DIY String Art Ideas For Home Decoration

DIY String Art Projects & Ideas for interior decoration of your home. Give a personalized touch with these creative string crafts!

String art is very popular and it is a great way to express your creativity. You have seen some of the beautiful string art projects. Mostly we have seen everything from super detailed string art to more simple string art, and all of them are beautiful. Here we have some DIY string art ideas for home decoration.

DIY String Art Ideas For Home Decor

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Mason Jar String Art

Image source / Tutorial: Dear paradise

If you love string art and mason jars, then Mason Jar String Art is inevitable. It’s fun and since it’s not a filled-in string art, it goes pretty fast, you’ll have yours done in no time. Hard crafts are definitely not our thing. So you can pick a very basic kind of shape and then figure out the easiest possible way to make it. The best part is you are here to pass what you learned. The Mason jar string art is so easy.

In a craft party, it is the easiest possible way to make this project. We have a simple way to help you to create this Mason jar string art. It is a fun craft and you can create simple or elaborate pieces of art once you learn the technique. You will enjoy it so much. The first step is to gather your supplies, you may already have a lot of these things around your house (for what you don’t already have, you can get the majority of them on Amazon).

Family Room String Art

Image source / Tutorial: Jen loveskev

If you want to make an updated version in your new house then picked a font and traced the letters off your computer.

To enlarge the letters on the wall, don’t trace exactly but use it as a guide. Use a level to make sure everything will line up right and make some adjustments. If you want, you can also free hand the letters. That is how you can make the first version at the apartment.

There is no right or wrong as to where you nail, especially if you are just going to be wrapping the yarn all over the place instead a particular pattern. The more nails you use the more options you’ll have to create patterns with the yarn for your home.

Joy String Art

Image source / Tutorial: Dear mckenzie

We all have seen the string art craze, to celebrate the season craft an unique piece of string art. Book a party and celebrate with some of your friends and family members. JOY string art craft is an unique piece of string art to celebrate the season. We provide the pattern so that you can easily make the joy string art. Book a party today and celebrate with some of your friends with joy string art.

World Map String Art

Image source / Tutorial: The Coffee cafe

If you are a world traveler or just got your passport, this gorgeous world map with its intricate string art is the perfect addition to any eclectic living space.

Make easy map with wood, vinyl, paper, frame and motet the right piece of art to go over my living room couch. If you are finding the right piece of art to go over your living room couch and you wanted to do something a little more creative than just put pictures in the frame. Then you can come across string art. You can decide to try your hand to make your own version.

String art is comeback now. Few simple twists in string art can make the wall art completely custom to you and your life and style.

State Love String Art

Image source / Tutorial: Cause i like food

This sign come with a sawtooth hanger on the back for easy hanging. State string color is black, and designated cities are in white. If you like different two states, two hearts, one love, this 11×15 board can be customize with choice of states, cities (hearts) and script if desired.

Negative Space Name String Art

Image source / Tutorial: Ladams Lane

Designs that implement to use of negative space can be found to abstract artworks. And negative space is the area around an object that defines it. Whenever the average person draw an image, then they are likely to pay attention to the positive space exclusively. The result of which are objects, shapes, and images being filled in to complete the picture while the space around it is left blank. But negative space design does just the opposite. Focus on the area around the subject rather than filling in a shape with the desired color, negative space designs. The artist fills in the space surrounding the subject using the outline of the image as a border. And the interior of the subject is left blank as the surface tells the story of the image. This method is very efficient when completed correctly.

The fun signs can be make for your home using various materials to create.

Geometric Heart String Art

Image source / Tutorial:Le idee della vale

Sometimes it’s hard to find something to make that can be fun and work with multiple personalities. From all the crafty things, you have to try string art. It is pretty forgiving and you can customize it to match any color or style whatever you want. Green Wedding Shoes designs for weddings, and as part of the design process they are often called upon to come up with unique wedding decor ideas so this string art heart is one of those decor projects. It would also look good on a bedroom wall.

Sunburst Mirror String Art

Image source / Tutorial:Country living

String art has always been a popular craft. You can create a fun and unique piece of art for your home with few materials.

If you’re looking to have some fun, or make budget friendly gifts then try to make string art.

String art is one of top craft project idea for teens, as it is colorful, creative and fun to make. It is inexpensive, easy and unique. This Sunburst Sting Art Craft is fun DIY design or gift idea that you can make it at home. You need some small nails, a hammer, a board and string. If you don’t want to make the sun, you can customize the pattern or shape with anything that you choose.

Air Plant String Art

Image source / Tutorial: Brit+Co

Air plants have ethereal quality about them. They are unlike other plants because they don’t need to be rooted in soil. And they can hang in the air freely. The ability of there to live without soil makes them perfect for creative decor and art. If you want to add these fun plants to your decor then consider creating DIY air plant string art.

To make string art, you just need to create the design of your choice using nails and string on a frame (or wood plaque). Once you have your desired string design, beautify the string with air plants to create a unique and fun piece of living art.

You can combine two of your favorite things– air plants and string art to create one amazing project. In this project, it requires low maintenance and makes a great handmade gift.

There are so many fun and activities like nature walks, drawing animals and their habitats, recycle sorting games and more. Who loves plants, can get the opportunity to create a plant related project to brighten up. And it combines string art with fun air plants to create a unique living decor piece. It is good to see that the houseplant trend is still going strong. And the way that plants can bring life and cheer to a living space is feels loving. If there’s ever a space in your home that feels like it needs a boost, plants are an easy, budget-friendly option.

Now you have wonderful ideas for string art like joy string art, family room string art, world map string art, state love string art, negative space name string art, geometric heart string art, mason jar string art etc., which are very simple and less time consuming that you can use and feel happy.

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