Unique Floral Wedding Decor Ideas for Outdoor & Indoor

Read on for unique and creative ideas for decoration of wedding venue with flowers. You can decorate wedding tables, garden, walls, ceilings etc. with flowers. Explore floral ideas for outdoor and indoor both!

Wedding season has just begun, so there must be lots of work piling on like which Lehenga to wear, location of the wedding, or brides entrance, how many ceremonies you want to do and also what kind of decorations you want! Well these all might be important but something extremely important in this whole thing is the Floral wedding decoration ideas that needs to be discussed as it depends on the venue and also the timing of the wedding, like its a day wedding or evening wedding.

2019 is over but the wedding season has just begun.  It was all about red roses and mogras, nut now its about pastels with some accessories on it.

So we have come up with some amazing floral decor ideas for your wedding. We have kept it neutral and full of pastels and hues as this wedding season is all about class and sophistication with fun mixed to it!

Floral Wedding Decor Ideas

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1. Whimsical Peonies Decor!

Image source/ Tutorial: modwedding

This decoration is done with peonies mixed with roses. Color are extremely calm and pastel and you can use this decor stage for getting pictures clicked. Its a perfect backdrop for jaw dropping pictures of the celebrating couple! This decor looks stunning and these flowers can be used to decorate the dinner tables for the guests as well. It would look so magical with this decor. This Floral Decorating is apt for day weddings.

2. Amazing Centerpiece for the Wedding Tables

Image source/ Tutorial: bridesupnorth

This decoration of roses with some side flowers in a lantern lamp looks exquisite. It can make an amazing centerpiece for the wedding tables. Tables can’t look boring and dull, why not make it magical and beautiful with the lantern lamp stuffed with flowers. This kind of decoration is not only cheap but can really add up to the decor of the wedding.

3. Photo Booth Ideas!

Image source/ Tutorial: fairynuffflowers

These frames cornered with bunch of floral decorations can be used as a wedding photo booth. Its. perfect frame for anyone who wants to get clicked with some nice decors. You can place it on the sides of the stage and get clicked there.  It is a perfect photo shoot idea.

4.  Balloon Decor!

Image source/ Tutorial: greenweddingshoes

For small ceremonies you can always decorate balloons with the flowers giving the decor some modern look. This is just a small piece of decor that can add to your over all wedding decoration. We all know, its all in the details, that makes the weddings so special.

5. Hanging Flowers!

Image source/ Tutorial: midwestliving

Hang the flowers to the trees if your wedding location is an open space. Hang the flowers with some base of jars with little lights in them. Giving a chandelier look with flowers. It will look gorgeous when those lights will turn on .

6. Chandeliers With Flowers All Over!

Image source/ Tutorial: theknot

Well you can hang actual chandeliers on the entrance of the wedding venue. the lighting will be beautiful and the flower details in the chandelier will be icing on the top!

7. Backdrop

Image source/ Tutorial: hellomay

You can make this floral arrangement as a backdrop for the pictures . This doesn’t mean you can have only one small piece of it. You can simply design the sides of the entrance like this. It is easy to make . Less flowers, but beautiful creation.

8. Jazz Up The Liquor!

Image source/ Tutorial: rootedinthyme

Weddings are incomplete without liquor. So why not to serve them in style. That ways it’s not boring and everyone get to taste the exotic way of serving in style. I keep saying “its in details” so that your whole decoration altogether looks marvelous. It is very important to have theme and then decorate accordingly.

9. Idea For Beach Wedding Decor!

Image source/ Tutorial: ruffledblog

This kind of decoration can be done out in open, mostly for beach weddings, well there is no compulsion of beach wedding but it will look great there. You can do it for any kind of location. It can be a side piece to the centerpieces on the table.

10. Color theme?

Image source/ Tutorial: wantthatwedding

If you have a color theme of blue, then this is one way to start up the decoration. Lots of blue and mix it up with pink and white. It can look good near the bar or it can also make an excellent photo booth as someone can stand near it to pose and the pictures can turn out more beautiful. Put flowers that are not out of your budget. That ways it will do cost controlling but you will not be compromising with the decor.

11. Trendy Sign!

Image source/ Tutorial: weddingwire

This is perfect sign for the. entry to the wedding. Welcoming guests with something like this is so understated and welcoming. This sign somehow shows lots of warmth and love!

