30+ DIY Washi tape craft projects – Step by step

Washi tape craft projects give a personalized style to your favorite things! It also has a magic power that makes everything it’s stuck to the most adorable thing in the world. So check out this roundup of 30+ washi tape ideas to try.

Washi Tape Designs To Customize Your Favorite Things

There are so many washi tape designs to choose from. Washi tape is one of the easiest ways to personalize any item. Grab your favorite washi tape designs, and check out the full list of ideas below:

1. DIY Easy Washi Tape Pencil Pot

Image via The Craft Blog
How to put a strip of washi tape on the pencil pot, and then let them finish the rest.

2. Creative DIY Food Picks

Image via Bento Zen
Make your own food toppers by sticking a piece of washi tape on a toothpick. You can even cut out a little triangle at the end to make it look like a flag.

3. $1 washi tape Dry Erase Frame

Image via I Heart Naptime
Turn any old frame into a dry erase board. Stick the washi tape on the top clear piece and place it back inside the frame.

4. Washi Tape Twist – Simple trick

Image via Gift Horse + Co
These twist ties can be used for your party favors. Simply sandwich a piece of wire in between two strips of washi tape and you’re all set!

5. DIY Craft: Pinwheel Flowers

Image via Mad In Crafts
Bloom your own pinwheel flowers with this DIY project. To make sure the stems stay straight, stick the straw into some play dough. It’ll build resistance and keep the flower from toppling over.

6. DIY Butterfly Crafts

Image via Artsy Momma
The secret to pretty butterfly wings lies in the choices of washi tape designs. I like placing my tape strips in a horizontal direction. It is an easier way of aligning the design on both of the wings.

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