20+ Outstanding Bridal Mehndi Designs For Your Wedding Day

Weddings season is almost knocking at our doors and our ravish brides need to work on each of their enchanting looks for various occasions. It can get bustling for them to look for the perfect couture, best adornments and most important of all the best Mehndi.

Mehndi adds beauty to your personality on such occasions. It is the essential need of young ladies when they are begun to adorn themselves with cosmetics and that cosmetics can’t finish without mehndi outlines for children. With the progression of the time, these examples turn out to be more intricate and diverse particularly for bridals as well as for her sisters and friends. Beautiful Wedding mehndi comprises of delightful plans like flower, peacock, bales, flower designs and common shapes and cuts outlines with compelling delicacy.

20+ Bridal Mehndi Designs For Wedding

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You must have heard of the stereotype hooked with the wedding Mehndi that is, the darker the color of your Mehndi the more passionate will your groom’s love for you. It is one of the oldest myths and traditions in Hindu culture.

So, to help you fix on among a great list of bridal Mehndi designs for wedding day available on the internet, here’s a list of best of it from which you can fill up your bags with.

1. A Pellucid Mandala

Mandala is one of the most common designs in the Mehndi culture. It is one of the oldest, simplest and easiest designs to try. You can give it a burl on the backside of your hands too. If you are on the side of playing it solemnly and even your outfit for the wedding is modest then you can beyond a doubt pull out all the stops for this bridal Mehndi design. I also suggest wearing a light-colored Lehenga or a saree maybe sky blue, peach or grass green. Also, gussy up your hands with bangles and rings.

2. Lacy Slant Design

Made up of paisleys, swirls, flowers, and heart-shaped petals, this is yet another breeze and apparent to try Mehndi design for your wedding day. It is quite authentic and classy to look and an out of the box design. The designs and patterns participating in the Mehndi is so neat and drawn so dedicatedly that it looks overmuch intricate. As the picture bazaars, try to jewel your hands with a big mirror stone styled ring. These rings are quite a piece of cake to find in the fashion market. Wear an ascetic outfit that involves bright colors, it will heart and solely mingle with the design.

3. Half-spirals Mehndi

A highly captivating bridal Mehndi design is served on your platter this time. Isn’t it is just totally relating to the phrase, delight in detail? You will like how much the design is enumerated carefully with repeated half spirals. These spirals are substantially filled inside a mango shaped leaf but here the design is hingeing on these spirals. You need to geometrically draw the same design on both the hands such as when you join your hands it should look picturesque. Since the design is quite Indian you can go by wearing a hefty traditional outfit and bond heavy jewelry with it.

4. Best Feet Mehndi Design

It is mostly presumed that feet Mehndi is camouflaged and not taken into consideration as much as your hand design. But some ceremonies include gifting ankle bracelets to the bride and all those moments are capturable. To make it special you need to choose the best design for your feet. Here’s keeping on the table one of the best-rated Mehndi feet design among all. It cordons off a great spiral in the mid and mango-shaped leaves surrounding the spiral. The mango-shaped leaves are jammed full of swirly vines and other flowers.

5. Many-Hued Design

How do you know if a design is perfect for you? The moment your hearts say, “this is it!”. And, I’m sure your heart said it for this design at once glance. You can see a Versicolor blend of blue, purple, green and brown Mehndi design which is bold yet winsome. You can totally try this stylish design if you are choosing to wear stylish couture or any couture which is feisty or revealing. Dyad this with shiny bangles but do not overdo accessories as it will steal the designs spotlight.

6. Paradigmatic Mandala

I personally think that this classic piece of art should be voted by any bride who is going authentic and regal on their wedding day. I mean just look at the simplicity and born rich feeling this design is giving you at a single glance. The mandala art being the center of attraction of the design, this design makes the trend list of this year. You need to concentrate on the intricate patterns drawn all around the mandala and I’m sure you are going to have a lasting impression then.  Dress classy and posh and look fabulous wearing this staggering design on your hands.

7. The Paisleys Detailing

Sometimes some things are just unquestionable. You don’t question it or don’t even give a second thought to it and just go move in its direction. This is an exemplary example of what I’m saying. You beyond any doubt already chose this design if you want a typic Mehndi. This design is slightly Arabic and a little bit on the side of Indian too. Filled up with multiple paisleys, flowers, criss-cross patterns and spirals, this design is what all you wanted for your wedding. You can dress yourself up with whatever you want, there’s no bound at wearing anything established.

8. The Cryptic Band

This Bridal Mehndi feet design is mostly different from all other designs and stands out to make an impression as it comprises a band at the top portion of the feet made with intricate Mehndi patterns. The design has all the flavors needed to make a mehndi design archetypal. The design bounds the corners of your whole feet. The mid-portion is made with a mandala surrounded by paisleys and flowers. The space between the mandala and the bounds is left alone. If you really want to look complete and finished with style on your wedding day then you should surely go for this design.

9. The Great Mehndi Bangle

Your heart just missed a beat looking at this design, right? You imagined it on your hand already, am I right? With a flower at the center and spiral detailing on fingers, this design will hit the sky of the trend for you. Moving towards the wrists and hands, the whole area is captured with ultimate spirals and a bit floral design making it a lavish heavy bangle. The dots are the basic essence of the whole design. You can go fancy and heavily jeweled with the design too.

10. Paisley and Tomb Bracelet

If a bride wants to dance a Mehndi design for her wedding day in her hand but also wants to keep it outright then they can choose this wondrous beauty for sure. It covers the wrist area making it look like an adorable bracelet with paisley in one hand and a temple-like tomb in the other. The beauty of this bridal mehndi design is the definition of the paisley and the tomb. The detailing is done with dots, petals, spirals and swirly vines. In and all it will be a great pick if you want to look abstemious and absolute on your wedding day.

