Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas

We absolutely love Gift’s and also want the fact that our gift outstands and shine among all the other gifts. But for that the old boring technique of yours for wrapping a gift will not work wonders for you rather something unique and interesting would definitely up rise the value of the present. You don’t need those fancy and expensive gift wrapping papers for doing so you just some unexpected elements such as a magazine or a newspaper, or use you ingenious mind and Print out some amazing patterns of different color’s to do the talking and wrap according to the occasion.

When it comes to gift wrapping finding a duct tape or sticky tape is difficult and also those sharpies which doesn’t work for some lazy pals for those we have an amazing wrapping idea called as origami ( a Japanese technique ) . In the below video’s and instructions everything is written in detail in how to do the gift wrapping in the easiest and fun way. Get on some paper and sharpie because we are about to learn eight Beautiful ideas on how to do Gift wrapping in an amazing and fun way. The out-come would definitely be a surprising one for you. Without beating around the bush let’s get started.

DIY Paper Sakura Gift Wrapping

If you have never been to japan you will never know what the work Sakura means. It is basically a season when the flowers called as cherry blossom bloom to their fullest and there will a beautiful sheet of Pink flowers all around. Cherry blossom are a symbolic flower of the renewal and fleeting nature of life. It represents the life is short but when it is lived to the fullest everything around is beautiful and there is always a chance to make bond with new people and make wonderful friends.
Here is an amazing technique by which you can represent this beautiful Sakura with your gift wrapping skills and represent the bond of love and happiness.

Materials you are going to need

  • A Box
  • Wrapping paper ( pink cherry pattern )
  • Pink tissue paper ( Also known as textured paper )
  • Brown paper
  • Scissors
  • Pink ribbon ( 3 cm wide )
  • Double sided tape


  • Before getting on note that the height of the wrapping paper should be enough to close the bottom and top, height of the box, plus enough to create a pocket
  • Fold the paper to the size of pocket from the center, turn the paper upside down
  • Bring the pocket and fold it such that it is at the center and fold 4 times
  • Unfold it and bring the second fold over the first and repeat for every step
  • By now you must have got pleats adjust this over the box as to make sure the pleats are at the left of the box
  • Now cleanly pack up the box and secure using double sided tape, for the petals take a strip of pink tissue paper and fold it in square 4 times
  • With the help of scissors cut it in the shape of petal, for the stem roll the brown paper and cut way down till the center to make strips
  • Attach this to the petals and secure it using a sticky tape, repeat for as many flowers as you want
  • Insert the Sakura on to the pockets for more secured method use a glue gun also wrap the pink ribbon around the box and done!

Kimono Styled gift wrapping idea

A style like this is best for the rectangular shaped gifts be it a book or boxes. A kimono styles gift wrap creates enough pockets on the gift such as to insert a message card or any flower. It may sound difficult but practice makes everything perfect.

Material you will need

  • Wrapping paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon for bow (optional)


  • To measure the perfect size of the gift wrap here is a technique, roll the gift five time; from left to right roll it in three times and from top to bottom two times, now you have to exact size of the wrapping paper, it’s time to grab your scissors and cut the desired amount
  • Place the box on the wrapping paper and fold it so that tit covers two third of the box
  • Fold the top edge downwards so as to get triangle’s on each side
  • Now fold like a kimono stick the last triangle using a double side tape so as to secure it tightly, seal it elegantly in the middle
  • If you want to add a cute bow then wrap one around. It’s ready!

Round Tin of Sweet’s | How to wrap a Round box

As of now we have seen how to wrap a square or rectangular box and it was fun right! But wrapping is fun until we reach an awkward shape or size of the gift. Have you ever felt very confused while packing a round tin or a sweet box? Well, everyone does a mess when this situation arises. Check out this amazing trick on how to wrap around the edible and round edge gifts, it’s very simple and easy technique and the outcome will be a well-dressed gift trust me the presentation will look pretty and cool.

Materials you will need

  • Tissue paper wrap
  • Transparent wrapping cover
  • A ribbon
  • Bow ( ready-made)
  • Pearl string
  • Scissors


  • Measure the wrapping paper and the tissue cover by placing the tin can in the middle and leaving about 15 cm gap from each side
  • Place the tissue over the transparent paper and gently in the center place the tin
  • Now as you see a chocolate wrapper, carefully lift the tissue and transparent cover together to form a bunch on the top
  • Secure this with a ribbon or a tape and place the bow at the center using a glue gun or double-sided tape
  • Finally, attach a pearl string along the bow to give it a subtle look 

How to make a Bow | DIY Wedding wrapping ideas

In the previous section I talked about a ready-made bow, let’s see how to make one. It is so simple and fun. Read along to know more.

Materials you will need

  • Wrapping paper ( pattern is optional )
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun / Fevicol
  • Clear tape


  • Take the wrapping paper and cut the paper to 13”*0.5” which will be 33 cm*1.25 cm strips
  • Cut many of them, now grab a strip and fold it in the infinity symbol and secure at the center with clear tape
  • Repeat the same step to every strip, after that take two of the folded strips and attach them at the center making a 4 petalled flower shape
  • At the center of this repeat the step above by placing all the strips together and the final show would be super-hit! try this out

Peacock style gift wrap | DIY gift wrapping

Check out this amazing peacock styles gift wrapping technique it looks so magnificent.

Materials you will need

  • Decorative paper ( blue )
  • Ribbon ( blue )
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Double sided tape


  • Wrap the square box gift cleanly using the wrapping paper and secure it with double sided tape as in a regular way
  • Take another long piece of the wrapping paper and make the accordion folds ( the one we do for hand fans )
  • Using a double sided tape attach this in the look of features on the top part of the gift using a double sided tape
  • Wrap a ribbon around and make a bow at the end of the accordion and its ready!

Pleated effect gift wrap

This technique is quite similar to the above one but here it is used for a rectangular gift such as a book.

Materials you will need

  • Wrapping paper
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (3 cm wide)


  • Pack the book in a regular way except leaving the upper part of the wrapping paper extra with this we are going to make pleats
  • Secure the bottom using a clear tape and now comes the fun part
  • Make the accordion using the left part of the wrapping paper at the top part and from the center of it wrap a ribbon around and end it tying a bow
  • Attach the accordion together like we did for the previous technique and its ready to shine!

Shirt gift wrap | DIY present wrapping idea

Let’s get into with without further A-do

Materials you will need

  • Buttons
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Glue


  • Wrap in a regular way to your gift box and secure it with clear tape
  • Roll a strip and press it to tie around in a vertical manner to give the impression of button crease
  • Cut out the shape of pocket and attach it using a glue gun or clear tape
  • Repeat the step 2 to make the collar shape on the top of the box and glue it
  • Make accordion pattern using a black paper and cut it small to secure near the collar
  • Finally, attach some buttons on the button crease and you’re done!

Wedding ruksath gift | Do it yourself

Ever wondered to use a saree or a suit box for gift packing idea? Let’s see how

Materials you will need

  • Saree box
  • Clear tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Artificial flowers
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks


  • Wrap the wrapping paper around the saree box and secure it using tape or glue
  • With the help of another box cut out a strip wide enough to be used as a handle
  • Cover it up using the same wrapping paper and seal using glue
  • From one corner to the other attach the handle and check for the balance, it should be exactly in the middle
  • On the corner of the handle decorate using the flowers

Hope you liked the article and do try out these amazing techniques! Happy crafting!!

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