17 Amazing Ideas That Turn Old Wine Bottles Into Adorable Crafts

Repurpose Old wine bottles crafts! Amazing Ideas That Turn Old Empty Wine Bottles Into Adorable Crafts for Home Decoration. Plus tutorials!

Wine is a lip smacking delicacy which is revered by one and all. Wine bottles are made of glassy and after one consumes the flavoury liquid, the bottles need to be disposed off. We can make out beautiful crafts from these glass bottles. These beautiful crafts help us to extract the complete beauty of wine and the wine bottles. This way we have an urge to save and secure more bottles rather than throwing them in the waste bin.

Old Wine Bottles Crafts for Home Decor

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Wine bottle vases

Image source / Tutorial: Saved By Love Creations

Take a wooden board and fix the clamps on the wooden board. Provide the back of the wooden base a backing to adhere with the wall. Now take three wine bottles. Fill the 1/4 parts of the wine bottle with water. Clamp the bottles on the wooden base. Now take some fresh flowers with a long stalk. Place the stalks in the wine bottles. The stalks must be immersed in water. This way the flowers will remain fresh for a longer period of time.

Yarn vase DIY

Image source / Tutorial: aur0re

Take some solid yarn and use it to cover an old wine bottle. Start from the neck of the wine bottle. Glue each round of the yarn to the glass bottle. Add a piece of lace or sequins in the middle to add a quirk to the yarn bottle. This will increase the beauty of the yarn bottle. This yarn bottle can be used as a vase or as a simple showpiece.

Wine bottle lamps

Image source / Tutorial: DIY Network

This is a very innovative lamp making DIY. First of all use a bottle cutter to cut off the neck of the wine bottle. After you have a clean edge on the cut portion of the wine bottle. Now use wires to suspend the neck portion of the bottle. Seal the head with the cork and apply the lighting mechanism. Now you have a beautiful lighting solution to your home.

Wine bottle pots

Image source / Tutorial: Homesthetics

This is a very sweet gesture to the mother nature. First of all use a glass cutter to form a longitudinal cavity in the bottle. This will become the plants pit for the pot. Cork the bottle. Place some gravel and then the moist soil. Now plant your small plants in the pot. Sprinkle some water everyday in the wine bottle pot.

Wine bottle light chandelier

Image source / Tutorial: ModPodge Rocks

This is a very colourful and unique DIY.  We will be using colourful mod podge for the DIY. Cut the upper portion of the wine bottle. Now fill the inside of the wine bottle with colourful mod podge. Let the mod podge dry overnight. Once it dries up hang it with a support and hang light bulbs inside the wine bottles.

Photo frame craft

Image source / Tutorial: Mallory Weise

First of all stick a photograph on the wine bottle. Fill the area surrounding the wine bottle with shiny rhinestones. Cover the top of the wine bottle with red foil. Cover the whole bottle with rhinestones. Ut looks very beautiful and is surely worthy of a centrepiece.

Fern vase

Image source / Tutorial: Cleverly Inspired

This is a Christmas decòr vase. First of all give the wine bottle a coat of the white colour. You can either use glass paints or spray paints. Now add thermocol dust to make the snow at the surface of the bottle. Now add silver ferns and leaves to the vase. It would be a beautiful add-on to your white Christmas decòr.

Yarn Vase

Image source / Tutorial: La Crema

Take beautiful yarns and cover the wine bottle with the yarn from top to the bottom. Loop the yarn close after every loop. At the end you get a beautiful yarn vase. You can paint the yarn in the end if you want to give a paint finish look to it.

Glow in the dark DIY

Image source / Tutorial: wikiHow

This is a very sweet and novel DIY idea. One must surely try this out and consider it a very good lighting substitute for the slumber parties. First of all start by removing the sticker and cleaning the wine bottle. Now choose a point to drill into the glass bottle. Form a water reservoir over the chosen area. Do not force the drilling machine while trying to drill through. Sand the drilled hole. Now push the lights through the hole. End with a rubber seal.

Twine wrapped wine bottle

Image source / Tutorial: Juggling Act Mama

This is a very beautiful twine draped wine bottle vase. You can also make cloth flowers. Once you start looping the twine, start by securing the top. Add flowers in the middle of the bottle. Now complete the look by further winding the twine till the base.

Wine bottle bird food keeper

Image source / Tutorial: The Garden-Roof Coop

First of all drill four holes at the bottom of the wine bottle after removing the sticker and cleaning the bottle. After drilling the holes sand the drill holes. Now use epoxy to stick a saucer or plate at the bottom of the wine bottle. Hang the bottle using a copper wire or a hinged cork top of the wine.

DIY bottle upcycle idea for decor

Image source / Tutorial: Recycle Daw BLog

You can make beautiful hangings using coloured wine bottles. You can either use colourful wine bottles or colour plain white wine bottles using coloured mod podge. Cut the wine bottles in cranky shapes. Add wires and hangings to the wine bottles.

Jute creations

Image source / Tutorial: glitterglueandpaint

These jute based wine bottles DIY are really adorable. Add jute pieces to the already painted bottles. Add lace flowers to beautify these jute based wine bottle vases.

Dining table using wine bottles

Image source / Tutorial: instructables

This is truly a very innovative idea. Making a table out of wine bottles. First of all draft the shape of a table on a wooden plank. Now cut the wooden piece. Sand the edges of the plank. Use old used wine bottles as the legs of the table. Before gluing the bottles to the base remove their stickers and clean them. This becomes a sweet dining table for candle light dinners.

Candle holders

Image source / Tutorial: Lovely Greens

This is a sweet warm DIY. Cut the wine bottle to an optimum height. Now add paints or glitter on the surface. Glue down a wick in the centre. Add molten wax in the wine bottle shape. This is a very sweet gift to be given to near and dear ones.

Party decorations

Image source / Tutorial: Vickybarone

Remove the stickers from the wine bottles. Clean the surface. Now spray paint the wine bottles using rose hold spray paint. Add frills and buntings to the decòr. Now top the bottles with ‘New Year’ or the year number. This is a very sweet way of wishing a ‘Happy New Year’.

Wine bottle tiki torches

This is a very nice idea for beach evenings and barbecue weekends. These tiki torches add the much required flare to the dining. Add glassy pebbles to the base of the clear wine bottles. Add tiki torch fuel to the wine bottle. Place tiki torch wick on the lid. This completes the tiki torch.

Image source / Tutorial: Arm Chair Sommelier

Hope you like all these DIYs. We wish you luck on trying these. Be careful while drilling the wine bottles. We will come up with more such content. Do give your valuable feedback in the comments section below. You may check out other related articles at K4 Craft. We would soon come up with more such related articles for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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