RECYCLED: How to make artificial jewelries using shopping bags (Tutorial)

Most of the people love to use artificial jewelries. This tutorial introduces how to make artificial jewelries using shopping bags.

1. First take red and green shopping bags.

2. Take the green colour shopping bag and cut similar size two strips like this.

3. Using UHU glue make two balls.

4. Using red colour shopping bag cut two similar size red color circles. Then cut the spiral shape as given below.

5. Make the rose flower using this as given below. Paste it using UHU glue.

6. Make a hole in the green color ball and put that in to the earring.

7. Paste the rose flower using UHU glue on the top of that. Then you can have this nice earing. This is more matching for a strawberry pink colour dress.

8. We will see another earing design. Take yellow and green colour shopping bags.

9. Cut 08 similar size pieces.

10. Using paper quilling tool roll the shopping bag strip and paste itusing UHU glue.

11. Then you can have a roll like this.

12. Using a pen knife cut the ends to get similar size pieces.

13. Making a hole in each and add them into the earing like this.

14. You can wear this earing for a green and yellow colour dress.

15. Another jewelry design is given below. Take Red or White colour shopping bags. Here I used Red colour one.

16. Cut the red colour shopping bag into similar pieces like this.

17. Using Uhu glue and make some granular type pieces.

18. Make a hole in each piece and add it into the earring.

19. Perfect match for this earing is Red colour dress.

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