20+ International Women’s Day Crafts to Celebrate on 8 March

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on 8th March every year. It’s so important that we show our girls how valuable they. So please take some time to celebrate the women in your life. Here we are presenting 20+ International Women’s Day Crafts for everyone to Celebrate.

It is the day on which each and every woman from every walk of celebrated in it’s unique way. People hold rallies in support of women, go to fun fairs with their daughters, mother’s, wives, or even organizations celebrate the day with feasts or gifts for the women of their organization. It is a very special day for every woman. The day speaks for the achievements of women in their life, their struggles, scars and beauty altogether.

20+ International Women’s Day Craft Ideas 2024

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1. Beautiful Floral Women’s Day Crafts

Sometimes all that matters is the smiles of your loved ones. This beautiful and easy-to-make paper flower bouquet is a pretty way to bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces. This craft is easy to make but will consume some time for sure. You can make this pretty craft using colorful paper, a pair of scissors, Quilling strips, glue, ribbon, and other decorative pieces. You can use a hard white base to use as a base for the whole bouquet. You can make this Quilling craft on your own or take someone’s help to complete this in time.

2. Crepe Hat Women’s Day Crafts

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As summer is around the corner, one yearns for a nice shade from the sun. A hat is a perfect solution for the scorching heat. You can make this pretty crafty hat for your loved ones to show how much you care for them. You can use this craft as a card front page to show your lady love how much you love them. You will require a hard stock sheet, black paper, crepe paper, golden beads, and coffee filters for this craft. This looks really pretty. You can add some empowering and loving quotes inside the card. It will encourage your loved lady further in her life.

3. Bouquet of flowers Women’s Day Crafts

Women are like flowers, they bloom and bring fragrance to the life of all others around them. Gifting some floral bouquets to the women around you will surely bring a glow to their faces. You can get a choice of flowers and make a beautiful bouquet with them. You can personalize this beautiful Women’s Day craft by adding some heart notes and quotes for your loved ones. They will surely love your gesture. Your efforts will be truly appreciated by the women in your life.

4. Beautiful Pencil Shading Women’s Day Crafts

Artist: Naveeda Iftikhar

Women have always been keeping their best foot forward to keep everyone around them happy and going. They always try to enhance your being by losing a part of themselves. You must always try to give back to the women in your life in whatever way you can. This is a beautiful artistic way to wish the lovely women around you the very best in their life. Women’s day just comes once a year but you can celebrate it every day by appreciating the women around you every day. This artwork is a bit difficult to make. You must have some good artistic skills to make this art piece. You will require a white hard stock sheet, and some shading pencils in different colors to make the beautiful art piece.

5. Paper Quilling Women’s Day Crafts

Quilling crafts are fun to make. They require time to make but they are worth the effort. You can make these beautiful and colorful floral representations using the quilled coils. They look pretty. You will require lots of colored Quilling strips, a Quilling needle, glue, and a basic framework of what you intend to make. You should have a clear idea of what you want to make with the Quilled coils. You can choose from a wide range of designs. They all look pretty and beautiful. You can also add some sequins and beads to beautiful these colorful Quilled crafts for Women’s Day.

6. Floral Bouquet Women’s Day Crafts

Flowers are the loveliest gifts. They can make the receiver smile with these small gestures of love. These are some really beautiful Women’s Day crafts. You can design a DIY project bouquet pot for your lovely flowers. These flowers are also made of paper. You can use colorful paper and origami techniques to make these paper flowers. You will need some net and metal wires to make the structure of the bouquet box. You can also use some spray paint to bring an aesthetic look to the bouquet box. It looks pretty and will surely make the women in your life happy. You can also add some inspiring women’s Day quotes to this floral box.

7. Happy Women’s Day Cards

Artist: Yogacharya Rajashekara Nayaka

Making a beautiful women’s day card for lovely ladies can be a task of many efforts at times. Sometimes you might have the urge to gift everyone a unique gift but ideas are not so great. Coming up with more and more ideas for each one of them can be tardy at times. You can go for this beautiful and easy-to-make Women’s Day card for all the women around you. This card beautifully fits all of them as it covers women of all ages. The card starts with a baby girl and moves toward a young woman and then goes forward to an old lady. All these forms of a woman resonate with one or the other. Hope all of them will love this beautiful card.

