How to make things from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are a huge burden on our environment. They are such a menace due to their recycling process and the fact that they are non-biodegradable. Thus, we can say that there is no better way to dispose of a plastic bottle than to reduce and reuse it. If we can use them in crafts, it would not only save our money but also ease burden of our mother earth.

We will be able to contributing towards reducing the pressure plastic creates on the Earth. Here, we have collected a few craft ideas to reuse waste plastic bottles. So let us get started without much a do.

Plastic Bottles Recycling DIY

Make Doll House for Kids From Plastic Bottles

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The big plastic cartons are hard to dispose off. They are made from hard plastic which is coloured. This kind of plastic is harder to dispose off and cannot be recycled at times. We can make beautiful doll houses for our kids using these plastic cartons. This will give a new house to your children’s dolls and will also help you to contribute towards saving the Earth. Start with a used plastic carton.

Clean the carton thoroughly with soap and water. Dry the carton. Now start by making a cut for the door of the doll house. Make the door large enough to let the dolls in. You can also cut various windows in the doll house. Now decorate the outside of the doll house using sequins, beads, glitter, etc. You can also add stickers to the outside of the carton. You make as many doll houses from the old used cartons for your chuldren and their toys.

Broom Made From Recycled Plastic Bottle

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This is a very innovative kind of broom. This kind of a broom will help reduce the plastic waste as well as help you build a broom to clean your room. Collect all sorts of plastic bottles for this DIY activity. You will require a lot of plastic bottles to make an efficient broom. Start by cutting the bottles in half. We will require the upper half of the bottles for this DIY project. You can try to make this broom with single coloured bottles or go with different coloured bottles as well to get a colourful broom.

Now start cutting slits in the smallest bottle neck. Cut the slits in the bottle necks of all the differently sized bottles. Now join the necks on top of the other in the subsequesnt size. Make sure the joint remains tight. Add a rod or plastic tube at the top of the neck of the bottle to add a support for holding. You have a very efficient broom made out of the waste itself. You can use the other half of the bottle to plant small flowering plants or kitchen herbs.

Plastic Bottle Flowers for Decoration

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Flowers are the most beautiful natural thing in this world. It will be a really great idea to make flowers from plastic bottles. It will ensure that the plastic waste gets reduced and we get a beautiful flower to adorn our home. We will start with two different platic bottles. One bottle in white colour and the other in green. Cut the base of the white or transparent bottle.

Divide the ridges of the base of the plastic bottle. Now add a central bulb made of plastic bottle surface. Now cut thin strips from green plastic bottle. Twine these thin strips together. This forms the stalk of the flower. You can also add a leaf to the stalk.

Storage Box to Organize Home Items from Plastic Bottle

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Old, used plastic bottles make for great storage containers. Cut the bottles at different size ratios as per the storage capacity of the container you with to make. For the lower part of the bottle, you can cut a straight cylinder. Now you can make a lid for the container using a cardboard sheet. You can store various things in this cylindrical container. You can also leave the container open in order to store combs, pens etc. For the upper part you can store fairy lights, scissors etc in the upper portion of the used plastic bottle.

Container Made From Plastic Bottle

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This is a very innovative way of using the old used plastic bottles. You can use coloured bottles or even the transparent bottles. First off all cut off the base of the plastic bottle. Now choose a certain strip width and start cutting the strip off the edge. Start cutting the strip from the bottom going till the neck of the bottle. You will end up with a really long strip of plastic. Now cut many such strips before starting to weave. Start with the base of the basket.

For the base start weaving a mat of the certain size. Once you have completed the bas eof the basket, start to weave the sides of the basket. You can determine the height of the basket by controlling the amount of weaving you do. This plastic basket will end up as the multi-purpose basket in your home which can be used for keeping clothes, toys, utensils, etc.

Small Baskets From Wool and Plastic Bottle

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We can surely make some beautiful crafts using old plastic bottles and wool. To start with this DIY, take a large diameter plastic bottle. The diameter should be enough to hold the stuff you want to store in the container. Now cut the neck of the bottle. Cut the base to a height to the required height. Now get some beautiful woollen threads. Start winding these woollen threads on the plastic container surface. Keep on gluing the woollen thread as you go on winding the thread onto the plastic bottle container. You can take different coloured threads or keep on winding with a single coloured thread. You can adorn the windings with glitter or sequins after the glue between the windings gets dried.

