50+ Valentine’s Day Handmade Cards and Gift Ideas – Step by step

Valentine’s Day (friendship and love), the sweetest & happiest time of the year is just around the corner. Celebrate valentine’s day this year or even little decorations to brighten up your home or gathering area. And give a cute gift of love on this V-Day and show your affections with something extra special and romantic.

Bored of roses and chocolates? Give your relationship a much-needed boost this Valentine’s Day with these unique DIY cards and gifts. There’s everything from do-it-yourself cards, homemade crafts, and gifts you won’t be able to find in your local store…

Why is Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

Celebrated this day in the honor of the great Saint Valentine. At that time, the king of Rome had forbid his soldiers from the “right to love” and “right to marriage”. It was Saint Valentine who revolted against the restraint. Slowly and steadily his message of love and hope spread far and war, and the world started celebrating Valentine’s Day as “the day of love”, on 14th of February every year.

50+ Romantic Valentine’s Day Card and Gift Ideas

On this special day, young and old lovebirds gear up to convey their undying love for each other and nothing can beat the power of heart melting gifts. The most difficult task here is choosing that perfect Valentine gift that is as special as your relationship.

So give them a unique handmade item or something personalized to show just how much you care. For the best Valentine’s Day gifts, celebrate with a gift that holds significance for you and your sweetheart. We gathered up 50+ of the BEST Valentine’s Day Cards and Gift Ideas to share with you today & you are going to love these! Everything from DIY art projects, kids crafts, home decor, & keepsakes…we got you covered!

Crayon Heart Boxes


Non-candy Valentine idea: These decorated boxes turn a simple gift into a fun Valentine’s day present.

Valentine’s Pompom Bouquet


Creating these fabulous pom pom bouquets for you to host your very own crafternoon party! No green thumb needed to keep this bouquet alive.

DIY Glittery Heart Block Puzzle


Fun little puzzle Valentine: Turn simple wooden blocks into glittery heart puzzles and they are a blast.

DIY Notebook Paper Treat Bags


Valentine treat bags are quick, simple and inexpensive to make from  regular school notebook papers.

Rainbow Hear Shaped Sock Pillows


DIY handmade gift (rainbow-coloured hearts) for your Valentine from your lonely unpaired socks.

DIY Party Poppers for valentine’s day


The perfect favor for your Valentine’s day party. Use old cardboard rolls, pretty paper, and candy to make these poppers.

Valentine’s Day Ombre Pencils


Turn plain pencils into stylish Valentine’s day gifts with a simple paint job.

DIY Love Bugs


These golden love bugs are a fun and unexpected gift for your better half or your kiddos on February 14th.

Peppermint Infusion Bags

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Fill a handmade heart-shaped tea bag with smashed peppermint candies to make a Stylish and Sippable gift for your loved ones.

Felt Heart and Twine Sweetheart Vase


This vase gives a personal touch to a heartfelt bouquet.

Required material: a mason jar, baker’s twine, red felt, a large needle, glue or tape.

DIY Heart Wooden Coasters


Perfect little love coasters for a Valentine’s Day gift.

DIY Valentine’s Day succulent planters


Give someone an easy-to-care for bit of greenery. These sweet little planters will last much longer than a bouquet of flowers or a bag of cinnamon hearts and the punny plant stakes will make your friends smile.

DIY Heart Magnets


Make clay magnetic cute little hearts to adorn your loved one’s fridge.

DIY Conversation Hearts Pinatas


Turn cardboard heart mini boxes into little candy-filled pinatas for your loved ones.

Love Roack – Do it Yourself


Color rocks of different shapes and sizes, then seal with a layer of Modge Podge. Great for your gardening friend, or leave these little love rocks around my neighborhood for unsuspecting people to find once the weather cooperates.

Lemon Drops Jar


Decorate a mason jar, fill it with lemon drops or any lemon flavored candy.

Valentine’s Day Photo Box


This is perfect for displaying photos of you and your loved one within this adorable keepsake photo box. Personalize the box by painting it his favorite color and inscribing your initials on the lid.

DIY Heart blanket


The cozy blanket calls for a throw blanket, some all surface paint, a paintbrush, a pair of scissors, some cardboard, and cork for the construction. Once you cut out the cardboard hearts in three different sizes, you work up stamps by adding corks to the back of the hearts. The magic comes into play when you stamp the paint-coated hearts onto the blanket in a gradient pattern in terms of their sizes, and that’s all!

DIY Valentine’s light bulb


This is perfect gift idea that can be placed on the bedside table, and used for reading or writing when in bed. The first step towards building the bulb is to hollow out a regular light-bulb, adoring it with a cute love note written exclusively for your special someone, and voila! The breathtaking part about the bulb is those two tiny hearts made out of bright red wire, replacing the filament with utmost grace. Apart from the light-bulb itself, you are going to need to collect a red thin gauge wire, pliers, screwdriver, safety goggles, a scrap piece of wood or wood cube, pins, paper and pen, wire cutters, hammer, nails, and a hot glue gun to bring the project to life. The heart filaments are inserted into the piece of wood underneath the bulb that has got the love note attached to it with pins.

DIY Love Potion Bubble Bath


Decorate little bottles of bubble bath like so and hand them out to all your friends.

Easy Heart Tote Bag


DIY tote bag to carry the boxes and boxes of chocolates that suitors will be leaving for you on Valentine’s Day? But if you’re lacking chocolates then you could also let your children use this as their Valentine’s Bag for their candy and cards simply by writing them name in the heart with a permanent marker.

Valentine’s Day hearts stitched together


To begin the making of card, you’ll need to download and print the card pattern. You’ll also need to gather a needle, embroidery floss (in the color of your choice) and scissors.
You can download Idea for Valentine’s Day “Hearts Stitched Together” pattern.

Heart Page Marker


Simple Heart shaped bookmarks using decorative paper and hand them out to friends and family.

You may also like Star Bookmark video tutorial: Youtube

A jar of reasons why you love him


Decorate a small glass jar with felt hearts, ribbons, and other decorative items. This unique gift can be added to a shelf as a decorative piece, and can be customized with a personal message from you.

Takeout Candy Boxes

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Turn a plain takeout box into a cute candy holder.

Custom Chocolate Wrappers

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You can’t go wrong with chocolate, but it’s even better when wrapped in custom cut-out papers.

Glittered Heart Boxes


Decorate cardboard boxes with layers of colorful glitter, then fill them with candy. Little homemade gift for someone you love.

30+ Valentine’s Day Easy Crafts Ideas


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