8. Modern Art Abstract Women’s Day Crafts

Modern Art seems very enticing but is not the tea of everyone’s cup. You need to have a deep understanding of art forms and designs to understand the message shown through modern art. This beautiful Women’s day craft is based on modern art design. This is a beautiful and moderately difficult craft. This beautiful craft shows a woman at one-third of the canvas with a black color engulfing her. It can represent different meanings for different people. To make this craft you will need some canvas, oil paints, and a clear design and message in your mind. Your loved ones will surely love this beautiful modern art card design.

9. Beautiful Women’s Day Crafts

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Women’s Day falls on the 8th of March every year. We celebrate it with pomp and show. It is said that one must create memories but how do showcase them or keep them close to use always? There cannot be a better answer than a photo frame. A gift to lovely women around you is a photo frame to help them keep a pretty record of all the good times they have had. You can create this beautiful DIY photo frame with the help of some cardboard, colored paper, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and sequins. You can cut beautiful shapes and forms to beautiful this photo frame further.

10. Doll Women’s Day Crafts

As children, we have all loved to make and play with stylish dolls. Making some cute paper dolls surely makes for a great stress buster too. You can gift these beautiful lucky charm angels made of paper to your loved ones to make all their wishes come true. You can make this pretty doll craft using colored paper, glue, a pair of scissors, pencil colors, woolen thread, and googly eyes. This will complete the beautiful doll craft and make your girl feel special. After all, it does not matter how much she grows up, she is still a little girl on the inside.

11. One Page Card Women’s Day Crafts

One-page cards have been doing rounds for quite some time now. This is really easy to make a Women’s Day card. You can make this pretty one-page card with the help of a hard stock sheet in a light shade, some bright colored paper for the borders, and some flower cut outs or sequins to decorate this beautiful one-page card. Add more beautiful elements to this one-page card. Write some inspiring quotes for your loved ones to make them feel special and loved.

12. Beautiful Cloth Bag Women’s Day Crafts

One should move to cleaner and greener options. One such great option is a cloth bag. We must encourage the use of cloth and paper bags among ourselves. What can be better than gifting a beautiful cloth bag in the wake of the environmental issues we are facing today? You can make these pretty cloth bags on your own. These can be tough to make if you do not know how to sew but are moderately difficult when you know how to sew. You can also decorate these bags in a number of ways. You can stitch some beads or sequins or even use patchwork to add some women-oriented messages or forms. The receiver will surely be happy with this gift.

13. Old Pan Decoration Women’s Day Crafts

You might have some old and crappy utensils at home which are of no use now. So what to do with them? You do not always have to throw them away at the first discard. You can beautiful them and use them as showpieces or gifts. You can make some beautiful painting on the inner Teflon surface of an old nonstick pan. It will surely help you win accolades for your artistic side. You can make beautiful artistic sceneries or designs which will help you grow as an artist. Working with different mediums and on different surfaces encourages your growth as a creative person. This women’s day craft is really unique and fun.

14. Floral Painting Women’s Day Crafts

Flowers are a woman’s best friend. A woman loves to bloom in the lives of all. They love to bring happiness and joy to the lives of people around them. So what can be better than gifting the woman in your life a pretty floral painting? Their beautiful painting can be made in different mediums. You can always go for canvas and oil paint or even watercolor on paper looks great. You can always experiment with such floral women’s day crafts.

15. 3D Floral Handicraft Women’s Day Crafts

This is a beautiful 3D Women’s Day craft idea for you to make. It looks pretty and can also be used as a showpiece. This beautiful craft has a Woody texture and an image of a woman. It is truly mesmerizing. This craft is difficult to make and requires a lot of technique. You can make this with the help of a cardboard cylinder and some plasticine and colors to brighten it up. It will surely make the ladies happy. You can add some plasticine flowers as well to it. They will add to the beauty of this craft.

