17 Christmas Color Schemes For Decoration

Christmas is a very beautiful time of the year. With the snow filling up vast landscapes. Christmas holidays are the best part about the festival. One can say that if there had been no Holidays, the Christmas celebrations would not have been so grand because we would not have found time to make them grand. So as we have the holidays, we have the liberty and the time to make Christmas grand. To start with the decorations, we need to decide on the color scheme to be followed while decorating the house. So here we have brought to you the best and the most beautiful color schemes for Christmas. We hope you like them.

Colourful Christmas Color scheme

Image source / Tutorial: © John Lewis and Partners

This is a minimalist decoration idea. The bright colours along with white and grey are chosen to be the color scheme for Christmas. The  coloured decorative pieces like wreaths, Christmas tree decorations, lighting, etc. Bring out the best of the Christmas celebrations. This is a really beautiful and less time consuming Christmas decor for your house.

Coffee and pastel Color Schemes for Christmas

Image source / Tutorial: Unsplash

The coffee and pastel decoration color scheme is a true winner for Christmas. You can start with baking or thinking about ordering some coffee or chocolate based food stuff. For the colourful part, go for the colourful capes, flowers, cherries, wreaths in sea green colour, etc. This combination looks great through and through.

Bright color schemes for Christmas

Image source / Tutorial: Paper and Stitch

This is a really bright and vibrant Christmas decor for your home. You can start off with making neon coloured caps for the members of the family. Make a big flower out of neon coloured crepe paper. Hang this big flower as a central piece in your living room or the dining room.

Ivy green with pastel green color scheme for Christmas

This is a very beautiful combination as different shades and different colours come together for this decor. The golden sun kissed curtains add the right colour to the otherwise green decor. The ivy green Christmas is a true staple of Christmas. The bright orange and pastel green gift wraps rightly compliment the Christmas tree decorations.

Beautiful bright color scheme for Christmas

Image source / Tutorial: Shutterfly

If you have small kids at home, then this is the perfect Christmas decor for you. Start with cutting and making the 3D letters spellibg out ‘WONDERLAND’ you can place it on the fireplace. Use some bright Christmas tree balls to add more definition to this decor. You can even make Christmas tree with a golden tape on the wall.

White green and red color scheme for Christmas decor

Image source / Tutorial: Amber Oliver

This is a very sophisticated Christmas decoration idea. The greens of the paper Christmas trees are a staple of the Christmas Decorations. The bright red check tablecloth is a an absolute right choice to go with this decor.

Ivy green and golden color scheme for Christmas decor

Image source / Tutorial: Shutterfly

The golden-yellow fairy lights give this Christmas decor a different touch altogether. This Christmas decor is very much fit for the night tine as it is for the day time. The beautiful fragrant candles and the miniature Christmas trees compliment this decor color scheme very well. You can also add family photos and greetings to the Christmas decor.

Beautiful golden and colourful color scheme for Christmas decor

Image source / Tutorial: Shutterfly

This is a very homie Christmas decor. The beautiful family pictures and Christmas cards are very well complimented with bright red and white fresh flowers.

Bright blue color scheme for Christmas decorations

Image source / Tutorial: Paper and Stitch

This bright bubble gum inspired color scheme for Christmas decor is a very unique idea. If you can pull it off, look for it. It is truly a choice of the bold. The beautiful Christmas tree is made in bubble gum blue colour. The tree is adorned with golden balls and pink decorations.

Green and golden color scheme for Christmas

Image source / Tutorial: Paper and Stitch

This green and golden combination color scheme looks great. You can use fresh green branches to line your staircase with it. Add golden stars, Moons and Christmas balls to make it look beautiful and bright. This will surely take your decoration a notch higher.

Blue and gold color scheme for Christmas

Image source / Tutorial: Shutterfly

Navy blue is a colour which never goes out of fashion. The navy blue and golden make for a great colour scheme for the Christmas decorations. Start off with getting some glass lamps for your home. As the decor is to be based in golden, get some golden Christmas balls, stars, lights, etc. For the navy blue part, start with greeting cards, well wishes, sofa sets, gifts wrapped in gold and navy blue.

Different shades of green for Christmas decorations

Image source / Tutorial: The DIY Mommy

For the family brunch or dinner you can go with the natural greens. You can collect some climbers or branches of trees, tie them up and lay them on the dining table. This will add the right Christmas feel and vibe to your family get together.

Colourful and golden lighting for Christmas Decorations

Image source / Tutorial: Amber Oliver

This is a bright and beautiful Christmas decor color scheme. The beautiful colourful rug at the floor makes it look bright. The colourful hangings at the wall at the back compliments the rug at the base. The beautiful ivy green Christmas tree is covered in beautiful Christmas decorations and yellow fairy lights. The beige sofa compliments the decorations very well.

White based green and brown Christmas decor

Image source / Tutorial: Rezel Kealoha

This is a very beautiful white based Christmas decorations. The white base at the table is decorated very well with the green mistletoe and the brown reindeer motifs. The cutler looks great and beautiful. This color scheme decorations adds a regal touch to the decor.

Wreaths for Christmas in different shades of green

Image source / Tutorial: Shutterfly

This is a very beautiful way to decorate your home for Christmas. The decor includes wreaths in different shades in green colour. The wreaths are combined with colourful greetings for your loved ones. All of this hangs down from a wooden stick. Golden triangle hangings also hang down from the wooden stick.

Green blue and white color schemes for Christmas

Image source / Tutorial: Style By Emily Henderson

This is a very basic yet elegant Christmas decor. The white and blue color scheme is a great choice for the bedroom. The bed post is lined with green leaves. Two Santa socks are kept at the base of the bed. The bright red throw pillow looks really beautiful.

Pink decorations for Christmas

If your favourite colour is pink and you wish to incorporate it in your Christmas decorations as well. Then we have the solution for you. You can start with an ivy green Christmas tree. Add pink decorations to the tree and keep some pink paper wrapped gifts around it for your family and friends. You can also decorate the fore place in the same way. Use a pink wreath and pink paper wrapped gifts along with proper lighting to make your pink decorations look awesome. This will make your dream about having a pink Christmas decor come true.

We hope you liked all these beautiful Color schemes for Christmas decorations. We hope you find the best fit for your Christmas party and enjoy your Christmas. Give us your feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such articles soon. Don’t forget to pin these images and visit us at Pinterest.

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