How To Make a Origami Paper Jumping Frog

This origami tutorial shows, how to make a classic and very popular handmade origami paper jumping frog. Certainly, many moms and dads remember themselves while still in school, did at recess frog origami paper. For those who forgot scheme jumping frog origami, come to our help article.

If you need to teach a child to preschool folding origami frog, we recommend that you start with the simplest origami crafts.

1. To make an paper origami frog, take a sheet of paper rectangular green.

2. Fold the first one upper corner. Bend the back.

3. Now another. Bend the back.

4. Fold paper sheet as shown in the picture below.

5. Continue to fold origami paper frog. Fold the lower corners of the triangle upwards.

6. Now add up the frog origami scheme in the photo. We hope that everything is clear and without comment.

Origami frog is ready! Doris her marker eyes, nose, and others. Necessary parts.

This is a very simple hack of paper in origami technique. Make a frog from paper can even a child of the senior preschool age. But, unfortunately, this origami paper frog jumping very bad. If you want to make it an origami jumping frog, use the chart below.

Jumping Frog Origami:

Those who are not very familiar with the technique of origami, recall symbols on origami schemes: double arrow means that it is necessary to bend the sheet as shown in the diagram, and then unbend back. One-way arrow indicates that the paper should be bent back as indicated and do not straighten.

When you fold origami jumping frog according to our scheme, carefully follow the numbering scheme on origami.

Hope you like this tutorial. Thanks for visiting our website. Keep creating with K4 Craft!

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