Affordable Home Improvement DIY Projects

DIY projects for improving your home. Some of these projects will help you to make your indoors better while other projects could bring lovely change in your garden. Believe it or not, redecorating your home doesn’t need to be a massive and expensive project.

Ideas to improve the home decor

Since our childhood, we all have dreamt of having our own house which we can decorate however we wish just like our mother does. From bed to bathroom tiles, we have imagined each and every aspect of our dream house. We have been collecting ideas in our mind and also we have changed them including furniture design as we grew up. We all want something unique in our house which no neighborhood house has. Something, which every guest who comes to visit us will appraise and ask how did we do that. The key to this uniqueness is in small-small things. Gardens, bedrooms, kitchen, desks, sofa and TV orientations, even how you keep a pen contributes to the aesthetics of your home. It takes time and efforts mixed with imagination to have that perfect home. These creative ideas to improve the home decor will guide you to have astonishing views from every angle in your home.

1. DIY Marbled Milk Paper

Marbles have a capability to lighten your house without any electricity. The design that we walk upon has a lot to say about the base of the house. The beautiful marbles are the first thing we notice when we step into any house. To craft a marbled milk paper, first, take a large bowl which is more than the size of the paper and fill water in it. Now, take different shades of oil type of colors which will float on water and drip a few drops of these shades at different points on the surface of the water in the bowl. Take a stick and randomly move it to form a multicolored layer at the top. Now take a hard paper and put it on the top of the water surface, press it a little. Make sure that sheet doesn’t fall into the water. lift the sheet up, turn it upside down and leave it to dry.

2. DIY Backyard Projects from Pots

The beauty of a garden is all about how you orient the pots and what is the shape of the plants. For this DIY project to improve the home decor, take empty pots and paint them with your preferred color. Now take a long wooden stick which is strong enough to hold these pots. Take one pot and pass the wooden stick from the center of it and into the ground. Fill the pot will soil and plant seeds with required fertilizers. Take another pot and pass the stick from the hole in the center of the pot. Tilt this second pot as done in the image with the help of soil in the previous pot. Similarly, align all the other pots and keep a water bowl at the top pot for the birds. In a few months, your efforts will result in a beautiful plant pot combination as in the image.

3. DIY Projects for Garden

This idea is to craft artificial flowers with the help of plastic bottles which are a waste in most cases. Cut out the upper part of the bottle which is on the cap side. The pattern of the cut must be in a triangular one that is of spikes type. Now melt the bottle a little bit from the cab end and turn the spikes into flower petals. Paint these petals and decorate them as required with different shades and stems.

4. Cool DIY Canvas Art Projects

The foot of a baby are small and so adorable. You can draw beautiful butterflies with the help of them and get them framed as a canvas for the memories. Paint the bottom of the foot with different shades in strips. Remember to use the water-based paints of high quality so that they don’t harm the baby’s skin. then take a print of these as shown in the image. Draw the rest of the butterfly and right the name of your kid to distinguish between your kids’ impressions.

5. DIY Jute Desk Holder

These DIY jute desk holders are a must-have in everyone’s house. They are simple to make and have their own vintage look, For the base, you can use waste CD disc or similar circle-shaped objects. Use glue on one side of the disc and start from the center of the disc. With every turn, the dia of the jute circle will increase and at the end cut the rest of the string and leave it to dry. For pen holders, do the same on any cylindrical object such as half-cut bottles, aluminum foil roll, etc. Join the disc and the holders together with glue for the strength.

6. DIY Painted Flower Pots

Modern art has its own fan following. For this home decor idea, take a few numbers of the plant pots, wash them properly and then drip acrylic colors of different shades as shown in the image. Leave them to dry for a while and your beautiful pots are ready. You can change the base color by painting the pot before dripping the color.

7. DIY Plastic Bottle Organizer

This DIY plastic bottle organizer has multiple functions. You can use it to keep your make up utilities such as brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners or you can use it to organize your toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes. Cut out the bottom of the used plastic bottles and make the circle parallel to the ground. Then iron the edges of the bottle to make them smooth so that they don’t hurt anyone. Your DIY plastic bottle organizers are ready!

8. DIY Plastic Spoon Holder

For that used plastic spoons, you can craft a beautiful masterpiece. Just cut the curved part of the spoon and remove the stick. Now take a glass of small size (30 ml) and decorate it using spoon heads as petals. Paint the final product with golden, white or any shiny shade. The more the petals are, the better it will look!

9. DIY Stunning Leaf Painting Using Toothbrush

Toothbrush painting has its own advantages and they are the best to draw some patterns. In this idea, cover the sheet with the dry leaves and stems from your garden. Now dip the tips of the toothbrush spray it on the sheet with the thumb. Keep the density of the paint dots high in the middle and low at the corners. Now, remove the leaves and stems. You can draw borders on the patterns or take a small size brush to cover some areas with paint.

10. DIY Painted Terracotta Flower Pot

For this Terracotta flower pot, create strips with a ribbon or masking tape on the pot. Such that the covered area is equal to the uncovered area. You can choose any pattern of your choice. Now start painting the uncovered area with your preferred shade. Remember that the brush must move from the mid of the ribbon/tape towards the area to be covered, else the paint will go inside the space between the ribbon and the pot. After painting, let the pots dry and then remove the ribbons one by one.

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