11. The Eye-catching Motifs

If you are looking for a Mehndi vibe that is ethnical and beauteous both at the same moment then your search has ended. The beauty of this design is the ethnic leaf present as the representative of the design and inside it, it is a fabulous artistic but modern peacock. The whole design is fashioned with the historical motif design from the Mehndi patterns. Talking about what to match with the design you can wear a printed modest lehenga and match classic respective jewelry with it.

12. Heart-shaped Mandala

Okay so here’s the real kicker for you. A heart-shaped mandala is drawn symmetrically on both the hands in an Indian style. The mandala is beautifully split into half with one part of the heart in one hand and the other part in the other. It is a full hand Mehndi design which is promising and neatly done. It consists of mango-shaped leaves, flowers, and criss-cross patterns. Peer a beautiful red saree to look outstanding. Another important adornment is to wear golden Jhumkas and jewelry.

13. Perfect Bridal Mehndi

Now I am letting you in for the most bridal Mehndi design you will surely love. Paisleys, spirals, swirly vines and checks patterns together make the whole design newfangled. Covering the area of half the palm and wrists there is a garland of flowers, spirals, and leaf. A semi-circle is bound with the whole garland and it is left empty from inside with just a tint of vines. Accessorize your hands with diamond rings and divine bracelets.

14. A Bouquet Of Roses

An over-the-moon set bridal Mehndi design is paraded before you best suited for your wedding day. You will agree with me when I will say that rose based Mehndi design will add another glint to your staring look at your wedding. Including spiral art followed by bounding those spirals with a darker pattern with henna, you can easily try this pattern. Apply a nice color of nail paint, I would suggest a hot red color as it will make you look completely bridal.

15. The Royal Jhoomar

What struck your mind looking at this engaging Mehndi design? It looks like a massive and luscious chandelier hung on your hand, right? The leaf made at the junction of your wrists and fingers decorated with flowers and ornamented with dots looks just like a chandelier also called Jhoomar in Hindi. Below the chandelier is a wonderful creeper made up of swirls, motifs, dots, and spirals. Look at the selfdom of the design, how the index finger is set asunder from the rest. Try out some basic nail arts to titivate this design more.

16. Paisleys and Flowers Design

Paisleys and flowers engraved perpetually in a slant pattern are one of the oldest designs among the Mehndi designs book. You may have often encountered the pattern many times. But I know this is one among all which you will highly endorse. It is not only made with paisleys and flowers but flawlessly decorated with curly swirls and petals too. The design is half hand but you can think of having it made on your hand with the rest of the design inspired by some other design. Wear rings in any of your fingers except your index finger. Polish a dark-colored paint to your nails too.

17. The Best Blend

How does it feel when you get everything you want at one time? At the same place? As desired? You will be mesmerized. Moreover, you will be ecstatic and confident then. While choosing a bridal Mehndi design for your wedding day you have the same expectations. I will tell you how this design matches all your expectations. First, you are a bride and you wish to have a full hand design so here it is. Second, you want it to be Indian so that your hand looks full gerua colored on your wedding day, then this is it. Third, from paisleys to flowers, chequered patterns to floral design and motifs to dots, you want your Mehndi to be typical and hence it will be. I thereby suggest you go with this blend of all the Mehndi traditional patterns in one design, one place, and a single choice.

18. Most Adoring Cuffs

The sophistication and fewer carves made in this design make it truly elegant. The band made with henna on the wrists with dots and motifs looks completely like an angelic bracelet. You can also note the dots made at the empty space left on the hand below the fingers giving a banjara taste to the design. Fill your hands with rings, bangles, and bracelets. You can also try to find the same kind of bracelet illustrated in the image looking just so regal.

19. Motifs at the Edge

Interconnected with swirls and paisleys and ornamented with closely kept dots this Mehndi design for a bride is just perfect at all costs. The design made on the fingers particularly just below the nails leaving the rest of the area empty has many perks. One among them is, your nail paint will be well-highlighted. Second, if you are planning to wear heavily jeweled rings then it will not make a hodge-podge on your hand. The strokes being bold in this mehndi design makes it look more intricate and uniquely made.

20. Most Traditional Carvings

Again, a full hand Mehndi design for brides to be worn on their wedding day. Though the Mehndi design is Indian, it has artistic patterns carved closely but neatly making it look traditional at its peak. You know what is the fun part of adding this type of Mehndi to your hand? You can hide your groom’s initials in your Mehndi and ask them to find it later. The design is completed with paisleys, swirly vines, floral, and spirals. Fingertips are traditionally shaded completely dark with henna marking the most bridal look.
Wear oxidized jewelry to give the design a Royal look.

21. The Dark Paisleys

You are looking at the last Mehndi design that has made to the top list which would be perfect for a bride to be worn on her wedding day. Last but not the least, it is a uniquely made design which can be a major treat for you if you wish to taste it. You need to focus on how artistically the Mehndi has been defined. Starting from the wrists and reaching the tips of the fingers there is a long display of dots, motifs, curly bounds, paisleys, flowers, and the netting pattern laid out on the fingers. The borders of the paisleys are also laid out with a darker tip of the cone, for that you need to cut the tip a little broader. I would say this a wondrous Mehndi design for a bridal to choose as it is a generous blend of authentic, beautiful and solemn.

20 Trending & Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs

You have gone through 20+ amazing bridal Mehndi designs for your wedding day. I really hope you girls have got some help in choosing your desired Mehndi designs and I will be glad if I will be some more help to you. Do leave a comment if you any queries.
Wrapping up the topic, I would also like to suggest to apply eucalyptus oil to your Mehndi to have a greater impact. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Thank you for visiting our website. Keep Creating with K4 Craft!

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