Woman shoes made in the form of pigeon [Tutorial]

Japanese shoemaker Kyoto Ohata has made a extremely amusing pair of pigeon-themed high heels. Actually these shoes serve a very specific purpose.

Every time she passed by the area filled with birds, she worried that troubles them. Pigeons scattered in different directions, that upset the girl. Kyoto found a way out: she came up with the design of shoes, apparently echoing the average pigeon. It turned out so strange, that it is impossible not to share incremental technology of their production.

(source: afishadaily)

Funny moment captured!

If you want these shoes for yourself, see the full step by step tutorial how you can make them:

Woman shoes made in the form of gray-winged pigeons.

With the help of knife cut out of thick foam board two identical forms. It will be a blue head.

Tightly insert the blank felts so that it completely covers the surface.

Optionally, you can now start to decorate your shoes. Insert the green and purple felt in the intended area of ​​the neck and breast of a dove.

Buy the cheapest shoes with heels.

Glue resulting shoe shape to the tailpiece.

From a single piece of dense felt cut in shape of the wing pad size 4 pcs.

Make a lot of circles of black felt and glue them on the wings. This will be the feathers!

Glue the wings to the shoes. You can use a PVA glue.

Again felt! Do not forget to make 8 balls: it will be 4 eyes and nostrils 4 birds.

According to the principle of the wings make narrow strips and decorate their socks.

Wire made 4 legs.

Hide the metal under the red felt.

Paint strokes – on request.

We fix tabs along the bottom of the heel, put in place the eyes, nose and beak. Done!

Hope you like this tutorial.

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