15 DIY Ideas To Turn Your Photos Into Creative Gifts

We all love to give and receive useful gifts. For such gifts stay with us for a long period of time and remind us of the person who gifted us the presents. The photo gifts are a step further. They carry aloud the name and identity of the presenter. This way one can gift their own memories with the receiver, they will surely stay with the receiver forever. So let us go over some of the best photo gifts one can present on birthdays, promotions, success parties, etc.

DIY Ideas to turn Photos into Gifts

#1 Photo Coasters

Image Source: notonthehighstreet.com

Photo coasters are a great way to etch your memories down. You can get a set of photo coasters to celebrate days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, etc. You can also gift the birthday boy or girl with a set coasters with their important milestones in life etched on the coasters. This way they receive self adulation and a great and useful gift. You can buy such coasters online, or get them printed at some local shop.

#2 PVC Pipe Photo Vases

Image Source: modpodgerocksblog.com

PVC is a great multi-purpose material. Electrical and water pipes are also made from PVC. If you recently got your home renovated, made or some construction was going on, you must be having some unused pieces of PVC pipe. You can use it as a great naterial to make a gift. First of all decide the length of the vase and cut the pvc pipe accordingly. Now smoothen the edges. Add a solid base at the bottom to avoid the flowers touching the surface beneath. Set the base with a hot glue gun. Now take a print of a photograph with the receiver of the gift. Now paste it on the PVC vase made by you. Add some fresh flowers to your customised flower vase and your gift is ready to bring a smile to the face of the receiver everyday.

#3 Photo Penda

Image Source: sarahsaving.blogspot.in

This is a very cute photo pendant and can be made very easily. First of all use transparent glaze to make the cover for the pendant. Now take the photograph which is to be placed in the pendant. Now trace the outlines of the dried glaze. Cut the photograph accordingly. Paste the glaze on top of the cut photograph. Now set the ensemble inside the pendant base. Now chain the pendant to wear it.

#4 Pull-Out Photo Album

Image Source: itsalwaysautumn.com

This is a very unique way of letting your loved ones know how special they have been for you. First of all choose the photographs you wish to put up in this pull out photo album. Now size the photographs in a square. Now form equivalent numbers of golds out of hard stock sheet. Paste the photographs on each fold on one side. Now fold it back. Stick a piece of ribbon on the topmost square. This will provide ease to open the card. Now place the card inside a wooden box to present.

#5 Memory Candles

Image Source: inspiredideasmag.blogspot.ca

These timeless creations are worth gifting. You can customise these photo etched candles by choosing your own candle scents. This will add your signature to the candle. This adds your signature touch to the gift and also whenever the receiver will light up the candles, the fragrance will remind them of you. This customised candles gift is a great gift for your loved ones, your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friends, parents, etc.

#6 Fabric Photo

Image Source: starsforstreetlights.com

This fabric photo t-shirt is a great idea to wear your memories up the sleeve in literal meaning. You can gift your close friends some cool t-shirts like this. This will indeed deepen the friendship bond you hold within. You can get your favourite trips, best parties, crazy times spent together, etc. In the form of these cool t-shirts. You can gift such cool t-shirts to your friends, siblings on occasions such as birthdays, holidays, homecoming, after trips, etc. Such gifts last long. It is rightly said that people are mortal but memories live on forever.

#7 Photo Star

Image Source: scrapsnscribs.blogspot.in

This photo star is a very unique DIY project. One can easily realize this DIY. First of all you need to make five boats from hard stock sheet of paper. you can use origami techniques for the same. once you have made the boats, join them with adjacent edges together. You can add some gifting paper and other colorful additions to the photo star. You can also add black trimmings and edges to define the photo star. This is a very cute DIY. This can be installed in the house easily as a showpiece. it is a great memoir of special days,

#8 Gift Tags

Image Source: sweetpaul.typepad.com

These gift tags are a great way to customize the gifts. you can buy normal gift tags, and then cut some old photographs and cut the photographs in the same shape as the gift tags. Punch holes in the photograph photo tags. Thread the punch tags. Now you can use these photo gift tags to customize your gifts for your loved ones. These cute photo tags add a personal touch to your gifting. These gift tags will remain as a long lasting memory for the receiver. These gift tags can also serve as bookmarks for avid book readers.

