Useful Mobile Cover DIYs To Try At Home

Mobiles are a go to word in today’s fast paced world. We all need handy devices to manage our day to day affairs. Our mobile is the first thing we look into when we wake up. We prefer managing our work over the phone rather than talking in person with the one concerned. We all are living in a virtual world. So, I think these electronic gadgets do even have a right to look good. We should make some nice mobile phone covers in these holidays, you may even utilise the weekends in this colourful DIY.

Phone covers are extremely expensive, how about creating a one for yourself. Give your phone case a makeover with these Homemade Mobile Phone Case Decoration Ideas. Is there a life without a mobile phone? We look for different features in our mobile at the time we buy the mobile. In order to protect the mobile or to make it look more attractive, we look for perfect mobile case. There is very less probability to find the desired case. Here are some DIYs you can try out and customize your case as per your choice and interest.

Homemade Mobile Phone Case Decoration Ideas

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1. Marble Effect Mobile Case

Take a huge tumbler and fill it with water. Take 3 different colours of nail polish like grey, white and gold. Choose a base colour. For example, if we take a grey nail paint as a base. Pour the grey nail polish all over the surface of the water. Make sure that you do not pour too much that it sinks. Check out this Mobile Phone Case Decoration video.

Then drip the nail paint all over. As an embellishment use gold paint. Using a pointed tool like toothpick give a design. Place the back part of the phone case(like solid black) on to the surface of the water and remove the excess using a toothpick. You can also customize the pattern by sticking washi tape in a geometric shape.

2. How to Make Mobile Cover at Home

Let us start with the cushiony mobile covers. For they are soft and edgeless, you can have them even if you have little children at home. They look super cute for teenage girls as well. First of all we are making an interstellar phone cover. All we need is a black phone cover and some blue, purple, pink, orange, black and white glittery nail paints. First of all spread some dark coloured nail paints on the case. Then use a piece of sponge to spread and even out the paint. Once done with the dark once, take up orange and pink and sponge them in places where you think bright stardust can be shown. Now take the white glitter and using a toothpick splotch the paint around. Your stellar phone cover is ready. Going with the cushion cover, take a faux fur cloth and mark the transparent cover on it, take in the edges of folding in the marking. Mark the camera hole as well.

Now cut the outer edges and then the camera hole. Using the super glue stick the faux fur cloth onto the phone cover. Cut the fur interfering with the camera hole with clipper. Cut the charging point hole and earphones hole as well. You can adorn the back with sequins or some other designs as well. Take a transparent phone cover and make some pink nail paint splotches on it. Then put some glue on the sides of the pink nail and then splatter some magenta dry glitter. Pat it dry and your mobile case is ready to shine. To look up more such beautiful ideas watch this video.

3. Colour Changing Phone Case

This phone case is super cool and fun to try. It is quite easy to make. You need a plain mobile case, colour changing paint, colour changing pigment, sticker paper and mod podge or varnish. Take a sticker paper that is easily available in any stationery store. Trace your mobile on the sticker paper. Check out this Mobile Phone Case Decoration video.

Mix the colour changing paint and pigment. Adding of pigment enhances the colour changing property. Paint the sticker paper with the mixture. After the pigment dries cut along the traced path. Slowly stick the sticker onto the mobile case. Ensure that there are no bubbles. Whenever you hold your mobile due to the stress applied the colour changes. After you leave the mobile, later the turns back to the original one.

4. Scratch-Off Phone Case

Scratch off mobile case is an ever-changing case. You can customize it as per your mood at any point in time. We need different colour highlighters, crayons, markers, wide transparent tape, sticker paper, plain mobile case and scissors. First, trace the outline of your mobile case on the paper with a pencil. Start colouring the traced area with the highlighters, markers and crayons. Check out this Mobile Phone Case Decoration video.

You can colour as you wish in various fashions. Now cover the traced path with the tape completely and uniformly. Now cut along the traced path and stick it to the mobile case. Later paint the case with black colour to get the opaque effect. Using the tip of the brush or any tool scratch off the paint after it dries as you wish. It can be a definite pattern or random doodles. If you make any mistake repaint the area and carry on. After some time if you get bored with your design instead of buying a new one you can repaint and customize.

5. DIY Mobile Cover

Now let us make a customized photo collage DIY mobile phone cover. For this we require a black phone cover, a pair of scissors, a ruler, a pen for marking and some photographs. Make sure the pictures are printed on a good quality paper. Now mark the dimensions of the phone cover and cut the photograph page accordingly. Now mark the sheet for the adapter as well. You can even choose to cover the whole length of the data cable with the help of the photographs.

