15+ Creative DIY Curtains Ideas – Home Decoration

Home décor is one of the toughest tasks we are entrusted with when we buy a house. Windows form a major part of a house’s beauty. This major part makes curtains a very important part of the home décor. We need to be careful and mindful when we pick the curtains for our place. We should be well versed with different kinds of curtains and the fabrics can be used to make curtains. You can pick from a wide variety of blinders, curtains, double layered curtains, etc. Every curtain has a different sheen and look to itself. To bring forward the beauty of the décor and the curtain both you must put the right ones together.

DIY Curtain Ideas For You To Try

# Floral Design DIY Curtain Ideas

Some curtains come in blinders design but they have coherence and come together as a well knit curtain. This beautiful curtain with a floral design printed over it looks pretty. It is made with beautiful threads which are bound together in knotted strands. The beautiful curtain can be made in full length for a door or window. It can also be used as a designer piece where it can hang from the ceiling till a certain height. It looks pretty either way. You can style with wooden interior Decoration. It will will compliment it well.

# DIY Curtain Ideas Using Old CDs

We must always look for ways to recycle our old waste. We all have got some stash of CDs at home. We cannot use them any more as no hardware comes compatible with CD reading but we still keep them with ourselves. We can make this beautiful designer blinder with the help of old CDs. You will need old CDs, drilling machine, wooden base and metal clips for this beautiful CD blinder craft. Be careful when you drill holes in the CD edges. Hang this beautiful blinder along the window edge or even on the walls. It will reflect light and compliment each and every piece of the décor.

# Sequinned DIY Curtain Ideas For Your Home

Colours always create a beautiful effect. You can always play safe with colorful blinders. These colourful blinders go with chic interior designs. You can ramp up your interior décor with these beautiful and colourful blinders. They are really easy to make. Depending on your choice, you can either go with a sheen or matte look for the sequins. The shinier ones are more suitable for places where sunlight can enter. These will look great near windows and facing gardens.

# Beautiful Colourful Window DIY Curtain Ideas

Sometimes we need to think out of the box while planning to decorate our home. This beautiful home made blinder design is completely custom made and comes with a beautiful tinge of colour. This colorful blinder can be made with very little investment. You will need some colourful felt or patterned cloth and a needle and some thread for this bold blinders DIY. You can first of all take the measurements of the window you choose to place this on. This will help you to improvise and make sure your blinders perfectly fit the window of your choice. This is a great blinders DIY idea.

# Heart Shaped DIY Curtain Ideas

Hearts are loved by one and all. Hearts are often used as the one and only gesture of love for ages. You can never fail with a gift in heart shape, so how can you miss on the heart shape while designing or deciding your interior decorations. You can never go wrong with these cute heart shaped felt DIY curtains. You can make these cute heart shaped blinders with some colourful felt cloth, a pair of scissors, needle and thread. These DIY curtains are really easy to make. You can put them up on windows or even hang it along the wall.

# Beautiful CDs DIY Curtain Ideas

Old CDs are just junk lying here and there at home. You cannot just do much with them. You can now make this gigantic CD DIY hanging with your old CDs. This looks great. It can act as a curtain or even like a wall hanging. You will have fun making it and even more fun, having it at your home, hung in a corner. To make this beautiful hanging you will need old CDs, acrylic paints, brushes, metal wire or thick yarn and hot glue gun. You can paint the CDs as you like and then attach them to each other with the help of the metal wire.

# Buttons And Hangings DIY Curtain Ideas

Old buttons create a lot of mess at home. They are no more useful but you always believe that some day their will be a shirt which will need these. We are here to help you out with all the old buttons discard in a useful way. You can make some pretty hangings with the old buttons you have. To make these button hangings, you will need lots of old buttons, the dimensions of the door, thread and needles. Now you can sew through these buttons and make your beautiful blinders.

# Stylish DIY Curtain Ideas For You

This is a beautiful blinders design for your home. These beautiful blinder props. These colorful circles in the blinders look really pretty. You can make these in two different ways. One is to use old plastic bottles. You cut the bottles transversally and then cover the cut out rings with coloured paper or cloth. You can also try making rings from hand made paper. You will also need needles and thread to hang the different rings like a beautiful blinder. It looks pretty. Always get exact dimensions of the door on which you plan to put it.

# Colourful Side Pulled DIY Curtain Ideas

This is a very uniquely styled curtain for your home. You can make these heavily draped curtains with the help of old cloth pieces. You will have to cut or shred these cloth pieces in 1 inch wide strips of cloth. Now tie multiple strips together to form the desired length of the curtain strips. This looks heavy and regal with all the colours. The knots in the curtain give it a very raw vibe which looks cool on the interior décor. You can use these on some windows with wooden doors. You can set up a coffee table in front of the curtains for great aesthetics.

# Knotted DIY Curtain Ideas For Your Home

This can be your go to curtain DIY idea if you have been scouts and guides. At scouts and guides they teach about a lot of knots and their uses. This curtain DIY uses the craft of knotting to create such a Masterpiece. It looks really pretty. It is a mix between the traditional curtains and the blinders. It is flexible yet filling. You must have the exact dimensions of the door or window on which you will be placing it. It is truly a masterpiece.

# Bamboo Splinters DIY Curtain Ideas

There are times when we love to have large halls but with time, priorities change and a sense of privacy and security starts to take over. You can adorn your hall with these beautiful bamboo splinter blinders. This helps you to have edgy blinders at home. These remain stable in their position and provide some coverage like a blinder. These are mostly used to divide to regions and for beauty purposes. They happen to serve their use quite well.

#Colourful Patch Style DIY Curtain Ideas

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you have lots of storage but it all looks messy. You can use this playful curtain to hide all the storage mess in your home. You can even put this up in front of the basin drains to make them aesthetically nice. You can make this beautiful curtain with the help of colourful cloth patches, sewing machine, buttons and thread. We will be making buttoned loops for this curtain DIY. This looks cool and pretty. You can also make it for your kid’s room. They will love it.

# Using Bamboo For DIY Curtain Ideas

Bamboo is one of the most versatile raw material. You can use it to make different kinds of things. For example this beautiful curtain blinder can be easily made with bamboo sticks. The combination of polished bamboo sticks and shells looks awesome. It is really easy to make. You will need lots of bamboo sticks, shells, thin rope and varnish. You can choose to design your blinders the way you like them. You can use the see blinders as a decorative piece or divide two sections at home with it.

# Using Ribbons For DIY Curtain Ideas

Ribbons have always come handy when you have sought to make a craft project. So how can ribbons stay back when you are foraying in DIY curtains. This beautiful blinder craft is a combination of beads and ribbon flowers. You can make these pretty blinders with the help of some satin ribbon, lots of beads, mirrors, needle and thread. You will also need some sturdy thread to hang these blinders. You can go with plastic threads. Thread all the beads and flowers into the hanging thread and put all of these together to get a beautiful blinder. This will surely add up to the aesthetics of your home.

# Beautiful DIY Curtain Ideas Blinders

Cupcake liners are very useful in baking. You are blessed to have these little things for your use while you bake. But do you know these little liners look great when painted. You can paint these liners and then fold them over a thin rope to end up with both side colored semicircles. Keep on adding more and more coloured cupcake liners to the rope to get a beautiful blinder. You can make as many you want to fill in the required space. They look pretty when you hang them up.

We hope you loved all these beautiful DIY Curtain Ideas for your home. These curtain DIYs will surely provide a beauty to your home. They will bring out the vibe of your home.  You can check out other similar articles on K4 craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such great content for you soon. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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