100+ Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Mothers are the most important entities in a child’s life. We as children learn our first life’s lessons from our home. At home our mother is our teacher. We all love our mothers beyond measure. Mother’s Day is an important occasion when one can show one’s gratitude towards our mothers. The mothers who went great lengths to help us be what we are today surely deserve this show of love and compassion. Mother’s Day has its importance in the way that it helps us to let our mothers know how we feel about them. This show of love and gratitude fills up our mothers with vigour and enthusiasm.

Easy to make Mother’s Day crafts

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Toffee bouquet for mother’s day

Image source / Tutorial: Tikkido

Toffees are loved by mothers and children alike. So why not gift then a toffee bouquet. This toffee bouquet is easy to make. All you need to do is to find some small sized toffees, those sold in retail packing as single pieces or those sold in packets containing single pieces covered in wrapper will do. Now make large enough paper flowers and stick the toffees as petals to the paper flowers. Join these toffee flowers to the stalk having paper leaves. You can place these flower sticks in a hand painted mason jar. The hand painted mason jars make for worthy vases.

Beautiful Mother’s day crafts for kids

Image source / Tutorial: The Pinning Mama

This is a really beautiful and easy to make candle jar for Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids. You can take an old mason jar for the purpose. To start with melt some wax and add different colours to different cups of wax. Now pour the wax one by one. Make sure the previous layer has solidified a bit before you pour the next layer.

Photograph jar for Mother’s day

Image source / Tutorial: Catch My Party

This is a beautiful flower vase  Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids. This easy to make vase requires a mason jar along with a stick in wallpaper which can be stuck inside the mason jar. You can stick your own photograph along with your mother’s inside the mason jar to give it a personal touch. You can add faux flowers to add a floral touch.

woolen flowers as Mother’s Day gift

Image source / Tutorial: Bren Did

These beautiful yarn flowers are a great way to impress your mother with your creativity. You can make these beautiful flowers just the same way you make tassels. Bind the flowers at the base and add a green stalk to the base of the colourful flowers. These flowers look great when presented as a bouquet.

Beautiful hand jewellery cases for Mother’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: My Creative Days

This is a beautiful jewelry keeping tray. You can make this tray using molding clay which can be baked. First of all roll out the clay into a semi-thin layer. Now imprint your hands on the clay. Cut along the lines. Bend the structure a bit inwards to make it looks like a tray and bake it as per the instructions on the packaging. Your hand tray is ready.

Succulents as Mother’s Day gifts

Image source / Tutorial: Bre Purposed

For all those gardening buff mothers, you can gift these beautiful succulents as a green gift. You can choose some old wooden boxes to make pot for the succulents. Paint the wooden boxes as per your choice. You can give some beautiful messages by painting them on the wooden pots. You can even design the pots using washi tape.

Origami crafts for Mother’s Day for kids

Image source / Tutorial: Zakka Life

Origami crafts are always one of the most loved presents. You can make these beautiful origami letters using colourful craft paper. You can also use patterned sheets. These beautiful letters look great.

Foot printing crafts for Mother’s day for toddlers

Image source / Tutorial: Reality Daydream

The young toddlers can make these beautiful foot print butterflies to be gifted to their mothers. These beautiful colourful foot printed printed butterflies look great. You can make them by painting the feet of the toddlers in different colours And give an imprint of their painted feet around the main body of the butterfly. Different Mother’s day messages can be added along with the foot printed butterflies.

Beautiful wind chime crafts for mother’s day

Image source / Tutorial: Inner Child Fun

This is a beautiful keys chime. You can make these keys chime using old keys. Paint the old keys and paint them in different colours. Tie a thread through the key holes and tie them onto a wooden base to hang from.

Thumb printing crafts for Mother’s Day by kids

Image source / Tutorial: Simply Kierste

You can also gift this beautiful hand painted tray. You can take a plain white ceramic tray. You can use thumb painting to make hearts. You can also make different patterns using finger painting. You can make different kinds of patterns. Bake the tray to make the paints stay on the surface.