Beautiful Home for Birds from Plastic Bottle

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Birds are very chirpy and the characters of mother nature which are very much mood lifting. Birds are the hardest hit creatures with the climate change, pollution, technological advancements, etc. We must help these little creatures to sustain. We make little bird houses using old plastic bottles to help these little creatures get some repite from rain, sun and cold. Make these sweet bird houses using the top and bottom of the used bottle. Start by cutting away the middle portion of the bottle. Now paint the top and bottom. Cut a door in the lower piece of the bottle. Attach the lower and the bottom part to each other to form a hut. Decorate this cute little bird house with paint, glitter, buttons, sequins etc. Hang this house out in the open and put some grass in it.

Grow Green Plants in Plastic Bottles

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This is a very good way to add greenery to your home without the input cost of pots. The big plastic jars or containers can be well used in growing green herbs and kitchen plants. First of all cut a large portion to make the opening for growing plants. Cut some holes at the bottom of the vontainer so that extra water can be relieved. Now put some gravel at the base and then add a thick layer of soil. On the top add a layer of compost or humus. Now start planting saplings or put some seeds in the soil. Water the DIY plastic pots everyday to ensure good growth of the plants.

Colorful Butterfly from Plastic Bottle

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This butterfly making DIY is a great project idea to realise in your free time. It will provide you with a great solution to mitigate waste as wrll as get a very beautiful adornment for your home. First of all take some printouts of some butterfly designs from the internet. Now cut similar shapes from plastic bottles. Now paint these butterfly shapes using acrylic nail paints. You can add colourful sequins or glitter to beautify these cute butterflies. You can add these butterflies to your walls, paper flowers or even table decor.

Christmas Bell from Plastic Bottle

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This is a great way to make your christmas special by saving a nick of waste by using it making christmas bells. You can easily make these christmas bells using old plastic bottles. You will require the large cola bottles for this DIY. Cut the top of the bottle below the neck as per the requirement of the size of the bottle. Now use a gold spray paint to paint the shell for the bottle inside out. Now open the bottle cap and insert a ribbon through. Tie a golden ball at the base of the red ribbon. Hang the golden ball inside the shell. Now tie the red ribbon on the top and secure it with hot glue. You can add other christmas additions to the topof the bell to enhance its beauty.

Flower Pot for Your Table Using Waste Plastic Bottle

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This is a great way to make different kinds of flower pots. Start with a used plastic bottle. Cut off the neck of the plastic bottle. This will leave you with a bottle without the bottle neck. Now make straight slits in the bottle until the half height of the bottle. Fold these strips in a backwards manner to touch the bottom piece of the bottle. Now stic the strips in this position to the base.

You can stick the strips using super glue or a glue gun. Now paint the whole surface of the bottle in a single colour. Add adornments made of plastic to finish off the pots. Make punch holes at the bottom of the pots to make sure the plants thrive in these pots. You can plant any kimds of plants of flowers in these beautiful plants.

Charging Unit From Wast Plastic

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This is a great way of utilising waste plastic and making utility items from the waste. This will make the charging process a hassle free process you will not have to pull chairs or keep the phone on the bed or fear that the phone might fall. First of all take a plastic bottle with a smooth base and not much width. Cut off the neck area of the bottle. Make a deep curvy cut at the base and cut along the line. Make a suitable sized hole for the chager to pass through the plastic container. Now keep the phone in the width pocket. And pass the charger through the upper hole and plug it in. Hope you have a great time charging your device.

Make Bottle Vase in Simple Way

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This bottle vase is a beautiful idea to realise. This makes for a great sight. This vase idea is really easy to realise. First of all cut off the neck of the bottle. Now cut thin slits till the half height of the bottle. These thin slits should be uniform in size and should be cut straight. Now going along the circular motion fold these sluts one by one in a diagonal manner, giving the structure a sleek finish. Fold all the slits inwards one by one. In the end you wil have a sleek vase with a clear body. Now pour some water in it. Now you can put flowers in your beautiful vase.