Now place the phone cover on top of the photographs and mark the camera and flash slot. Cut them out. Paste the photograph base on the back of the phone cover. Cover the edges well. Cut out the camera and the flash hole, cut the earphones and the charger hole as well. Either the sheet be on the one with sticky base or you may use super glue to secure the photograph sheet on the phone cover. For better understanding of the DIY look up.

6. How to Make Phone Case From Balloon

Let us realise a phone case from a balloon. This is a weird but innovative case. We are going to blow the balloon up first. Using pressure we set the mobile phone in place. Slowly, release the air from the balloon. Now when all the sir is lost from the balloon, the balloon covers the phone completely.

This becomes the cover of your phone. You should be careful when you try to remove the balloon from the phone. Because your phone might fly and break down when you blow up the balloon again. For better understanding please watch above video tutorial.

7. Ombré Effect Glitter Phone Case

Ombré effect is a little bit time taking but the outcome is realistic. Take 4 shades of a colour with white and black nail polishes. Let us make a blue shade ombre. We need mint blue, sky blue and dark blue. Take a clear case and begin with light shade from the top. Add a few drops of mint blue on a paper and dip one edge of sponge in the paint and start dapping. Dap the colour about an inch and then repeat the process with next darker shade.

Repeat the process with other colour also. Mix dark blue and black colour nail paint and dap at the bottom. Take a new sponge piece and dap white colour at top and blend in all the colours at the edges. Add white colour to the sides and give a finishing touch.

8. White Glue Mobile Case Decoration

You need minimal supplies compared to other cases in this DIY. You need a transparent mobile case and white fabric glue that is easily available at any stationery store. Take a printout of template of design you want on your mobile case. Stick the template upwards on the inner side of the mobile case. As the case is see-through apply the white fabric glue along with the design on the outer part of the case. Check out this Mobile Phone Case Decoration video.

You can also decorate your design with small coloured stones. We can make any kind of case whether be a quote or a mandala art. After the glue dries completely cover your mobile with the case.

9. Printed Mobile Case Decoration Idea

Print a photo of yours or scenery at your doorstep. We need a photo, transparent phone case and iron box. Place the picture side of the photo on the phone case. Iron the picture until it sticks to the case. Take precautions while handling the hot iron. Dip the mobile case in a bowl of water. Make sure that it is completely immersed in water. Leave it for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes start rubbing the case on the picture. Remove the whole paper on the case by rubbing off. The printed case is absolutely ready. Check out this Mobile Phone Case Decoration video.

10. Dried Flower Mobile Phone Case

This case is perfect for nature lovers. I have a habit of collecting unique style of leaves that have different textures and colours. You can infuse these into your mobile case and give your mobile a natural touch. Let us take baby breath flowers for example. Cut the flowers and arrange them on the mobile case as you wish. Place the flowers you picked and press them by placing them in a thick book. Press the flowers for 12 hours. Arrange back the flattened flowers onto the case and apply mod podge all over the flowers. Check out this Mobile Phone Case Decoration video.

Leave it till the mod podge turns transparent. Now hold the design by using a resin. Take any kind of resin and mix with glitter powder or embossing powder. Apply the resin completely all over the case until it is completely covered. Uniformly cover the case. Leave the case to dry for 24 hours and your case is ready.

11. Hot Glue Mobile Case

We don’t even need a mobile case to customize we are going to make our own case. We need baking paper and a hot glue gun. Wrap the phone in a baking paper like we wrap a gift with the plain side on the back. Tape the paper properly so that it does not come out. Using a pencil trace the button, slots and camera. Place the phone with a back part on top on another baking paper. Apply the hot glue gun along the base outline.


Then glue along the rim leaving the slots and camera. Using a pencil draw a design of your choice or choose a template. Make sure that your design spreads completely. Now apply glue along with the design and let it dry. After it dries, unwrap the mobile and paint the case with gold spray. That’s it your case is ready.

12. Multi Color Mobile Cover Decoration

Now let us make a dual coloured phone case. Take a transparent cover. Take a dark pink glitter packet and silver glitter. First of all, take a tape length according to the breadth of the phone cover. Now take a brush and use it to apply glue to the base of the phone cover. Once all the edges and the curves are covered with glue, mix the silver and pink glitters.

Now spread the glitter in the glue applied area. Tap off the excess glitter off. When the glitter dries up apply glue on the other half. Now spread silver glitter on the remaining part. Let the glitter dry off. Tap the excess glitter off. For better understanding of the procedure of making a glittery phone case look up.

Aren’t these ideas FANTASTIQUE!!! I would love to try all of these amazing cases and use them as per occasion and mood. These DIYs are absolutely perfect embellishments to your mobile. You will surely have a lot of fun while doing too. I hope your phone becomes the light of every room and the talk of every party. Your effort should be appreciated and loved by all.

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