16. Princess Drawing Women’s Day Crafts

Every woman is a princess. We should celebrate this princess. This is a beautiful drawing on paper. This drawing shows a fairy tale princess. To make this drawing you must have some artistic skills. You will require a hard stock white sheet, and some coloring medium like pencil colors, or crayons. The flowers around the princess show the bliss and growth she yearns for. You can also write quotes for women’s day alongside the drawing. This will make for a great women’s day gift.

17. Women’s Day Crafts Ideas for Rangoli making

Rangoli designs can be sometimes really rough to choose from. This women’s day we must make a rangoli design to show the women of the house that they are truly cared for and loved. This Rangoli design is really pretty and meaningful. This design is easy to make with the help of stencils. You will require a clean floor surface, bright rangoli colors, patience, and technique to make this Rangoli design. This design has a ledge at the base and a woman is sitting on one edge of the ledge. On both sides of the woman, flowers are blooming and in between the flowers 8 March is written to make the day. It looks really pretty. You can make it in the hall of your home, front yard, etc.

18. Rangoli Ideas for Women’s Day

Artist: Aparna Manjiri Ajit Joshi

You can go with some really simple rangoli designs this Women’s day to welcome the lovely ladies home after a long and tiring week. They will surely love this hot pink rangoli design. Pink is a color that has been long connected with women. This Rangoli design brings out its beauty of it. The base of the design is beautifully made and an image of a woman is stenciled on the hot pink base of the Rangoli. You can also write Happy Women’s Day with white rangoli color on it.

19. Beautiful Women’s Day Crafts Rangoli

Women’s day rangoli designs can range from strong message-style rangoli designs to beautiful free-spirited rangoli designs. All of these fit the vibe of the day and look pretty. You can also use flowers to decorate such beautiful Rangoli designs. This beautiful Rangoli design showcases a woman dancing beautifully to her own glory. She is surrounded by different colored chakras and patterns. The flowers on the outermost edge add more to the delicate beauty of the Rangoli design.

20. Rangoli Design Crafts

Rangolis are a strong force, they can be made anywhere and they can be used to give out a strong message. This beautiful Rangoli design is a bit difficult to make. It is intricately designed and needs to be carefully colored in. You will require different colored rangoli colors to make this rangoli design. This beautiful Rangoli design has a specialty around it every element of this rangoli design is well outlined. This Rangoli design shows a beautiful image of a girl inside a circular shape and the flowers growing around her. This gives a strong message that however women may be caged or enclosed, they support growth.

21. Beautiful Empowerment Rangoli Women’s Day Crafts

Rangoli making is an art form we have been practicing for a long. It is engrained in our society and in our culture. We can also try out some rangoli designs on this women’s day. This beautiful Rangoli design can be made with some bright rangoli colors and black rangoli colors. This Rangoli design can be adjusted in size according to the space available and can be drawn on the porch, front yard, back yard, or wherever you like. This design beautifully represents the emancipation of a woman. The hidden and shadowed face shows the oppressing powers acting on the woman whereas the colorful bright hair shows the wings and high spirits she possesses.

22. Pretty Drawing Women’s Day Crafts

Artist: Krishna Kondiparthy

This is a very beautiful Women’s day craft idea to be gifted to the lovely women around you on Women’s Day. You can make this difficult artwork at home. You will require lots of patience and grit to make this perfect piece of art. This beautiful craft form just looks perfect with the base made with four heads. This brings in the symmetry of the craft. You can add various elements cast in the sand to beautify it. You can also add colors to this beautiful Women’s Day craft.

23. “8 March” Handmade Paper Card – Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

This video tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to make an 8 March Handmade Paper Card. It’s an easy and enjoyable craft project for any occasion. It’s also a great way to show someone you care.

24. Learn to Make Handmade Paper Cards for Women’s Day

Making a handmade paper card is a great way to show your appreciation and love for women’s day. It’s an easy, creative, and meaningful way to show how much you care. It’s also a fun craft that doesn’t require a lot of supplies or time. So why not get creative and make a handmade card for the special woman in your life?

