How to make Macrame Bracelet (Tutorial)

This DIY tutorial shows how to make a pretty macrame bracelet with a simple technique. It is quite practical to create from a plastic bracelet base and tarpaulin wires. Choose colors that harmonize with each other and have them look at the craftsmanship. It’s super cute and easy to do!

Required Materials:

  • Base of plastic strap
  • 4 meters of tarpaulin wire

Step-1: Take 4 feet of waxed wire and fold it in half to start making handmade colored macrame bracelet.

Step-2: As you look at the picture, pull the ends of the wire and go through it, lacing the plastic strap.

Step-3: Pull and tighten securely to start the macrame stitch.

Step-4: Time to pull the wires from top to bottom, winding the same way as shown image. Secure with your fingers and grasp the pulled wires with the other hand.

Step-5: Now thread the ends under the same thread that you just pulled.

Step-6: After pulling and squeezing again, take the ends to pass under the bracelet, being from right to left, as shown in the image. Secure using your fingers as well.

Step-7: Do it the same way, pulling the end as you stick under the part you just composed.

Step-8: Repeat the previous steps until filling the entire bracelet with the macrame stitch. Coming to the end, you will pull only one strand to be able to cast off.

Step-9: With that thread you pulled, tie the knot in the other and that’s it!

Step-10: Cut the part that has exceeded the tarpaulin wire and burn it with a lighter or match to finish its beautiful accessory made in macrame point.

Now just use and match cool looks with your new treat for the wrist!

All done! Hope you like it. Make your bracelet as well and make everyone super excited about their creation. Just arrange the waxed wire and the bracelet to have it checked.

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