20+ Stunning DIY Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Home & Office

Walls are an important and integral part of a home. We all tend to beautify our home and office walls with DIY wall art ideas. We all love those glittery tags on our bedroom walls. The warmth of art and craft makes these DIYs so stunning and brilliant. So, if you think you have been living amongst boring walls, this whirlwind journey will fill you with color and joy.

This journey includes the coming together of all kinds of ideas, imagination and crafts. We bring to you the best compilation for the best wall DIYs to make and display. They will make you feel warm and happy inside your homes. So, let us get started.

22 Cool Ways To Decorate Home Office Walls

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1. Fairy lights album DIY Wall Art

Image source / Tutorial: fairy lights strung with polaroid photos

This fairy lights DIY is a very unique wall design. First of all, choose the colour of the fairy lights to go with the interior of your home. Check the working of the fairy lights. Now align the fairy lights on the walls as you like it. Use nails or pins to rest the fairy lights on the wall. Using the cloth pins, attach polaroid photographs to the wires of the fairy lights. Do not choose heavy cloth pins or it will weigh down the fairy lights. You are ready to enjoy your sleepovers and soothing nights.

2. Rope design wall hanging

Image source / Tutorial: rope word sign

This is a sturdy wall hanging. First of all, choose a base colour and a sturdy base for the wall hanging. Now using a jute rope make the desired design onto the base. Secure the design onto the base with a hot glue gun or quick fix glue. You can adorn the hanging with glitter or paints. This wall hanging is a beautiful piece and requires the least amount of effort and maintenance. Seal the ends of the ropes to keep them from unfurling.

3. Plants wall hanging

Image source / Tutorial: flower wall

This is a cost-effective and beautiful plats wall hanging. It adds colour to your home. The warmth and the colour of the plants hangings add another dimension to your home decòr. First of all but faux flowers of the desired design and colour. Now try to form an imaginary layout for the hangings. Now start threading the flowers using a needle and thread mechanism by hand. Now close the ends of the thread. Secure the hangings on a level surface or use a long wooden dowel to support the hangings. Your hangings are ready to welcome you to warm decòr every time you come back from a hectic day at the office.

4. Bicolor wall hanging canvass

Image source / Tutorial: pop of gold canvas

This is a gold-en DIY. First of all, choose an appropriate size of the canvass to be used. Now start with the bright hues of the acrylic paint on the half part of the canvass. The other half makes place for the gold paint. You can use any form of brushes to paint the canvass, but we prefer the foam brush for easy application and smooth finish. Once, you are satisfied with the painted marvel, leave it to dry and then install it in your home.

5. Painted spoons wall hanging

Image source / Tutorial: dip painted spoons

This dip painted spoon wall hanging is one of its kind. Dip the old spoons into acrylic paint. Dip and then dry the spoons. Let the paint drip through the spoons by hanging them. Once the spoons are dried, stick them onto the wall. You can use double tape to stick the spoons onto the wall. You can also hot glue gun for the spoons.

6. Framed Floating leaves and flowers

Image source / Tutorial: framed floating leaves and flowers

These floral transparent wall hangings are beautiful and refreshing. These fresh leaves or flowers are pressed and then preserved in between to slabs of clear glass. To keep the leaves and flowers from withering vacuum is created while pressing the glass together.

7. Quick and easy wall hanging DIYs

These are some of the easiest wall hanging DIYs. They include the usage of paper cups, fairy lights, bulbs etc. You can surely go for this time saving easy DIYs to make your place heavenly.

8. Washi Wallpaper DIY

Image source / Tutorial: brit

This washi wallpaper is truly goals. One can be lost in the symmetrical beauty of it. This washi wallpaper is neat and symmetrical. You can also use washi tape and then form design and then seal it with transparent paint or glue. First of all, set a centre line and then start forming the design by applying one tape at a time. This way you will have a giant diamond by the end of the whole design. Go and enjoy your symmetrical washi design.

9. Lip-sync wall hanging

Image source / Tutorial: flickr

These red fiery lips make for very good interior design. They are made in wood thus are sturdy and long-lasting. You can surely hang these up in the bedroom or the living room for that pop of colour in your home. They are truly the single pop art piece adds to your home decòr. Just go on much your food under these huge lips.

10. PVC pipe frame

Image source / Tutorial: bhg

This is an innovative DIY. You can use the old PVC pipes for this DIY. This truly makes for a “best for the waste DIY”. Just go on join the PVC nodes and make a beautiful photo frame or mirror frame out of it.

