10+ Mermaid Crafts Kids Will Love

Kids have always been enchanted by fairy tales and mermaid stories. The fantasize of a world where they can dive and party with all the fictional characters. Kids, this is the perfect place for you. We have got fabulous craft ideas which are extremely easy to make. Check out these ten craft ideas and have a great time!

From dress-up to bath time, there are crafts in here that will nature kids imagination and bring out the underwater explorer in your little one! Happy Crafts!

10 Adorable Mermaid Crafts for Kids

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1. The Queen of Oceans

Image source / Tutorial: handmadecharlotte

A tiara is a multi-occasional ornament that can be used to embellish the look of any outfit. This special mermaid tiara is extremely easy to make. Just with the help of few colorful and designer shells and decorative rolls, one can conveniently make it at his/ her own free time.

A mermaid themed birthday party can take every girl’s heart at one go. These tiaras can be used as a return gift too. Also, these tiaras are perfect for any pre-fest event or even for any pre-wedding purposes. Small versions of these can be made for any decorative purposes also. Engaging children in making these will increase their innovation and creativity skills.

2. Step aside folks, the princess is here

Image source / Tutorial: Fun365

These very easy to make and colorful decoration mermaids will look wonderful on your study tables or the drawing room cabinets. Make heads turn to your piece of creativity. Create magic and turn a piece of cardboard roll into a pulchritudinous mermaid.

Use glitters to decorate these mermaid rolls. Also, decorate it with fairy lights and place it in your bedroom. Multiple rolls like these can be made of various designs and colors. It is also an amazing gifting option for friends and cousins. Children can also be asked to make these during craft classes. They will certainly get to learn too much from these pretty mermaid dolls.

3. Catch a dream

Image source / Tutorial: Fun365

Catch a dream in a mermaid style. Think of waking up to dream catchers that are specially customized in a mermaid theme. With beautiful and cute ribbons and serene colors, these pieces of dream catchers will give you the exact feels of a sea side or a beach. A perfect holiday mood can be created after hanging these around.

Be it a get together of family, a party with friends or any themed occasion, these dream catchers will suit to every occasion. Moreover, these are so simple to make that even kids can try them out without any hassle. Decorate it further with shells, beads and other decorative items and this can also be a new- start up idea.

4. Dive in, upside down

Image source / Tutorial: Fun365

Want to try something different? Then you must certainly try this out. What distinguishes an artist is how innovative can he/ she be. Try this idea. Make the mermaid swim  upside down. This design can be easily made with the help of cardboard and chart papers. Use different shades of a particular color and this pattern can be easily made.

This pattern can be made to decorate or even repair a pen stand or any box. It can also be used a gift wrapping option. An excellent option to use as a showpiece, this piece will make you crave for more and more of such patterns and excite your creativity skills.

5. Stamp and paint!

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

This is such a craft idea that can be easily made with the minimum of materials. All that you need is paints and a brush. Use your hands and feet and make it as a memory poster with your friends or family.

A perfect memory frame for anyone. Engage children during their breaks or free time in these craft ideas and they for sure will enjoy it. This is also a great idea for summer camps. Decorate it with colorful stones and various strokes of paints and enjoy your craft time.

6. Flap a sock-fin

Image source / Tutorial: Momtrends

Now is the time for picnics and beach hangouts. Want to make your trip unique and memorable?

Take your friends along and make pretty, fun and cute socks. Use card boards and colored papers, think of unique designs and patterns and make the most beautiful and memorable fins with your friends. Click super cool pictures and have an enjoyable trip. You can also use this for a beach themed birthday party.

7. Alohomora! The magic wand is here.

Image source / Tutorial: Fun365

Pardon our dust, magic is happening. It is actually magically ethereal to possess a wand that looks so beautiful as if it has just been brought from the sands of heaven. With beautiful shells and pearl white beads this wand gives you no less feel than that of a fairy.

If you want to gift your younger sister or any small girl child, this is genuinely a gift that can bring a smile on her face. A very helpful fancy dress prop too, this wand can work magic here! For the craft classes or workshop sessions, this is a fantastic idea. It can also be put use in as prizes for any game of children. An enthralling piece of art and that’s easy to make, what else does one need.

8. Rainbow hula hoop

Image source / Tutorial: Fun365

Hula hoops have always been fun but this hula hoop will certainly be more fun that any of the normal ones. Colorful, attractive and enchanting, these hoops are easy to make. It’s just a cut and stick work in making these.

In any get together of children, these hula hoops can be made and the children will certainly get up and want to play instead if just sticking in front of the mobile screens. This is a great gift for your friend and also you can make it for yourself and play with it. This will help you in keeping yourself fit, healthy and energetic. Smaller versions of this can also be used as tiaras with some additional decoration over it.

9. This mermaid  has shoes

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

Shoe designs have become a drudgery?  Don’t worry, we have got the solutions to your problem. Why not customize your own shoe. What say for a mermaid shoe? Sounds exciting, right? It will certainly look great too.

You can flaunt the best of mermaid design shoes wherever you go. Be it to a beach, a picnic or an outing, match these shoes with your favorite dress and get a perfect diva look. Ready for a new look? Then try making these designs and tell us how you like it.

10. The Star Mermaid

Image source / Tutorial: Mollymoocrafts

The most special celebrity of all, ‘The Star Mermaid’ is here for you. In complete awe of this mermaid, I can’t resist myself from trying this out. What are you waiting for? This mermaid design is extremely easy and fun to make.

These are made out of waste cardboard rolls. So it is eco-friendly and promotes sustainable development also. It is an absolute decorative piece. Place it anywhere and it will increase the charm of that place, such is it’s splendor.

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Mermaids have been the fantasies of children of all age groups. The cartoon series have always hyped these beautiful creatures, so why not us?

Create these and do it with your friends. Tell your friends to visit our website and get back to us whenever you think of making anything. We’ll surely be there for you. Do give us your feedback in the comments section below. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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