Lite Ottoman From Plastic Bottles

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This little ottoman is a great idea to be relised using d astic bottles. We always need more space to sit and relax. This DIY will create the most appropriate kimd of sitting seat for you. This ottoman will be comfortable and stylish as well as good for the environment. Start with a cardboard sheet, cut it in a big circle. Align the plastic bottles in a circular manner, tape them together. Seal the bottles together. Now place a cardboard sheet on top as well. Now cover this structure with a foam layer. If you feel more foam is required you can layer it up once more. Now cover it with some cloth. In the end give the ottoman a stylish cover. You can choose from a wide array of ottoman covers. Now you can keep this ottoman anywhere in your home.

Plastic Pot and Flowers to Decorate Your Home

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This is a great DIY project. You can make plastic pots and grow real plants in the pot or you can even make plastic pots and the attach plastic plants to it. You can make plastic plants easily by entwining thin plastic strips together. This will form the stem and stalk for the flowers. Cut circular patches for flowers. Shape the patches into petals or you can even cut flower shapes from the circular patches. Stick the two flower shaped structures together. Attach these to the stalk. You can make as many such flowers and stems for them.

Christmas Tree Using Plastic Bottles

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This tree making idea is a great project idea as well as can be used to decorate the house. Collect colourful ridges of plastic bottles. You can collect these ridges by cutting off the ridged bases. Thread the bases with the use of a needle. Tie the thread in a loop. Now make a tree model using paper mache or you can even use sticks to make a small scale tree. You can also use paper folding techniques. Now place these looped plastic bottle base flowers onto the branches of the faux tree. This way your tree will turn colourful and bright. You can showcase the udea of beuty of the waste or best out of the waste through this DIY project. If you want you can inculcate more ideas along with this. You can also make a large scale tree of such kind on Christmas eve.

Sealed Plastic Bags from Plastic Bottles

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This is a great take at sealing open packets of food. All you need to do is get some old plastic bottles and cut off their neck so that they can be capped. Now pass the plastic of the packet through the neck of the bottle. Pull the wrapper out and cap the bottle neck. This way your packet gets sealed in the rings of the plastic bottle neck. Your food will remain safe and will not turn bad easily even in humid weather. You can use this DIY to reduce waste and to ensure your food remains good.

Grow Vegetables in Plastic Bottles

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Plastic bottles are non-biodegradable and are inert to chemical attack. Thus, they make for a good choice to plant some kitchen kitchen garden in them. To start with collect some plastic bottle and cut a large portion from the sides of the bottle. Now punch holes in the diametrically opposite region. Fill up the bottle with soil, followed by some manure or humus. Now you can plant your seeds or saplings. Water the plants daily. Your seeds will sprout out soon and the plants will start to grow. This is the best way to give back to mother Earth.

Simple Plastic Bottles Decoration Idea

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We all have heard about glass, paper chandeliers but do you know you can even make reused plastic bottles chandeliers. You can easily make a chandelier out of a plastic bottle. First of all paint the middle portion of the bottle in bright colours. Once you have painted the middle portion, cut off the top of the bottle and press the middle portion outwards and cut some uniform slits in the perpendicular manner. This will give a chandelier effect to the plastic bottle. Now add a hanging rope to the sides of the chandelier. You can hang this chandelier in the doorways, halls, lobbies, balconies etc.

Bird Feeder From Plastic Bottles

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This bird feeder is a great idea to help the little birds find their food in this foodless world. Take a plastic bottle and puncture holes in it in the opposote directions. Now pllace wooden spoons in these holes. Now keep the bottle in open position and pour some bird feed into the bottle. Once partially full, close the bottle and hang it outside for the birds to have a feast. The wooden sparulas give a ground to the birds to sit and have food in peace. You can make as many plastic bottle bird feeders.

Flower with Lights from Plastic Bottles for Decoration at Diwali

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Diwali is a great occassion in India. One can celebrate Diwali in the best way by reducing waste, bursting less crackers and taking care of our mother Earth. So this Diwali let us make some recycled Diwali crafts. We will be recycling the old plastic bottles for this bright diya DIY. Start with the ridged base of a plastic bottle. Stick the bottle cap underneath the ridged body. This will form a firm base for the diya stand. Paint it and place candle in it. You can also make flowery diya stands. You will require the neck piece for the flowery diya idea. Cut the bottle from the neck side. Now cut slits in the shape and then spread the sluts out. Cut them in the shape of a petal. Paint the petals and add a candle in the middle.