Beautiful Mother’s Day crafts for kids

Image source / Tutorial: Crafts Unleashed

Whats a better way to show your love other than flowers? You can buy synthetic flowers and leaves from the market which have fragrance in them or pluck some fresh flowers from the garden of your house. To craft the base of this, use a paper and fold it in a conical shape. Decorate the cone with drawings, patterns, and ribbons. You can use a large transparent glass and decorate it too with different shades of acrylic colors.

Sketched plates by toddler for Mother’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: Mrs. Goff’s Kinders

Your toddler’s art can tell you how much they love you. This love can be seen as the efforts done by them on ceramic plates. The white plates are best suited for this activity. Also, don’t forget to use permanent sketch pens to preserve this memory.

Egg crates magic wand for Mother’s Day crafts for kids

Image source / Tutorial: I Heart Arts n Crafts

The shells of an egg can be used in crafting a lot of different shapes with various combinations. Cut out four egg carton depths together and paint them in a myriad of colours. Add a stick at the back to hold them like a magic wand.

Easy to make crafts for Mother’s day for kids

Image source / Tutorial: Salt and Pepper Moms

A cactus pot, but without any maintenance or water responsibility. You can use a normal pot and color it as shown above. The cactus plant and stones replica can be crafted with the help of newspapers or waste clothes. You can even use stones from the garden and paint them to look like a cactus plant.

Hand printed beautiful gifts

Image source / Tutorial: Dwelling in Happiness

There are few ideas which don’t require much of the physical efforts to show the love we have for our mothers. One of these is gifting a hand print on a white board. Just take any board and cover it with a white sheet and then print a hand on it with acrylic or water paints.

Hand painted cloth craft gifts

Image source / Tutorial: Mom It Forward

The jute bags in the used materials can be cleaned and cut in a proper rectangular shape. This cloth can be tied on hard cardboard and can be painted for the amazing rough finish. You can draw bushes and flowers on this within a few minutes.

Hand written message with quilling

Image source / Tutorial: Madhuri Bukka

Just write a message for her on a piece of paper and then you can use quilling strips and needle to decorate it. Try to give even border of different color combinations.

Scarf brooch by crochet

Image source / Tutorial: My White Idea

For the one who knows how to knit properly can use this idea as a gift. The scarf brooch will not require much efforts and can be designed according to preferences of your mother. You can also look for them in the market.

Love basket for your mom

Image source / Tutorial: Mazzi’s Blog

Wax has various advantages when it comes to craft. You can use differently shaped molds like hearts, flower, star and cast words on the same as a message. Then decorate a basket with such wax figures and ribbons.

A beautiful dream catcher for Mother’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: Jane Can

Dream catcher has a long history of its origin. Gifting a dream catcher shows love and care as it is believed that they catch bad dreams. You can craft it all at home with a disc, ribbons, beads and few feathers.

Self painted mug for Mother’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: I Love to Create

A mug which they will use every morning is the easiest way to remind them how much you love them. Take a plain white mug or cup from the market and paint it with different designs. You can also write a short message on this.

Beautiful popsicle crafts

Image source / Tutorial: Clare’s Little Tots

The popsicles have been an important material for craft. You can paint them with different colors and decorate them with shirt buttons and crafted flower shapes of foam.

Tissue bits Mother’s Day Card

Image source / Tutorial: Love You to Pieces

The cards play the role of the essence in every gift combos. You can draw a card at home and write how much you love them. In the image, this card is folded into 3 parts so that it can easily stand.

Beautiful pictures with personal notes for Mother’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: Sundae Sins

Get some polaroids of the beautiful memories of your family and write a personal note for each of them. Just revisiting those happy moments can help in strengthening every relationship.

Beautiful Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: Catch My Party

If you have a lot of threads and don’t know what to do of them then don’t worry. In this mothers day craft idea, use cardboard to cut out any letter and round the threads horizontally on it while going upwards. Here we have used L to represent love. Add flowers are for enhancing beauty.

Easy to make tote bag Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: Fab You Bliss

Do you have that shirt which you don’t like to wear anymore? You can cut the T-shirt as shown and then stitch the pieces together to craft a hand band. Stronger the stitches, more the bag can carry. You can use a belt for the straps.