12. Wreaths!

Image source/ Tutorial: oncewed

Well if you have a church wedding then why not go with wreaths. They look gorgeous and with a church wedding these kinds of decor pieces looks mesmerizing.

13. The Pictures In Circular Flower Arrangement

Image source/ Tutorial: stylemepretty

If you want to share your moments with everyone then why not try the pictures. A circle of memories is a great idea to show people what you are and what you represent. You can hang it up with some floral arrangements and it will look delicate and beautiful. You can also use it as a prop just like in the picture bride is holding this circle of memories. We are sure, you will get an excellent shot as well.

14. Hanging Lantern!

Image source/ Tutorial: theknot

Lanterns makes the atmosphere so romantic. So why not try them out for your wedding. Decorate it with bunch of flowers on the top. Hang them all over the place. Minimal kind of decoration for a small, intimate wedding. Just the way you like! It is a set up that can be used in reception decorations.

15. How Can You Miss The Cake?

Image source/ Tutorial: weddingchicks

These days couple cuts the cake in order to celebrate their wedding day and makes the memories even more sweet. So cakes are also been decorated with flowers which are edible. It looks gorgeous and will look even more amazing in such a floral decor setting that you got done for your wedding.

16. Flowers To The Rescue

Image source/Tutorial: brit

It can be decorated and used as a stage. It is perfect setup for the bride and grooms to sit. It’s not too much and also its not under done as well. It seems pleasing to try once. This can be back drop for the wedding receptions.

17. Strings Of Flowers!

Image source/Tutorial: ruffledblog

Just let the flowers hang around tied up in threads and ropes. Let them hang where ever you like. It’s not hard to do, and also if it is garden wedding then this kind of decoration will completely go with the venue. It is a creative way to get a floral back drop which will also help you in cost control.

18. Mehendi Decor!

Image source/Tutorial: designlovefest

These flowers are so vibrant and colorful that they would look lovely for a mehendi ceremony decor! You can also use these kinds of flowers for your wedding decorations as well. If you like it all traditional setup then theses flowers are go to choice.

19. Floral Backdrop!

Image source/Tutorial: bajanwed

An elegant backdrop to conduct the ceremony. It can be a christian wedding where in this backdrop they can exchange their vows, or it can be used as a backdrop for exchanging rings between the couple. Such beautiful and colorful flowers with the green base looks exquisite. Use the natural beauty around you to complete this decor.

20. Wall Of Flower!

Image source/Tutorial: mydomaine

As the picture speaks for itself, Its a wall covered with flowers on it. Different colors, different sized. Its a modern style and looks very romantic backdrop setting for the couples to get clicked in those beautiful outfits they were wearing.

21. Romacing!

Image source/Tutorial: freepeople

Such a jaw dropping, exquisite floral setting with some lightnings on it will make a perfect backdrop. It looks so romantic and with the dim lights this will look so good. Use a color combination of flowers and then place them appropriately for a impact decor.

22. Bottles Of Flower!

Image source/Tutorial: stylemepretty

This is unique floral design that would look uber cool in your wedding functions decors.They look so simple and still they can add so much to the over all decor. if its an out door wedding , try this decoration and click pictures and tag us!

23. Let Them Hang!

Image source/Tutorial: junebugweddings

Just like in the picture, hang it in outdoor venue and use the natural beauty like trees , branches or woods to make it look subtle and give a real like look! Not many people want to try out such kind of decor, but it looks really good if done appropriately!

24. Quirky Photo Booth!

Image source/Tutorial: greenweddingshoes

It Is a quirky setup for a photo booth. With a table full of candles and flowers and a backdrop of threads, looms with flowers over it. It is a very crafty and vintage setting. Just imagine to get clicked with this back drop , and then maybe you are ready to do it for your wedding as well.

Flowers are of great importance when it comes to wedding decorations. They are extremely useful to make the whole setting look vivacious, lively and exquisite. So instead of always choosing the regular decorations, try out something new, Create crafty photo booths, Jazz up the bar and have a floral passage to walk on , a great backdrop to get clicked.

K4 Craft is trying their best to come up with some very interesting ideas around the wedding concept. Look at them and try to apply it. Maybe it is meant for you only.

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