12 Creative Easy Craft Ideas For Sewing Toys

Sewing is one of the oldest of the textile arts. It is the craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread. You may have seen your mother to use these needle and thread to make toys for you in childhood. Beautiful homemade toys can bring smile to faces of kids.

Sewing is not exactly a very cheerful thing one would like to do but sewing becomes absolutely wonderful when there are imaginations attached to it. When we aim at making certain things with so much passion it boosts our energy and our hard work for it and we wait eagerly to see the product we made in the end. Here we are talking about the very same- about making a different kind of creative toys that alive our spirits. Teddies, stuffed animals, funny dice, bats, blocks, snowman etc.

#1 Creative Felt Elephant (Tutorial)

The elephant here in the below-given image of different colors are very cute. Usually, elephants we have seen in real life are gray but who is stopping us from painting them different on papers or on clothes? Blue, yellow or pink or any other color cloth you can go with to give it a very refreshing and lovely look. Certain patterns can also be seen there on top of them (ears area) which enhances their overall beauty and an identity that they all belong from one family.

Materials required- felt, embroidery floss, filling, and a brooch pin. That’s all and you are done. A white tiny tail and a few stitches here and there with that cute embroidered ear -just perfect. Please click on the link attached to know in detail about the process of making this Felt elephant step by step.

#2 Creative Baby Teddy Bear (Tutorial)

We all had at least one teddy in our childhood to play with. Don’t we?. Though it is not necessary, commonly we do. Teddies most of us even today would receive it as a gift from others our peers and loved ones. The reason is simple, who would not like to keep a soft sponge bear with them that’s gentle in touch. A small stitched teddy bear of white, brown, pink or any other color can bring million-dollar smiles at the face of your kid. If you are listing or pondering over what to stitch this time then do not forget to add this evergreen teddy there.

Materials required- felt in light and dark pink color, filling,  blacklight, and dark pink embroidery thread, and a prewashed soft anti-pill fleece in a light color. The end product will steal your heart because of its lovely, mesmerizing color complexion, soft touch, and warmness. The way this teddy looks and the way it feels is just superb which obviously your kids will cherish.

#3 Creative Friendly Bat (Tutorial)

Scary bats? Aren’t they in real? But, They are creatures like any other and are significant too. Let’s try to change this spooky image of the bat a bit!  Design a very funny yet cool bat of 2different colors like white and black. It will be less spooky and scary that feels soft and totally harmless. Below showed bat is the true epitome of the bat we are talking about. Go for this stuffed toy too if you want your kids to love every creature of this incredible world.

Materials Required- Fleece fabric in 2 colors, Small piece of matching the cotton fabric, Felt scraps in contrasting colors, Embroidery floss in contrasting colors, Stuffing, 15mm Safety eyes,  Sewing machine & basic sewing supplies (scissors, thread, needle, etc.)and Iron. What you will like about this bat is this bat, he can wrap himself in his wings which gives an excitement to search for who exists beyond those wings.

#4 Creative Sock Monkey (Tutorial)

We have witnessed monkeys in our real life but this monkey is looking a bit more funny and relaxed. There are different types of Monkeys in the world. And this monkey has just escaped from a very big dense forest and is completely bored by human activities and don’t know what to do further for fun. All in all, it’s just truly adorable to play and to keep. So what are you waiting for, win this monkey’s heart by giving it some space in your room, in your table?

With different sizes of socks, you can make this sock money. You can create a whole family of sock monkeys giving them different colors and same faces. In exactly you will be required to have some specific tools and materials to get that sitting monkey in your hands. Like Materials- Sock (crew length), 1 pair, White felt, button eyes 7/16″ [11.5mm], black, 2 (for toddler monkey, use 3/8″ button), Embroidery Floss, yellow, Poly-fill stuffing material, Batting, or thick aquarium filter pad (you can get it from a pet shop)and a Letter size paper, 1. And Tools like-  Sewing machine, Sewing needle (prefer long) and pins,  Scissors,  Erasable fabric marker, Iron and a Printer. Just use all that stuff to help your monkey get establish today.

#5 Creative Cat From scraps (Tutorial)

This cat is carefree and always available to cuddle. Absolutely made from scrap materials and the end product is right in front of you all. Scrap fabrics, some cotton fillers and some stitches that’s all. You just need all things together, to sum up. You can also make this going with different colors, different eyes shapes, and different fabrics.

Bernie the cat or cat from scraps- Materials you’ll be needed- Colorful scraps of cotton fabric, Two buttons for eyes, Black embroidery thread for mouths, Black felt for the nose, Felt for the heart, Embroidery thread for the heart and Filler for toys. Well, make them with the cool mind of yours because we all know how much cat really loves to cuddle.


#6 Creative Felt Finger Puppets (Tutorial)

Felt Finger Puppets! A perfect storytelling object. Felt puppets create great stories and also establishes an unbreakable connection between human and the other beings that describes the importance of all these creatures in our life. The emotional attachment with these beings and the base need to be very strong for a good future of our planet. While narrating stories you just not tell stories to your kids but also let them freely embrace all those creatures you are talking about and have certain imaginations about them. Felt made puppets are creative as well as dazzling.

Materials Required- Felt, stitchings, and a few cuttings. You can make many more just use your imagination and have fun. Here are some of more ideas for you if need help: you can make an eagle, gull, fox, mouse, chicken, bear, giraffe, and a rabbit.


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