DIY Empty Cartons “Back to School” Craft Tutorial

Back to School Craft: Today we share very well with three projects aimed pencil you can be a great owner. If we count our materials for handmade pencil, we will first need cardboard boxes in different sizes, hand papers for coloring, and a little parcel band. You can also use optional paper towels or cardboard rolls that you can handle from toilet paper.

Empty Food Cartons + Duck Tape = Awesome

We cut the tops of our cardboard boxes in different sizes and give them the function of keeping them.

Then we can color it with hand paper. You can not decorate this part if you enjoy the color of your box which is totally delighted. After the decoration coloring process, we combine our boxes symmetrically and fix them with parcel band.

If the tape image is uncomfortable, you can also use gel adhesive. Finally we finish our stay by adding a few small rolls of paper.

We have a nice pen holder that we can keep everything from the notebook to our pens and almost free! Use it with your fingers.

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Hope you like this “Back to School” special tutorial.

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