Tortoise From Plastic Bottles for Kids

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You can gift yoir children this great playmate by helping them make this great toy. This is very easy to amke and safe to play with. Start with tracing a turtle on a styrofoam sheet. Cut out the turtle from the sheet. Make sure the belly of the turtle is equivalent to the size of the base of the plastic bottle base. This will ensure that they fit together well. Now put some pebbles or marbles inside the plastic bottle base. Attach the styrofoam sheet turtle on top of the plastic bottle base. Using a needle and thread sew the styrofoam base with the plastic bottle base. Secure it with a button in the middle of the plastic bottle base. To make sure the peebles or the marbles do not fa out secure the plastic bottle base to the styrofoam base with hot glue on the edges.

Plastic Bottles Gift

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Could you ever imagine that the soft drink bottle you drink from, could become a gift box? If you never did then you can see it for yourself. By turning a plastic bottle into a gift box, we can easily reduce the pressure upon the composite fills, recycling stations, etc. Start by cutting off the top from the plastic bottle. Smooth off the edges. Now take a cloth piece. Measure the circumference of the cut plastic bottle. Measure the cloth to the same size. Now fold the top hem, sew it and pass a thread or piping through it. Stick the base of the cloth to the circumference of the top of the plastic bottle. Now place the item to be gifted inside the astic container and seal the box by tying the top thread or twine.

Plastic Bottles Pencil Container

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We all love milk but what do we do with the waste milk containers. Throw them away? If you have been throwing away those milkcontainers then think again the next time you do it. You can make utility pencil holders using tjose milk containers. You can choose to cut these milk containers in two different ways. The different cuts result in different kinds of pencil holders. The first cut will help youto make sleeping pencil holders, they are great to keep stuff in the drawers. You will have to cut along  the sides of the container from the bottom side. This will give you an opening into the bottom piece of the container. The other cut type will give you a standing pencil holder. Cut the whole surface around the handle of the container. This will give you a standing pencil holder. It can be easily placed on study tables.

Plastic Bottles Wing chain

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These colurful wing chimes are colourful and beautiful, both at the same time. They will form a very integral part of your home with all their beauty and your concern towards the planet. You need some old plastic bottles, bright acrylic paint, some silver foil or silver paint and plastoc rope. Now start with cutting off some considerate size of top of the bottle.

Make a flowery pattern at the base of the top piece. Paint the plastic body with bright acrylic paint. You can choose from a wide array of paints, there can be oranges, blues, pinks, etc. Cover the tips of the flowers with silver foil or silver paint also paint the cap in silver. Now make a hole in the bottle cap to allow the plastic rope to pass through it. Know the rope at the base of each cap. Add as many plastic flowers to this hanging. You can hang these in your foorways, galleries, etc.

Plastic Bottles Light Lamp

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This is a great decorative piece made using plastic bottle bases. This will look very beautiful adorning your home. All you will need is a flower vase, some colourful old bottles, super glue, a big thermocol ball. First of all cut the base of the bottles along the ridges of the base. This will give you a flower shape with a colour gradient. Now align these beautiful flowers along the thermocol ball. Stick them tothe surface of the thermocol ball with super glue. Add this flower ball to the head of the vase. This will now be the plastic bottle DIY flower vase which stand out prettily in your home.

Plastic Bottles Earrings Holder

This earrings holder will help you to organise your stuff and also contribute to the health of the Mother Earth. You will only require the ridged bases of bottles for this DIY project. Cut off some of the bases from old bottles. Now take a metal skewer and make a hole in the middle of the bases. After you have made the hole, seal the skewer in place.

Place the largest base at the bottom and the smallest at the top. This will give a better view when you keep your earrings. The ridges help to secure the earrings in different sections. the ridges get bigger as u go down, you can keep bigger earrings in the bigger ridges sections and the smaller ones in the smaller upper sections.

We hope you liked all these carefully collected easy to Make plastic bottles DIYs. We hope you love to realise these ìdeas as well. Do leave your feedback in the comments section below. Keep smiling and keep creating crafts with K4!

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