

  • And there you have your Donut Phone Holder right in your room grabing everyone’s attention.

You can try different patterns like a pumpkin else than a donut. Let the foodie inside you come out and customize you holder any way you want.

See Video Tutorial

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Image Source : JENerationDIY

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