#9 Tiny Polaroid Magnets

Image Source: apartmenttherapy.com

These Polaroid magnets are cute and sweet. These cute things help you to gain popularity among socialites. You can easily make these cute Polaroid magnets can be easily made by attaching small magnets at the back of 0.8 inch thick Polaroid pictures. You can use these Polaroid magnets on fridge surface or also on your metal almirahs, etc. You can easily make Polaroid magnets at home. You can easily print Polaroid  photos on different surfaces.

#10 Felt Polaroids

Image Source: abeautifulmess.typepad.com

This DIY looks great hanging in your home. You can look upto the great memories this DIY carries. First of all you need to collect some felt cloth. cut the felt in square pieces. hem the edges of the felt to avoid crude edges. now cut out the photograph and add the photograph in the middle of the felt square. secure the photograph in the middle. Add a ribbon loop at the top of the felt square piece. Now string the loop through fairy lights. this will add the necessary drama to the photo DIY.  This DIY project is a home decor enhancer as well as great gift of all the good memories.

#11 Photo Clock

Image Source: essenziale-hd.com

This photo clock is great idea to make your presence felt in someone’s heart every now and then. A clock is the most go to thing at anytime of the day for any person. That is why a clock is a great customized gift. All you need to do is to choose a great photo you feel is worthy of being used as the clock background. stick the photograph on a solid base. now use a clock motor in the middle at the back surface. use designer needles to help the clock to work. Draw and cut out numbers for the clock. stick the numbers on the clock surface. Thus, your table cock is complete and you can gift it to your near and dear ones.

#12 Photo Phone Case

Image Source: crazylittleprojects.com

This is an easy to make DIY project. First of all take a plain phone case. Choose the best of the memorable photographs. make a collage out of all the beautiful pictures. Take a print of the collage on the sticking back paper. After you get a print, paste it on the back of the phone case. Trim the edges to finish the look. You can add a glossy epoxy layer to give a glazed look. Thus, you end up with a great photo phone case gift for your loved ones.

#13 Photo Bookmarks with Tassels

Image Source: ornamentshop.com

This is a great way to add memories to your studies. Get some great photos of the concerned person. cut them to detail. once you have cut the pictures, add some thread tassels to the edges of the pictures by punching one end of the picture. This DIY gift will add fun to reading and studying regime of the receiver. You can make these bookmarks for your children, friends, parents or anyone who is an avid reader.

#14 Family Photo Throw Pillows

Image Source: countryliving.com

These throw pillows are a great comfort. They also add an element of nostalgia to the comfort they provide. You can get your normal pillows printed with some great memorable pictures if you want. Many printing houses offer this feature now. Choose a great photo you want to be added to the throw pillows and get it printed on the pillows. Your friends, spouse, children, relatives all will love such memorable and useful gifts.

#15 Picture Lampshade

Image Source: tipjunkie.com

This great lampshade will add more beauty to your home decor. Choose a plain lamp shade for your room with optimum lighting. Now you can go with two ways of adding pictures to the lamp, either by pasting picture by picture or by making a collage digitally, printing it and then pasting it. I usually prefer the picture by picture method as it provides me with more freedom while designing. You can start with bigger pictures and add the smaller ones to fill in the gaps. This lamp shade is a true guide to the memories. You can gift one with childhood memories to your parents or siblings. One can gift one with college fun picture to their friends.

#16 Cardboard Photo Frame

Frames for pictures, you can make your own cardboard photo frame. And its very easy to make. Below is the simplest version of such frames. You can further decorate it to your taste, add to it the flowers of paper, fabric flowers, fragments of sculpture, beads with rhinestones.

Image Source/ Tutorial: K4 Craft

Hope you liked this carefully curated list of DIY projects. We will come up with more such relatable content. Do give your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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