11. Washi tape frames

Image source / Tutorial: designsponge

We all love to hang beautiful pictures of our own on our walls. First of all, choose the best photos of yours and then paste them on your favourite walls. Now line the washi tape all along the outer edge of the photograph. You can add different kinds of washi tape to make it beautiful and shine through. This will enhance the beauty of your home decòr.

12. DIY canvas wall hanging

Image source / Tutorial: consumercrafts

These lace flowers are true beauty. You can surely gear up for these lace flowers by cutting out some old lace patterns and then sticking them together or just buying some beautiful lace for this DIY project. Combine some sequins or pearls to go with the lace. We have used white lace and white pearly motifs to go with it. Get some real-life twigs to with these beautiful flowers or just make some out of brown thread.

13. Wall art card display

Image source / Tutorial: BHG

This is a very innovative idea to revamp your office or home decòr. Gather some wires, the width can vary as per your requirement. Cut the wires according to the space you have. Now make a net or a mesh as per the square size required. Now cut the wires and use sandpaper at the cut ends of the wires. Now use steel wool to remove rust if any present on the wires. Now put on a primer on the wire mesh. Now use spray paint over the primer. Use bulldog clips to place the pictures, flowers and notes onto the wire mesh.

14. Woodblock nursery art

Image source / Tutorial: aliceandlois

This is some solid wall art DIY. Get some wooden blocks and then paint them in solid colour. This gives you an opaque base. Now get some animal pictures. Stick these animal pictures onto the solid wooden blocks. Stick these onto the wall of your choice.

15. Circle paper punch wall art

Image source / Tutorial: circle paper punch art

This is easy to make graphic DIY. This is one of those artworks which can be easily made by your children too. First of all get some big punched coloured paper circles. Now make a grid on a hard white sheet. Now stick these punched circles onto the grid. This forms a beautiful myriad of colourful circles.

16. Cut out colourful animal DIY Wall Art Idea

Image source / Tutorial: ilovedecoration

This is easy to make DIY. First of all, make an animal shape. Now cut thin strips out of coloured paper sheets or newspapers. Now stick these thin strips onto the animal body in a linear way. This provides a finished look to the DIY.

17. Wall hanging DIY

Image source / Tutorial: shutterfly

This is comfortable and easy to mould wall hanging. Take a wooden dowel and then use a string to make a hanging portion out of it. Now hang strings from the wooden dowel. Now stick on photographs on the hanging strings. Now place some weight in the form of beads or stones at the base of the strings to keep the hangings in place. You can beautify the hangings to make it look more aesthetic.

18. Ice-cream stick showpiece window

Image source / Tutorial: makeanddocrew

This is reuse the waste beautiful DIY. Collect a lot of ice-cream sticks. Now paint then in a wooden hue. This makes for a wooden effect to the ice cream sticks. Now make a hexagon on a sheet of paper and start building this hexagon with these ice-cream sticks. As and when you reach a certain height of the hexagon you can stop adding to the hexagon. Stick this onto a wall with strong adhesives. This showpiece window is now ready to bear the weight of small showpieces.

19. Threadwork DIY Wall Art Idea

Image source / Tutorial: mysimpleobsession

Take a wooden base. Use pins to make headstands in the base. Align the pins in a way that they form a word. Now use a colourful thread to fill on the alphabets. This can be a beautiful wall hanging. Do try it, it makes for a mesmerizing do.

20. The Holed DIY Wall Art Idea

Image source / Tutorial: karapaslaydesigns

This holed wall can give rise to beautiful patterns and designs. You can fit in different coloured sticks in the holes and then use threads to make alphabets, shapes, bookshelves etc. This form a dynamic wall hanging.

21. Kaleidoscopic thread wall hanging

Image source / Tutorial: littlepaperplanes

Take a hard base. Now pin the pattern on the sides. Use colourful threads to form this kaleidoscopic pattern. You can form various designs using this technique.

22. Cross or plus sign wall designs

Image source / Tutorial: everythingemilyblog

This is a beautiful washi tape design. Use washi tape to form these small crosses or plus signs. Form a grid pattern on the wall and then place these washi patterns onto the grid to form a clean design.

Hope you like this highly curated list of DIY Wall Art Ideas. We would come up with more such ideas. Do let us know about your feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such content soon. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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