15 Ways to Repurpose and Reuse Broken Household Items

We all at our homes have some Household stuff like half broken or unused or maybe now are a complete waste. What do we do with them? Should we throw them all? Or should we go for an alternative like DIY projects? The latter plan sounds much better than the former. We can make really very excellent use of all those waste products that are in no more consumption instead of dumping them all directly in your dustbin just stop for a good minute and properly think Can I use it again? Can I recycle this product? You have to be creative enough and force your mind to form useful thoughts about the repurpose and resues of broken household items.

Just be excited and inhale some positive vibes through our Magnificent and innovative ideas that we have brought for you here below. 15 Different ideas to repurpose and resues of broken household items are noted here that you can surely try. None of the items are extraordinary, all the broken products are kind of normal and can easily be found in any house. So, this might help!!

#1 Turn Shampoo Bottles Into Cell Phone Charging Stations – Makeit-loveit

We all have shampoo or lotion bottles at our home. After using that particular product for a limited time period and after that, the material inside that bottle finally ends. We usually just throw that bottle into the dustbin but today you will get to know that you can make smart use of the waste plastic bottles.  There are so many people who face problem while charging their phones, demand for a holder is normal and easily you can have one too. So, What you have to have to convert this bottle into a holder for charging cell phones? You’ll be needed- A plastic bottle perfect size for your phone, a pen, box cutter, sandpaper to smooth the edges, a piece of fabric that was big enough to wrap around the phone holder, and mod-podge that’s all. Just learn simple steps visiting the site and make one for your phone.

#2 Turn A Broken Photo Frame Into An Earring Holder – Kevinandamanda

Every girl wants to have a proper box or something where she can keep all of her earrings safely, A Broken PHOTO FRAME? Sounds interesting. A photo frame would really give enough room to put the maximum of her earrings all together at one place in a neat and sophisticated way besides it will give a good view to look at too. Pieces of Stuff you should gather are- picture frame, staple gun (or nails/tacks), acrylic paint & brush and 12′ of picture wire, etc. As you can see the below-given image the picture frame with different and colorful earrings is looking so beautiful besides that it goes well as a home decorator. You can gift this to your loved ones too. They would love to keep it near a vase that compliments and enhance its beauty.

#3 Use Broken Pots As Garden Markers – Hardlyhousewives

Do you know that you can have a cute little herb garden right at your backyard? The land is not an issue here. Living in an apartment or had a teeny tiny plot of land, just dug some holes by your front entryway as there is no reason to put herbs right in the ground. Who would not be mesmerized and feel loved at the same time by keeping such a fresh green serene environment near? Through this planting, You will be able to grab some fresh herbs while cooking dinner.

You can plant sage, oregano, rosemary, cilantro, thyme, basil, and catnip and much more. Also, you can use some broken terra cotta planters, naming each piece of pottery will tell you which herb is which one and will serve to keep them a bit separated. You and your closed ones will love the way it will look and that’s for sure.

#4 Turn Old Summer Flip-Flops into New Ones – Makeit-loveit

Don’t you want to feel like to be innovative for a bit! As we all know that summer flip flop breaks very often so why not convert them into a braided new one. Just grab a few things and flaunt your new stylish elegant one. First, find a pair of flip flops,  cut the plastic straps off of both flip flops,  then snip pieces of the flip flop away on the back of the flip flop, right around each hole of the flip flop, Create a long strand of braided knit material by watching the tutorial on the link attached above.

Now you are required to you need to shove the raw ends down into the hole by the toes of the sandal, you can use pen or pencil for that. You should have both ends coming out the bottom of the sandal. Now moving to the next, tie really tight knots into each end of the braid and then trim off the excess fabric then add a little hot glue beneath your knots.cut more strips of your knit fabric and make a loop of fabric on each side of the sandal.

#5 Turn Bicycle Wheel Into a Pot and Pan Rack – Instructables

Isn’t it looking pretty inventive? Using an old cycle tire like this is just splendid in itself! This requires some tasks to be finished. YOu’ll be needed- carriage bolt, jam nuts, coupling nut, threaded hanger bolt with half metal threads and half wood threads, S-hooks, washers. In addition to these parts- Ladder, Adjustable crescent wrench, Power drill besides have Paper towels and cleanser to clean the bicycle wheel, Stud finder and Newspaper to cover your workspace and protect floors from dirt, grease, and drywall pieces. To make this properly, you can visit the site and check the details. This pot and pan rack is occupying space in a very smart and advanced way, saving your space of course!.

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