30+ Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

People often think that Valentine’s day is only for girlfriend/boyfriend but that’s not the case. Valentine’s day marks the day to show your love and affection for people around you, let them be your mother, father, sister, brother and of course your lover. There are many ways in which you can let them know that you love them and they are special to you. To help you decide, we have listed some Valentine’s day crafts which you can use to make your love seen and appreciated. So, go through all of these creative ideas and then decide which one is best suited in your case according to the efforts required and your bond with the receiver.

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Celebrate Valentines this year or even little decorations to brighten up your home. The best part is you won’t need much skill to make them so look at these Valentine’s day craft ideas that can transform this day of love into a fun filled experience for all who are looking for some excitement and festive cheer.

30+ Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

1. DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Jars (Tutorial)

Everyone loves candies. Even the elder ones have a sweet tooth for these mouth watering eats. You can use a glass jar of any shape and fill it with different types of candies for a gift. You can cover the top with gift wrap and ribbons.

2. Eye Love You Valentine’s Day Card (Tutorial)

Eye love you can be taken as a ‘I Love you’ or also that my eyes love to watch you. With the help of artificial eyes from the market and goggles to emphasis them, you can easily make this card. The shape of the card as a heart signifies the love and care you have for them

3. Baby Footprints Heart Card (Tutorial)

To gift a card to your partner takinh them as a mother or father of your kids, you can use your toddler’s foot impressions to draw a heart shape as done in the image. Also you can write a message on the other side of the card. This can be only one paper heart shaped card or of two hearts which can be folded in one as done in the image

4. Confetti Paper Hearts (Tutorial)

Draw a heart on any low GSM paper or paper bag of low thickness. Cut out two hearts from this paper and fill in between with confetti. Now stick the two hearts with confetti inside of them. This will give your crafted heart a 3D look

5. Button-Covered Heart Valentine (Tutorial)

Hearts are the essence of the valentine’s day. You can use them as the base of any card. Just cut out a heart shape from the red chart. In this idea, the heart is filled with buttons to represent the volume of love for them in your heart.

6. Veggie Stamp Craft for Kids

Pinned by Colleen / via mommyGAGA

There are hundreds of objects and ideas which can be used to draw apart from just brushes. One of those is using veggies to paint a sheet. In this idea, veggies are used as a stamp to draw the flowers on a card.

7. Glitter Rock valentines for kids

Pinned by Maureen O’Neill / via The Artful Parent

The sparks in the glitters can catch anyone ‘s attention. You can use this to your advantage by drawing hearts of different shades of glitter on the stones from your garden. You can also draw hearts with patterns or just simple red hearts. They will definitely look adorable once done.

8. Painted Heart Bag Valentine’s Day Special (Tutorial)

There are two ways to use this idea. One is to fill the color inside the heart as in the first image and the other is to color the boundary of a perfect heart. Just cut out a perfect heart from the cardboard and keep it on the bag, then start stamping the border area with back of the pencil. The color must fade while going outwards. Similarly, use the left piece of cardboard to draw a heart which is painted inside with a circular dots pattern.

9. Paint Chip Valentine Bookmarks

Pinned by Rebecca Morgan Balster / via Teaching My Friends

For this valentine’s day craft idea, cut out small hearts from different cardboard sheets. Then join this cardboard sheets as shown in the image and paint them with different shades of red and pink. Tie a ribbon piece at the top for holding these bookmarks.

10. Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Heart (Tutorial)

We all loved playing tic-tac-toe in our school days. You can use this craft idea on a heart shaped red chart. Just draw the block with black sketch and hearts with white and red paints. You can also use clothes or foam of red and white color for small hearts to give a 3d look.

11. Heart-shaped sun catchers (Tutorial)

In this heart-shaped sun catchers idea, the material used is contact paper and tissue papers. CUt a heart of contact paper and then randomly make a collage of colored tissue paper on it. Then cover it with the help of a larger heart-shaped contact paper.

12. DIY Popsicle Stick Gifts Ideas

Pinned by Jenny Tait / via Buggy and Buddy

This DIY popsicle stick gift idea has a deep meaning hidden inside. The message that we love you to pieces signifies the heart into pieces with the help of popsicles which are combined together to form this gift. You can write other messages also and choose your own color. Remember to tie a thread at the top so that it can be hanged easily.

13. Stitched Heart Bookmarks (Tutorial)

These Stitched heart bookmarks are easy to make. Take different color clothes and make cut hearts out of them. Then stitch the boundaries of these hearts. Then make a card with a sweet message. At last, use a paper clip to join these two by sticking the heart on the paper clip.

14. Toddler Valentine Special Crafts Idea

Pinned by Kaitlyn Beaird / via Fun Home Things

Another term used in the love language is a lovebug. For this card, draw a simple bag and use heart shapes at the tip of the antennas and fill the red area of the body with black hearts. You can also use heart stones which are easily available in the market.

