Easy Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids To Make

Read on to discover easy mother’s day craft ideas for kids. Kids can express their love for mother by making creative handmade gifts and celebrate motherhood!

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to please your mother. The day’s preparation makes your mother feel special for all the efforts she put in to make your life great and easy. Our mothers are our best supporters and critics. They guide us through the best and help us strive for the best. The relationship between a child and a mother is the greatest relationship out of all. The love and the care a mother shows for its child is beyond measure. As a child you can show your gratitude and love for your mother through lovely gestures on such special days.

Easy Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids

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Homemade Felt Flowers for Mother

Image source / Tutorial: Homemade Felt Flowers

These homemade felt flowers are a great way to express your love for your mother. You can start with a flat felt base. The base can be either in a circular shape or a sturdy and big flower. Now start layering the flower. You can different colored felt paper shapes. You can also add glitter, buttons, ribbons to the felt flower. Attach it to a green straw which acts as the stalk of the felt flower. Add a ribbon bow at the base of the felt flower, on the green stalk.

Easy To Make Mother’s Day Card

Image source / Tutorial: Love You to Pieces

This is an easy to make Mother’s Day Card. Even small children can make this beautiful card. First of all take a card sheet and fold it twice to make a three fold card. Now tear some colorful napkin. Add some to the front of the card. Now write your quote or address your mom in the beginning. In the second part, add a colored sheet rectangle. You can show your live in the second flap of the card. On the third flap, make a heart with a black marker. Fill the heart with napkin bits.

This photograph Mother’s Day Card

Image source / Tutorial: Flower Craft

This is a very beautiful Mother’s Day card. This is an easy to make Mother’s Day card. Collect some colorful foam sheets. Now cut a flower out of the colorful foam sheet. Stick your photograph in the middle of the flower. Now make an earthen pot to add to the bottom of the flower. You can write your lovely message for your mother on the brown pot. This will show your love and care for your mother.

Easy To Make A Flower Pot Message Card

Image source / Tutorial: Handprint Flower Pot

This is very easy Mother’s Day card. First of all choose the brown colored paper to make the pots. Cut two similar pots. Stick the top brim of the two pots together. Now stick one pot to the main sheet. Leave the upper pot open. Now write a message on the lower pot shape. You can write about how important she is for you and how much you love her. Now take a light green sheet and trace your hand on it. Cut out the shape. Paste this hand shape on top of the pot. Add small colorful tops on the finger ends of the green sheet. Add sequins in the middle of the flowers. Now you can gift this creative card to your mother.

Beautiful Butterfly Key chains

Image source / Tutorial: Footprint Keychains

These are the best gifts your toddlers can give you. This DIY project is so much easy to realize. You need to get a microwavable Plasticine. Now get your toddler’s footprints on the sheet. Strategically place the feet so as to form the wings of the butterfly. Draw the body of the butterfly and add the antennas to complete the look. Now microwave it. Once it is finalized, pass a key ring through the butterfly.

Flower Greetings

Image source / Tutorial: Cupcake Liner Picture Flower

This cupcake liner picture flower is the perfect gift for mother’s Day. First of all use a cement mix to make the small pot for the flower. Paint the small pot in beautiful colors. Now place a cupcake liner inside the small pot. Fill the cupcake liner with candies. Now start with making the flower. Use a cupcake liner as the center of the flower. Paste the child’s picture in the middle. Now cut out a big flower from a colored sheet. Paste the cupcake liner with the photograph in the middle of the flower. Attach a colorful straw to the back of the flower. Now make the flower stand by placing the end of the straw in the pot. This cupcake liner picture card looks fabulous.

Plastic Spoon Flowers

Image source / Tutorial: Plastic Spoon Flowers

These colorful plastic spoons flowers are really beautiful and they are super easy to make. First of all collect some colored plastic spoons. Now cut their stems from about the middle. Now join three spoons together with a pipe cleaner in the middle. Cover the stems with green sheet of paper. Now add green pipe cleaner on the sides as the representation of the leaves. Now take small transparent glasses and fill them up with saw dust. Secure the flowers in these transparent saw dust filled pots.

Helping Card

Image source / Tutorial: Flower Coupons

This card is a very innovative idea for the Mother’s Day Card. First of all make a pot out of the brown sheet. Now using colorful sheets, cut out different flowers or clouds. Now add the message on the pot. The message can go by, “pick a color and i will do that chore today”. Now write done different chores you can complete on your own in the different flowers. Your mother will love to get some help this Mother’s Day. You can surely gift her this beautiful and easy to make card.

Teapot Poem Card

Image source / Tutorial: Tea Pot Poem

This is a very cute Mother’s day card. If your mother is a tea lover you should surely go for this type of card. Take a colored sheet and stencil a teapot on it. Cut the teapot out. Now make different colored hearts or stamp cute figures on the teapot. Now write a loving poem for your mother and stick the poem in the middle of the teapot. You can also add a teabag to the present. This will be a great Mother’s Day gift idea.

Cards Using Ribbons

Image source / Tutorial: Cards using ribbon

This is a very different kind of card making technique. First of all fold a card. Now cut a big heart shape out of the front portion. Start aligning different colored ribbons on the second flap. Stick the ribbons in their place. You can either leave gaps or choose not to leave any gaps in between. You can also use washi tape in place of the ribbons as they are easier to secure. Now close the flap and stick it to the second flap. Your colorful and filled heart is ready to be presented.

Heart Necklace

Image source / Tutorial: Thumbprint Heart Pendant

This is a very beautiful craft idea. Your mother will surely love this. First of all roll out some setting clay. Make a small ball and then flatten it out using your thumbs. Your thumbs will form an impression and give the ball a heart shape. Use a toothpick to make a hole at the middle of the heart. Now microwave it to set it. After the shape is set, paint it. Now you can string the hearts into a necklace. This would look great on your mother.


Image source / Tutorial: Watercolor Vase

Your mother will surely love a hand painted picture. The picture can vary according to your ability, thinking, creativity, skill and dedication. You can start with a basic flower pot. It is easy to be made. Use a light pencil to sketch the boundaries of the pot, the flowers and the leaves. Now using water colors or pencil colors start filling in the desired colors. You can choose the flower shape and color on your own. You can also frame the picture using colored tape or black tape. You can also add a message for your mother on the top. This will personalize your painting for the occasion.

We hope you liked our keenly curated list of Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids. All these presents and cards are easy to make and require little parental observation. We will come up with more such content. Do leave your useful feedback in the comments section below. You may check out other related articles at K4 Craft. We would soon come up with more such related articles for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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