FAQs Related to International Women’s Day

1. How can I celebrate International Women’s Day?

One of the best ways to celebrate International Women’s Day is to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the women in your life. Whether it’s your mother, your sister, your grandmother, or a friend, take the time to appreciate their accomplishments and thank them for their contributions.

You can also take the time to honor the women in your community who are actively working to make a difference. This could mean donating to a women’s charity, attending a rally or march, or simply taking the time to talk to the women in your life about the issues that are important to them.

Another way to celebrate International Women’s Day is to engage in self-care activities. Take some time for yourself to relax and do something you enjoy. It can be something as simple as a bubble bath, a yoga class, or a picnic with friends. Whatever it is, take the day to focus on yourself and your own needs.

Finally, spread the word about International Women’s Day. Share information about the holiday on social media, talk about it with friends and family or write an article or blog post about it. The more people are aware of this important holiday, the more people will be motivated to make a difference.

2. What is the significance of International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. It is also a day to recognize the efforts of women to create a more equitable and just society. The day is celebrated annually on March 8th, and is a global event that honors and supports the rights of all women. It is a reminder to continue the fight for gender equality and to recognize the value that women bring to our society. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and to look forward to continuing to make progress for women’s rights in the future.

3. What are some craft activities to do on International Women’s Day?

Celebrating International Women’s Day can be a great way to show appreciation and honor the women in your life and the world. One way to do this is through craft activities that reflect the values of International Women’s Day. Here are some craft activities you can do on International Women’s Day:

1. Create a Vision Board: Make a vision board to honor the goals and aspirations of yourself and the women around you. Use magazines, fabric, paper, and glue to create a board that represents your dreams and goals.

2. Make a Feminist Banner: Create a banner to represent the values of International Women’s Day. Use fabric and markers to design a banner that can be hung up to celebrate women.

3. Paint a Mural: Work with a group of people to create a mural with a message of equality and empowerment. Use different colors of paint and get creative with your ideas!

4. Decorate a T-Shirt: Make a custom t-shirt to celebrate International Women’s Day. Use fabric paint, markers, and other materials to design a shirt that shows off your personal style.

5. Design a Card: Make a card to give to the women in your life. Use colorful paper, stickers, and other craft materials to create a unique card that celebrates strong women.

4. What are some fun International Women’s Day activities?

Celebrating International Women’s Day is a great way to honor the contributions of women around the world. There are many fun activities that can be done to celebrate this important day. Here are some ideas:

1. Host a virtual movie night with friends. Choose a movie that celebrates female empowerment and have a discussion afterward.

2. Organize an online trivia night on the history of International Women’s Day.

3. Plan a virtual cafe or book club with friends. Choose a book written by a woman author and discuss the themes.

4. Create an online art or poetry contest. Ask friends to submit their creations that celebrate women and award a prize to the winner.

5. Hold a virtual event or workshop in honor of International Women’s Day. Invite guest speakers or panelists to discuss relevant topics.

6. Create a virtual fundraiser to support a local organization that helps women.

7. Take some time to write a letter to the women in your life, thanking them for their hard work and support.

5. What is the history behind International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an annual holiday celebrated around the world on March 8th. The holiday was first observed in 1909 in the United States, but it didn’t become an official United Nations holiday until 1975. In some countries, it is celebrated on a different date.

The holiday was created to recognize the political, economic, and social achievements of women around the world, and to call attention to the ongoing struggle for gender equality. The first International Women’s Day was inspired by the Suffrage movement, which sought to secure the right for women to vote and be elected to public office in many countries. The holiday was also influenced by the labor rights movement and the “Bread and Roses” strike of 1912.

IWD has since become a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Organizations, governments, and individuals around the world use the day to recognize the contributions of women in all aspects of life and to push for further progress in gender equality.

We hope you loved these pretty Women’s Day crafts. We hope you will be able to make these crafts for the loved women in your life. These will surely bring a smile to your face. We wish all the women readers a very Happy Women’s Day. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We would love to hear some interesting Women’s day stories from you. You can share your stories and feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such related articles for you soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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