DIY: Nail Polish Painted Cell Phone Case (Tutorial)

Hello and welcome beautiful girls, I’m just like you, and do not like spends a lot of money to have produced a simple piece of jewelry, or embellish the room. You do not need a big budget or tools hill, just a little skill and a nice thing in the world. First we provide instructions on how really simple but trendy painted cell phone case that easily matches with your closet.

You also have at home nail polish that does not use? I know them, I have a pretty decent amount of my collection, and missing even black. It is this coat today introduces starring in the production of black-and-white painted cover on the phone. A process that will properly smelly and can be done on a bit dirty, but I believe that the result is worth it.

Required Material:

  • Cover the phone
  • White acrylic paint
  • Flat brush
  • Baking paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Plastic bottle
  • Black nail polish
  • Toothpick
  • Kitchen towel
  • Remover
  • Cotton bud / swab
  • Matt lacquer finishing

Note: Housing, which I had at home was translucent, so I put it first had to recolor white. However, if you buy this project for the new packaging, feel free to buy straight white.You save a little work.

Step-1: The rear of the container (from the inside) is applied onto white. Leave it to dry and, if necessary over coated. A final lick of paint color paint.

Step-2: Taped edge of the sleeve with decorative adhesive tape in order to protect them from staining. My Painter’s tape was unnecessarily broad, so I Cut it in half. When die cutting a larger piece of tape, chew you first stuck to the baking paper, so I started to curl strips and glue each other.

Step-3: The container impregnated with hot water. Then we pour out into it a drop of black paint and wait until it bleeds (in forming the spots we can help even a toothpick). Packaging, are laid on the surface and immediately withdraw. Excess paint on the covers removed and the surface gently wipe with a kitchen towel. This step is repeated until we are satisfied with the design.

Step-4: Painting the tape removed and allowed to dry housing. Accidentally dyed we clean the area with nail polish remover. Finally sleeve rubbed matte.

To see the detailed procedure, watch video:

Source: Emily

Hope you like this tutorial.

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