Family Memory Keepsake Ideas – Box, Yearbooks & More

We are sharing with you some great ideas to help your family keep your memories and keepsakes organized so you can look back and remember them for years to come. It will help you to create a unique keepsake memory box.

Family Memory Keepsake Ideas

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1. Memory Jar

image source/tutorial: Makeanddocrew

Here is an idea you can do all year long. Create a memory jar and write on a piece of paper if any day that a special event or something big happens and put it in the jar. And at the end of the year, read all the memories that are in the jar.

If you have always been quit a journal, but since having kids, some of those more time consuming daily intentions have been replaced by other daily rituals like keeping your kids alive. Still, there’s something you really miss about how flipping back through a journal can trigger memories that have long since been forgotten.

A former creative director you worked with used to call this “life within the cracks.” Is the little things that comprise your days, months and years that often just dissolve from your memories in favor of the big, broad strokes. The way you and your husband became obsessed with eating a midnight snack every night for a month straight.

So, plan to keep a memory jar and fill it with the details that matter to you. You have to start with an empty jar and over the coming months, you will load it up with memories.

2. Travel Keepsake Boxes

image source/tutorial: Marthastewart

Create memory boxes for each country or state which you travel to with special items from the trip inside. So that you can see your trip’s memory any time, whenever you want to see or want to show the memories to anyone.

3. DIY Memory Box

image source/tutorial: modernparentsmessykids

Create a memory box and write down anything that happened on each day year after year using index cards. You can place photos in the box to truly remember those special events. There’s little to no prep to get started. And it’s super quick & easy to make memory box because all it takes 90 seconds or less to print out a photo or write down a sentence on the index cards that are there waiting at your finger tips each day. And it’s a long-term project that shows off how much your family has grown year after year (The point here is to keep this box for years) decades even. And there is no pressure because while this system easily lends itself to being used daily, it doesn’t have to be. If nothing special happened that day and no adorable photos were taken, no problem or maybe something worthy of being recorded will happen on this day next year. Now, don’t make a card for this date yet and move on.

4. Family Yearbooks

image source/tutorial: eighteen25

In the age of digital photography, many photos aren’t printed out and they just sit in a file on your computer. Then why not make yearly family yearbooks to get those memories printed and bound in a book to look through year and year.

Mostly, most of the books are from your personal blog. You can do both the Blog to Book option and the text and photos option. You can use the text and photos layout and just working on one page at a time. You open the photos from your computer and copy and paste the text from your blog right into your book.

5. Keepsake Baby Memory Box

image source/tutorial: thislittlestreet

Here is an idea on how to create a memory keepsake box for the baby to remember all those big milestones related to baby.

It was so much fun to make that you are now planning on making one for each of your baby to keep all of these tiny baby things that you can’t quite let go of. Favorite doll, book, and little clothes you made for them. You can also add an envelope so that you could easily store their first drawings, photographs etc.

6. Organize Kid’s School Papers

image source/tutorial: iheartplanners

In school, having children also means a mound of papers that they bring home from tests to report cards to art work and what exactly do you do with it all, is important. Here is a great filing system or an idea to get all of those paper organized and to make it easy for your child to look back at their hard work each year.

Begin the process by creating a set of guidelines you’ll use each year to decide what to keep. Here’s what you can decide are “Keepers” for your family: Art work, Certificates of achievement, Poems (short stories), Special projects, Programs from school events (concerts, plays etc.), Assignments that reflect each child’s interests during that school year. To keep the volume of your school memorabilia in check, you have to commit to saving only as much as can fit into one designated storage container that you choose.

You and your child are the only ones who can decide for the long term, what papers hold enough significance to justify saving them. Keep in mind though that your kids will be better able to enjoy going through their school memorabilia if you’ve whittled it down to a manageable collection that represents their most treasured memories and proudest accomplishments for each year.

7. Memory Box

image source/tutorial: brantchristianliving

This is an easy way to keep kids school papers organized without the crazy piles and preserved for years to come in one central place. One easily organized, central location for your children’s artwork and one file folder for each child’s school year from toddler to 12th grade. You have to record fun facts about your child at that age on the front of each year’s folder. And easily store small memorabilia (awards, ribbons, memory books) all in one place with artwork and papers. And papers are organized as they come into your house. No big pile of papers to sort. And no more losing awards, artwork or other special papers. And create a customized precious keepsake for your child’s entire school experience. Once it’s assembled, it’s done then, no need to make a new binder or scrapbook each year.

8. Organize School Work

image source/tutorial: Lindsey’s Sweet World

And here again is another similar idea. You definitely need to make one of these for each of your girls.

The never ending trail of school papers can be such a nightmare. If you are a sentimental person, then it’s even worse, because you have a hard time letting things go.

You have looked high and low for a system that actually works for storing papers that the kids bring home from school, and you just didn’t love anything that you tried. For a while, you stored them loose in boxes, and then for the last couple of years you have been storing them in random files in your file cabinet in your office. However, the school papers took up so much space that you no longer had room for your regular files (taxes, bills, etc.) so you have to going to find a better way to do it.

Now you have wonderful ideas for family memory keepsake which are very simple and less time consuming that you can use and feel happy.

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