Paper cup Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: In the Playroom

This is a beautiful Mother’s day card craft ideas. You can make this beautiful card using egg cartons. Cut out the singular egg carton, paint it. Add a tea bag to the egg carton and stick it to the card front. Attach a holding piece using a pipe cleaner. You can decorate the base of the card using flowers, sequins, etc.

Beautiful Hand towel Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: Number 2 Pencil

This is a beautiful way to bring colour to your mother’s kitchen supplies. You can block print your mother’s kitchen towels. This will add beauty to the kitchen supplies.

Beautiful Mother child Silhouettes Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: Homemade Ginger

These beautiful silhouettes are a very unique gift for your mother. You can collect some pictures of you and your mother and then trace them down on a coloured paper. Now use these traced designs to make these silhouettes. You can get these beauties framed and then gift these to your mother. The only sad part is the original picture gets destroyed in the process, so choose a photo with multiple copies. You can even get multiple copies of the picture before going through the process of making silhouettes.

3-D Card Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: One Dog Woof

These kinds of 3D Mother’s Day cards are a perfect fit for your mother. She will surely be overjoyed to find such a precious gift from her precious ones. She will be delighted and filled with love. Such beautiful cards always bring a smile to the face of the receiver.

Stone Decoration Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda

All the toddlers out there need not fret looking at the difficult gift ideas. Finding and painting beautiful stones is a great idea and can be realised with some painting supplies and creativity of the kid.

DIY Hanger Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: Little Green Notebook

Making these beautiful yarn wounded hangers is a great way to add colour to your mother’s wardrobe. This will add extra friction to the hangers and will help her clothes stay on the hanger, preventing them from falling down. This way you can give the a beautiful and useful gift this Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s day hampers

Image source / Tutorial: Kristi Murphy

Such beautiful grouping of useful gifts is a very unique thing. Such gift hampers are a great way to bring a cheer in your mother’s life. You can combine different utility items in these gift hampers.

Beautiful Tassel necklace Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: Homemade Banana

This is a really beautiful tassel necklace. This beautiful necklace can be easily made by making some tassels out of different colours and then threading them through like a necklace. Your mother would lovingly wear this beautiful necklace gift.

Beautiful Hand made craft book for Mother’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: Artful Kids

This is a beautiful marbled paper DIY diary for your mother. You can make this diary easily by using some marbling techniques along with diary making equipment. Choose different colours to marble the paper. Now fold these sheets together and punch through the ends. Now sew all these marbled sheets together to form a marbled paper diary.

DIY paper clips Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: My Sister’s Suitcase

This is a really beautiful crafty hack for the paper pins. Adding old buttons to the paper clips is a clever hack. It utilizes the old buttons as well as gives a fresh touch to the paper clips. you mother will surely love this craft idea.

DIY necklace Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image source / Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

This is a really beautiful DIY necklace. The beautiful necklace uses butter paper and some needle work. The beautiful butter paper circles covered in thread work are combined together to make a necklace. This necklace can be made in different colours to go with your mother’s different outfits.

DIY purse for Mother’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: Craft Crawlers

This is a beautiful DIY paper bag for your mother. Young kids can make this beautiful paper craft purse for their mothers. It will surely help them make feel special and loved. The paper purse is really easy to make and requires very less supplies.

A personalized clipboard for Mother’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: Anderson and Grant

This is a very beautiful chalk board-cum-clipboard shopping list gift. This way your mother can be helped in various ways. she can clip the notes to the clipboard and wrote down additional information on the chalk board which will help her either way. So this is a really useful gift for your mother.

Personalized photograph vase

Image source / Tutorial: Home Stories A to Z

This is a beautiful hand painted mason jar vase with matching flowers placed in it. The beauty of this vase lies in the fact that it carries yours or your pictures with your mom. This is a very great gift for your mother. She will truly cherish this beautiful loving gift.

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We hope you liked all these beautiful and worthy Mother’s Day gifts. We hope you have fun making these beautiful gifts for your mother. And we wish these Mother’s Day presents bring a smile to your mother’s face. May your mother’s live a long and healthy life. Give your feedback in the comments section below. Do come back for more such articles. You can check out other related articles at K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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