Rainy Season Theme Classroom Decoration Ideas for School

Rainy season theme decoration! Decorate your classroom on Rainy season theme with these amazing ideas. Not only your school will look fabulous, teachers and students can start a creative journey together by working on these ideas.

Rainy season is one of the most beautiful seasons we have. It is a bountiful gift of nature to humankind. Rainy season classroom decoration ideas lead to the realization of very beautiful crafts in the school. These beautiful craft ideas can make the school look very beautiful and attractive. All the students would be very much delighted to find their school so very well decorated in a beautiful weather like this. These clouds, peacocks, raindrops inspiration art ideas will leave you students in awe of their own creative streak. The students will learn to value to value the nature and its beauty. This will give rise to a generation with an ethical outlook towards the nature and they will turn out to be responsible citizens of the nation.

So let us build a beautiful school for all our students out there. Let them enjoy the rains with these Rainy season classroom decoration ideas. These will help you create beautiful classrooms in the easiest and most colorful way.

Rainy Season Theme Decoration Ideas for School

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Rainy Day Season Classroom Decor

A door covered in rainy season decor is a must this monsoon. You can surely look forward to adding some colorful elements to the door of your classroom. This cute classroom decor idea can be used to cover up door harms or scratches as well. You can add paper umbrellas, school children, flowers, raindrops, etc to beautify the door.

Rainbow Decor Ideas

Image source / Tutorial: Craftymorning

This is a great monsoon card idea. You can use seven different colored strips to make a rainbow. Cut a big white cloud to end it up with a great great cloud decoration. Build the rainbow strips in a high rise bump on a sky blue sheet of paper then finish this craft piece with a big cloud piece at one corner and a sun at the other. You have a beautiful rainbow craft.

Faux Rain Drops Decor

This rainy day scenery is true winner. It includes every element of a rainy day. You can easily decorate a whole wall in a classroom using this creative idea. With all those raincoats and faux raindrops, it looks incredible and teaches a lot about rainy season and the precautions to be taken.

Rainy Season Classroom Decoration Crochet Ideas

Paper combined with crochet is a great idea. We can easily exhibit these cute umbrellas. These crochet umbrellas look really beautiful and will be a good idea to adorn the classrooms. It is indeed a great rainy season classroom decoration idea.

Cloud And Rain Scenery Classroom Decor Ideas

Shiny foam clouds combined with colorful raindrop hangings make for a great installation as the rainy season classroom decoration with a backdrop of a window. The drops can be made big or small depending upon the size of the backdrop. You can add lightning or birds to this beautiful art installation.

Umbrella And Faux Rain Drops Classroom Decor Ideas

Image source / Tutorial: Unknown

This is a great artwork. The old umbrella combined with a Plasticine sheet and raindrop hangings looks really great. The water puddles at the bottom are a cherry on the cake. The beautiful shiny raindrops hanging from the inside of the umbrella and on the Plasticine sheet give a surreal look of rainy season.

Paper Folding Umbrella Craft Idea

This paper umbrella is a great example of paper folding expertise. This is a great craft item. It can be made on a big scale as well. It looks so beautiful and cute. You can it hung down from doors or roof.

Rainy Season Classroom Decor In A Plate

This is a really simple rainy season classroom decoration idea. You can engage your students to decorate the classroom with this rainy season scenery in a plate. This activity is a great activity as it uses general waste to create something beautiful. It gives an insight into the natural process of rains.

Rain Drop Hangings Classroom Decor

These beautiful raindrop hangings are really beautiful and easy to make. You can combines the pastel colored rain drops with white clouds. This gives a really authentic look to the hangings. These can be hung from the roof or can be grazed down the side walls.

Paper Quilling Classroom Decor Ideas

Paper quilling is a beautiful technique. Quilling techniques can be used to realize the rainy season crafts to beautify your classroom. These quilling craft umbrellas look really cute and beautiful. You can use light and dark color combinations to make these cute umbrellas.

Umbrella And Rain Drops Classroom Decor Ideas

This cute umbrella and faux rain drops installation is a beautiful craft installation. You can install this beautiful umbrella in a corner of the classroom. It will provide the right amount of rainy season vibe to the classroom. More rainy season classroom decorations can be installed at the bottom of the faux rain drop hangings.

Rain Scenery Painting Ideas

This is a very beautiful rainy season scenery painting. It can be made on paper, canvass or even walls. It looks really incredible. You can make it at any scale and using any medium. This cute painting looks beautiful and covers the rainy season vibe in its truest sense.

Balloons And Raindrops Decor Ideas

This rainy season classroom decoration using balloons and raindrop hangings is a great idea. Even blue umbrellas are hung from the wall. It looks surreal and is a beautiful installation. You can look up to these installations for some great inspiration and ideas for this rainy season decorations.

Faux Rain Scenery Classroom Decor Ideas

This is a great art installation with clouds in the branches of a faux tree. You can make the tree using bamboo sticks or newspaper folds. The fallen leaves and rain drop hangings give it another dimension.

We hope you liked this well curated list of rainy season classroom decoration ideas. We wish you all the best for realizing these craft ideas. Do give your valuable feedback in the comments section below. You may also look up articles related to these topics on K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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