Father’s Day Gift Craft Ideas for Kids to Make

Check out easy to make Father’s Day craft gift ideas that kids of any age (even toddlers) could make in simple steps, from hand print frames to edible creations. 

Every Father is the first superhero of their children. We all see him as the best man in this world. For everything our father has done for us, we can never forget that or repay his sacrifices for us. But we can definitely love him for being there in every part of our life. Thus, showing love and care for him will make him feel happy. Even though we don’t need a day to appreciate our fathers, but on this Father’s day, we can remind him again how much we love him. And what will be a better gesture than giving him a gift which we made by ourselves?

Thus, this Father’s day, for all the kids in the world, we bring the list of the best Father’s Day Gift Craft Ideas which you can craft with your own hands and give it to your father. These ideas are easy to make and do not require any specific material. Rest assured, your father will appreciate the efforts done by you for him. So, without further delay, let’s get started with the list.

15+ DIY Father’s Day Gift Craft Ideas

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1. Beautiful Father’s Day Fishing Mug Craft Idea

Do you remember that fishing lesson your father taught you? This Father’s Day Gift Craft Idea of a painting mug will bring back those memories for your dad. Also, they will use this gift every evening while having tea or coffee. Thus it can be kept as a decorative piece and or used in daily routine also. All you have to do is buy a plain mug from the market and paint it just like the above images. Make sure you use acrylic paints so that the colors do not wash away.

2. Easy Popsicle card for Father’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: michaels

Did you plan to be creative and gift a card? Well, we have the perfect idea for you which is easy to make. For this, you can use popsicles, paper, and sketch pens only. You can write 5 things you love the most about him on the card just like the above image. You can write sweet words on this Father’s Day Gift Craft Idea. Try to make it colorful and you can also add ribbons if you wish.

3. Amazing Shoe Print Father day Card

Image source / Tutorial: craftymorning

If you are a fan of hand and foot impressions than you can use the same technique in making Father’s Day Gift Craft Idea. As shown in the above image, the card has a powerful and deep message and the foot impression goes pretty well with the message. You can use a big font for the words and the impression of his shoes and your step is easy to do. Don’t forget to keep a newspaper to avoid paint spills on the floor.

4. Unique ‘You Rock Dad’ Father’s Day Gift Craft

Image source / Tutorial: onesimpleparty

What’s the best way to tell them that they rock? Add rocks along with your card as done in the above image. If you are a mother and helping your kids in the same, then you can use this Unique idea. It will be funny and will also give the message perfectly. You can find the rocks in your garden or in nearby parks. Do wash the rocks before pasting them else they will not stick for long. You can print the message in outlined words and your kid can color the in the letters.

5. Pretty Scribbled Photo Frame Father’s Day Gift Craft Idea

Image source / Tutorial: practicallyfunctional

If you will see the above image you will realize how much pretty it is and will be one of the best Father’s Day Gift Craft Ideas. It is easy to make and the materials required are scribbled letters, cardboard, and glue. You can choose from any of your childhood photo with your dad to use in the photo frame. Make sure you provide support to the frame on the backside for hanging or keeping on the table.

6. Salt Dough Picture Frame

Image source / Tutorial: thesoccermomblog

Another photo frame idea for father’s day gift. The frame is made up of flour and salt. You can paint the dough after it dries or you can mix the color while preparing the dough. Inplace of Dad, you can write papa or anything else by which you call your father. The hanger for the same can be made easily with rigid steel wires.

7. I Love you Handprint

Image source / Tutorial: tiffkeetch

Do you just want to say I love you but in the best possible way? Well, you can cut out hand figures from cardboard and color them as done in the image. You can combine them with a colored strip to show how much you love them. Make sure the gab is wide enough to show affection.

7. Amazing Twig Photo frame Father’s Day Gift Craft Idea

Image source / Tutorial: hgtv

So many times, we have used twigs from the garden to make beautiful crafts. Similarly, you can make your own photo frame with the help of small twigs. You can paste them on the cardboard in the required manner with a significant photograph in the middle. When you will make this amazing Father’s Day Gift Craft Idea, you will realize how easy it is.

8. Dad Rocks Creative Father’s Day Gift

Image source / Tutorial: nontoygifts

Just another way of telling him that he rocks with the help of real rocks. If you can find the stone of the right size and shape, you can easily pull this craft. The painting and drawing will require a bit of talent as to make the rocks look like human figures but it is not as difficult as it seems.

9. Lovely Father’ Day Baseball Handprint Craft

Image source / Tutorial: thekindergartenconnection

Is your dad a big fan of baseball sport? Then why not gift him a baseball with your handprint on it? It can be a new ball or any old one with the memory. Make sure you have a box to keep it as it will show the real significance of keeping it as a gift.

10. Stylish DAD Photo Frame

Image source / Tutorial: marthastewart

If you want your Father’s Day Gift Craft to be stylish and beautiful then you can go for this idea. You will need a cardboard, high quality colored paper, scissors, and glue. Make sure you make the right size photo frame which can accommodate the right area of photographs. It will be wiser to first select the photographs and then decide the size and shape of the craft. You can write the craft as Papa, Dad, Daddy, Pa, or any similar names by which you call your father and the number of family members you want to frame.

11. Creative Handprint Key Chain for Father

Image source / Tutorial: projectnursery

A key chain is a very essential item that is used by nearly everyone. Thus, you can craft your own keychain to gift your father on this father’s day. The key chain can include the handprints of all the children with their name and current age. It is advised to use plastic sheet rather than glass while crafting this keychain as glass can break and injure anyone.

12. Father’s Day Superhero Craft

Image source / Tutorial: thebestideasforkids

Do you want to say to your father that he is the superhero of your life? Worry not, we have Father’s Day Gift Craft Idea for this also. As you can see in the image, the handprints are decorated and crafted into superheroes. You can choose your own superhero for your craft. You can even use your favorite cartoon superhero to through some love in the craft.

13. Pretty Father’s Day Book Craft Idea

Image source / Tutorial: hellowonderful

In this Father’s Day Gift Craft Idea you can use a book to show how much you love him. You can write quotes from the internet and paste your childhood photographs with him. Try to include at least one family photograph. You can even write a poem for your father in this book.

14 ‘Love you to Pieces’ Picture Frame

Image source / Tutorial: craftymorning

As you can see that we have tried to include the best photo frame Father’s Day Gift Craft Ideas so that when your father looks at the photograph, he will feel that instant emotion of love and bond. You can use this Love you to Pieces photo frame idea where you use parts of the puzzle to showpieces and a photo of his kids for the emotion. You can write the quote on a different sheet and paste it where it suits the best.

15 Adorable Monster Hug for Father’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: kidscraftroom

Don’t you wanna hug your father on this Father’s day with all the love you have for him. You can even craft a gift which is similar to as shown in the above image. You being a cute little monster for him and your hands asking for a Father’s Day hug. He will get the metaphor. Try not to make the monster scary and make sure it looks adorable.

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With this, we end the list of Father’s Day Gift Craft Ideas. We hope you liked all these loving and amazing craft ideas. You can check out other such activities articles on K4 Craft. We would love to know how you felt after reading this article. Leave your comments in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such articles for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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