15. DIY Valentines Day Love Card Idea

Pinned by Kalena Chang / via Today’s Mama

This valentines day love card has two main features. First one is that the letter O is a hand impression and the letter V in Love is the impression of the feet. The other feature of this card is the old and antique look given with the help of dry soil at the bottom. The upper area is of a darker shade.

16. Invisible Ink Message in a Bottle (Tutorial)

For this message bottle, cut out small-sized hearts from different colored chart paper. Write the message on a piece of paper and roll it in cylindrical form. Then tie the roll with a thread or ribbon. After this, you can decorate the bottle as shown in the image. Note: Keep the size of the message bottle small.

17. Muffin Tin Crayons (Tutorial)

These are beautiful heart shapes made from old clay. You can layer up old clay and roll it out into thin sheet. Cut the clay in heart shape using a play dough cutter. It will surely looks great. The herts can be used to deocrate gifts or maybe used to make a craft item altogether.

18. Heart-Shaped Borax Crystals (Tutorial)

This is a very beautiful borax crystals heart shaped necklace pendant. You can easily make this beautiful necklace by going through the tutorial for the same. The beautiful peach base of the pendant adds more beauty to it.

19. Adorable Heart Garland (Tutorial)

This garland has a lot of hearts in it in place of flowers. For this idea, cut out a few hearts from white and red chart paper. Then use different patterns on different hearts. You can also use pink color paper. At the end pass a thread from all the hearts by keeping the color of charts alternate.

20. Funny Face Felt Valentines (Tutorial)

These funny face crafts are easy to make. They carry a flag to show the message. You can customize the color and the message accordingly. Use a stiff material for the legs and the hands so that they can stand easily on the surface.

21. Handmade Card Designs for Girlfriend

pinned by Kandace Meinen / via mosswoodconnections.com

The more creative your idea, the more it will be appreciated. This thumb impression card displays love and affection at its best. Just take two thumb impressions which are a little bit apart. Then draw faces, legs, and hands. You can write your message anywhere near the drawings. You can also give borders to this art.

22. Wall Decoration of Paper Hearts (Tutorial)

These 3D looking hearts are made with the help of lifting them from the center. The line passing to the middle of the parts and the bottom point is folded. To decorate the wall, draw all sizes of hearts from big to small and make a collage out of them. The alignment must be such that it looks like they are rising from the ground and towards the ceiling.

23. Valentine’s Day Potato Heart Stamps (Tutorial)

Potatoes have their own unique prints. You can use them to your advantage by cutting the potato in the shape of the heart and using it as a stamp. The ink can be replaced by red or pink shade watercolors. The colors must be thick so that they don’t spread while stamping and the finish is up to the mark.

24. Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Animal Crafts For Kids

Pinned by Heather Beecher / via Crafty Morning

There are many uses of paper glass in the world of crafts. One of them is drawing a red color face with laughing smile and heart-shaped eyes. You can add the legs and the hands of this figure with the help of light pink chart paper and use hearts in place of feet and palms

25. Valentines Day Ideas For Teachers

Pinned by Kendal Peterson / via Jolly Mom

Teachers are an important part of our lives. So how can we miss them while we count our loved ones? For a valentines day card, you can use a funny quote as a message. One of those is Bee-ing a great teacher with bees drawn at the sides. Sometimes being simple and classic is appreciated more than anything else.

26. Valentine Heart Stamps (Tutorial)

For your toddlers to get started with heart shapes, you can craft a stamp for them with the help of cardboard. Create cylindrical shape from the cardboard with enough diameter. Then, bend it along any line which is parallel to the length of the cylinder as shown in the image.

27. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Pinned by Bekah Welson / via gisforgift.com

Grandparents show their love to us in day to day activities. To make them know how much they mean to us, you can use the feet impressions to draw a heart and write a message or a short poem under it. The borders of this card can be plain and of only one shade.

28. DIY Cupcake Liner Garland (Tutorial)

Those useless wrappers of cupcakes can be washed properly and used to craft a garland. These garlands will enhance the beauty of your house. Try to keep only 2-3 shades for simplicity.

29. Butterfly Valentine’s Cards (Tutorial)

Butterflies multiply the beauty of every scene and location. These cute crafts can be made with the help of heart shapes and gifted to your loved ones. The wings can be made with the help of one large heart and other small heart. Create a replica of these hearts for the other side.

30. Valentine’s Craft Pom Pom Monsters (Tutorial)

These pom pom monsters can be made with the help of thick threads. the eyes are artificial and the antennas are heart-shaped. You can give them support to stand with the help of cardboard as a base. you can draw patterns on the antennas according to your choice.

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We hope you liked all these beautiful Valentine’s Day Gifts for your loved ones. We hope these gifts bring a smile on your loved ones’ faces. Do share your experience and feedback in the comments section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Do check out other related articles on K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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